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  1. ^ You would do better if you did not instinctively support sentiments because they appeal to one of your inherited/adopted identities. You were blessed with a brain. Think. See, you're looking at two sides of the same coin.
  2. I rarely agree with Dr. K but he is right. This trend of scholarship is no scholarship. It is a reactive motion that underscores the power imbalance and highlights a latent inferiority complex in the author. It operates in many fields. Women studies, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, African (American) Studies, etc. There are scholars in these fields that get away with a lifetime of reactive writings. The feminist claims women studies before her reek of the "patriarchal" delineation of the world. The Arab goes that these white men have the "orientalist" gaze and don't really understand us. And when the "cadaan" scholar armed with his prejudices reaches the conclusion that the African is savage, this type of scholarship yells out "no, the African is not savage. You cadaan people think they're savage because you're racist and privileged." In other words, the cadaan actually went and observed the people whom he called savages. He may be misinformed and reach conclusions that are fueled by prejudice. But so too would the African if he studied Europeans. Yet, this type of scholarship does not encourage the African to correct these prejudices with an actual counter-study. Instead, it tells the African that he--because of his sheer Africanness--knows better. That he is more privileged to speak on the topic because he is the subject of study. The insidious aim of those who encourage this type of study is a slow unraveling of actual scholarship which culminates in a form of censhorship. That is why we see the subject resort to a form of name-calling and label certain studies as products of the "colonial gaze" or "racist" or "misogynist." The subtle aim is to discourage debate and dismiss certain efforts as motivated by sheer prejudice. It is to reserve a certain area for study for a specific group because they are part of that studied group. I do not disagree with its utility as a preface to an academic work. But it cannot be scholarship by itself. It is lazy. It is territorial. And it is perpetuated by personal attacks. But most importantly, it is a way for the inferior, the subject of a prejudicial study to express his rage. All the while the master smiles. Because when history is read, it will say--"the African is a savage because of x, y, z." And African's response will be "that scholar is racist because he said x, y, z and it doesn't apply to me." The proper response should be--"the African is not x, y, z, rather he is a, b, c."
  3. I don't know how this man does it. But he is good. Shariif Xasan oo dhameystiray xukumadiisa iyo Madoobe Nuunow oo loo magacaabay wasiirka xanaanada iyo xoolaha Maamulka Koonfur Galbeed
  4. New state formation---Hiiraan iyo Shabeellaha Dhexe..... Sorry, Till. It looks like your prediction will be unfulfilled.
  5. Birds of a feather flock together for a reason. But this is strange nonetheless. Is this really that big an issue? Intermarriage is not a threat to Somali existence. Civil war is the threat.
  6. Che, I agree with all you said. But I disagree that this is a legitimate government. These guys are our colonial deputies. They have been given 2 purposes. (1) Get rid of Political Islam and (2) Make the place safe enough so the big boys can drill drill drill. From that; you can guess where my political alliances lie. Till, The constitution does say that 2 or more states based on Pre-1990 borders. But that is the issue. PL will not give up half of Mudug nor will the matter come to a referendum. Even more ridiculous is that you think shabeelaha dhexe will join with Galgaduud. Even though I think its a great political move---it will probably not happen. There has been one clan waging war in Hiiraan for the past year and they have not been doing it for HG takeover. Most likely, it is to join Hiiraan with Shab dhexe. That way unuka will have a xamar presence with a state to go with it. This means that there is no chance that PL gets all of Mudug.
  7. XX, How can it not be his problem? He has to sign off on a Central State. That state must be either 1.5 or 2 combined states. I think the safer strategy is to keep north Mudug in PL. This is because then it will only be a political problem but PL already controls that area. But if he agrees to a full Galmudug state then physical control of Mudug will cause trouble. Either way, there is no winning this one. Che, Are you a pacifist or just not paying attention? RedSea, No sides taken.
  8. Till, The 2016 story is already written. And no one is going to defeat the "anarchists" as XX calls them with guns. We can put that strategy to the side. The rest of your spchill is old "I hate HSM" story. Give us ideas ninyow. How can this man weaken HAG and PL on his way out? Dabrow----kkk. Go home ninyow.
