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  1. The next day Haatu asks Alpha to resign under the rationale that Alpha lied about his circumstances of him staying in Somalia (Hargeisa ) for the past 3 years in which he lied to the President by telling him earlier that his stay was due to overseeing family business when the fact was that he actually was a mental case back in Europe. Loooool Footnote: Haatu intends to name MenaceToSociety of Snet the new undisputed PM of the hell-hole called Somalia
  2. Classified;986909 wrote: Never heard of them. Can you give us the links to their videos?
  3. Dude in studio to record a Christmas carrol. He has lost my support for sure.
  4. While I do this I be making money .. I got the freedom to do it..a lot of us can't even display our phone openly. You guy call this trolling an I call it entertainment while handling business
  5. They are terrorizing locals by driving up to them and speaking to them in their little British accented Ebonics. They filming the action and posting it on IG Add them if u wanna watch it Good grief! This has to b stopped .. I have high suspicion it's the alpho dude from this forum..wax noosha ka dhacay
  6. @somalipedo..dude, don't worry, it's the getting to know stage. I. Few weeks time y'all gona appreciate my behind
  7. You guys know that Omar Raage is unemployed ex journalist now. He is barely surviving, all Tge gigs have dried up too.
  8. Alpha, on a real serious note! What would relegate a young man to stay in Somaliland for an extended period of time, if the following are not apparent > A. The young man went berserk living in the West and his fam was concerned at the amount of mental meds doctors were describing on him that they thought it was best that they take him back home inorder to see if a different environment would change him. 2. The young man has committed an unforgiveable crime in the West and for that particular reason has relocated to his ancestrial homeland. His family married him off to his extremely gorgeous young teenager cousin who's illiterate. Which one is it SXb?
  9. And I guess this is it. So instead of opening a lot of threads on you heathens I figured I might as well just have one singular one. Please don't delete it Mod!
  10. And I guess this is it. So instead of opening a lot of threads on you heathens I figured I might as well just have one singular one. Please don't delete it Mod!
  11. This move should've been the last move. You have a gov which her authority only goes as far as Mogadishu city limits that yet wants to bring back a defunct useless airlines.
  12. War dadka ha leynina ku dhaha by using an absolute soviet made aircrafts. What an effing priority alignment
  13. Then tell them to stop the insults..besides laga dab qaato nin already waalan
  14. Oh forgot to tell you..1959 and 2009 (time lapse)
  15. It's true what the Deen says. After the age of 60 your body will be regressing from there on. See how first the dad was holding the kid's hand but now the son is holding dad's hand.
  16. Hey best believe I have a better education, better jobs, better car and better house, and better wife and actually worse child than you ( I must admit I have a ******* child). Therefore your argument have no basis