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  1. ******Please stop the insults against Islam and all the trolling you are doing to get a reaction from the nomads. Insulting Islam is against the rules of this website****************** Admin
  2. shall i give you my paypal account, hawdian et al ??
  3. Maybe i should create a new ethnic group from scratch, like the Ismailis. i admire them alot, very united, orderly and entrepreneurial.
  4. what a brain dead culture. i think im somali by mistake.
  5. what about a couple of large german shepherds ?? double as protection.
  6. Hawdian, you live in one of the arab states, right ?? Do you understand the concept of freedom of speech ? i intend to exercise it as often as feel like it, your histrionics won't stop me.
  7. cayb calayk yaa akhi, afkaaga suubso. we shd all maintain decency and civility on this boards.
  8. i have heard lots of somali MEN saying sunna is ok but the fircooni is the problem. what is the medical opinion on this ??
  9. they r not doing real damage. just more shredded bodies of somali youth on the sandy streets of Mogadishu. talk about population control
  10. Holac, how am i being islamophobic ?? do you know this niqab is an invention ( bidca ) added on to the deen later and was never part of female attire during the rasul's time or any other time during islamic history. Nor did the nusuus mandate it. This cartoonish attire originated with wahhabis who brought forth lots of other very negative, ruinous things that are afflicting Islam to this day like terrorism, intolerance and obscurantism.
  11. i was reading this article about boko haram, al shabaab's nigerian cousin. Remind me again, what is Boko Haram fighting for? The level of violence perpetrated by the terrorist sect, Boko Haram, at least in the past six months, is just ridiculous. Suddenly, words are not enough to express profound thoughts on the amount of carnage being carried out by the terrorists. The body count rises all the time and who knows, what is being quoted in the media might actually be an understatement. There is no logic or pattern to the killings; they no longer discriminate based on ethnicity and religion in their attacks. They have ransacked whole villages, mosques, markets, public buildings and churches. They have succeeded in shutting down schools, burnt police barracks and killed so many of the security personnel fighting them. They have decimated the North-East zone and overall, reduced Nigeria’s stock on the global market. Now, the group has just graduated to abducting poor young women as sex slaves. Or whatever its members want to use them for. That is quite frightening and only heaven knows where all these might end.
  12. niqabis are eyesore and curse upon the somali female. akhas