  9. How can HSM play this game without strengthening one of his two major rivals? How can he weaken both clans at the same time? Any ideas? P.S. I will send him the best responses
  10. Nin-Yaaban, Say that which is good or say nothing. Many have already told you that this practice of publicizing and shaming fellow human beings is ignorant. You and those who support this thread are using the same justifications used by rumor mills who profit off gossip and fear. You are better than that. These are people accused of crimes. None have been convicted. They are irrelevant to any of the discussions that we hold here. Their misfortune is not to be ridiculed. Rather, they deserve your prayer and well wishes. The MODS should also know better. Delete this thread. It serves no useful purpose but to fulfill the illicit desire to look into the lives of others. If you do not delete this thread, be careful of the day that your small mistakes will be broadcast to the entire world for no purpose but to entertain those whose minds are darkened with boredom and self-hate. Peace.
  11. ^ You're not helping his case. Diplomacy and governing and two VERY different skills.
  12. Till is right. Tomorrow that big picture will be of one of the governors. But until then Qoslaaye will be Qoslaaye.
  13. <cite> @Xaaji Xunjuf said:</cite> Who is the guy Erdogan lol kkkk. I knew it would make you happy . Mooge---HSM is showing the governors who is the boss. Very slick move.
  14. This one is for you, XX. I wish I could find one that showed the full picture.
  15. Nepotism : the unfair practice by a powerful person of giving jobs and other favors to relatives. Source:
  16. ^ I agree with the sentiments you posted. My comments are directed toward the general SOL population. There is a dangerous tendency to ignore the big picture and to focus on the minor political clashes. I am just as guilty as any.
  17. While you're arguing qabiil and barren territories, the Ethiopians have occupied the country. The current leadership and the rejected ministers have made every possible effort to deliver on General Gabre's plan. The country is divided along clan lines and each new state is made in such a way that it is connected from Ethiopia to the Indian ocean. We must remember that Ethiopian troops control 60% of the country. And that Ethiopia is a landlocked country with 90 million people. While all you Somalis, blessed with resources and a strategic location--are less than 10 million. 10 million that have wasted 25 years, and have made no use of their God-given blessings. If I was Ethiopia---I would eat your lunch because you don't even know how to wash your hands. Su'aasha is simple. Ma tashan misse waa laguu talin?
  18. what made you change your mind about this cabinet? The "international UN community" should be THRILLED about this cabinet. Many of them are dual citizens of Western nations.
  19. <cite> @Mooge said:</cite> thefutureno, We got CCC as the minister of ministers. so all this talk about some damjadid fahad sakiin having influence is nonsense niyoow. I agree. CCC has put forward a compromise cabinet. No one from the two previous buuq cabinets or parliament is in there. This is a young and educated cabinet BUT with no political capital. Overall, it is a good step but I have feeling the parliament will not like this. But this is not a government of laws or institutions. It is a government of loyalties and royalties. That is why we are here talking about who is close to whom.
  20. <cite> @Thegoodshepherd said:</cite> Mooge, beesha got some good seats such as Waxbarashada and Gashaandhiga but they made sure we did not get Dasturka and Arimaha Guduha iyo Federalka. I would give up both of these positions for just Arimaha Guduha and Federalka, which unfortunatly has been given to beesha Cadado. They will now make sure to push forward the interests of the new Central State. The old cabinet was better because we had Wasirka Dasturka (Mudane Gaabane). This man knows the game.
  21. kkk...You didn't notice? No one is named ninyow. That's one of the most important ministries. CCC and HSM must have decided that they will be watchmaanada Qaranka.
  22. I hear CCC is also wasiirka amniga?
  23. ^ Not the same names but same story. Director of Simad as Minister of Internal and Federal Affairs. C/Qaadir Diini Gaashaandhiga. Nuur Faarax Xirsi--Dastuurka. But why only 20 ministers down from usual 25. This is strange.