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  1. @ Xabad How can you say poetry is pointless?,don't you know that such simple aspects are but the fundamental parts of people's progress?, when it comes to technology and other developmental issues we need not worry because they are already out there and no one can stop us from acquiring them,but our tradition was it disappears then that's it,adeer macaan dhaqankaaga cidkale o kuusoo celinaysa maleh,be a patriot and be proud of it
  2. Every nation,race,people etc have an identity and tradition to which they are attributed to,and such important aspects as poetry and folklore are a fundamental part of that identity.Somalia is known for its rich cultural heritage in terms of poetry and folklore,the country is among africa's few countries with a very distinct trend of poetry.Apparently that aspect is slowly disappearing and many somalis both in Somalia and the diaspora are showing very little interest in these issues if any.There was a time when our parents could narrate to us various stories,poetry and some somali history and other various traditional issues.Nowadays we hardly see that,now most of you can say that the world has changed technologically and kids nolonger wait for parents to narrate them stories as they have their "miracle gadgets"-video games,smart phones etc,in part that can be a cause but the main factor is that the current generation does not realise the importance of such traditional and cultural matters and we care less.Many out there have realised this and are trying to revive these poetry and folklores while they are still easy to acquire,that's a great cause and we hope this part of our culture doesn't completely fade out.
  3. Guys our women are being brain washed with this FGM issue,the west make it soind like a very barbaric thing,I mean let's face it waa dhaqan jira,its been there for quite a long time,iskadaa our parents ee our great great grand parents passed through it,I see no big deal with it,and there is a rationale behind it,a very logical and reasonable justification as to why it is done,that's when you will know that our elders were very educated people.Find out the process of guditaanka haweenka and you will realise something very important.
  4. War ninku ma afsoomaali buu ku hadlay waa yaab ee,its too jibberish to be a language either.
  5. And I see that the story-telling trend is slowly dying and especially within the Diaspora,We are lucky to hear about such stories because our parents were by then recently from somalia,I wonder if I even still remember some of the stories,this is an embbarassment to our tradition and we need to keep it going,can you imagine that there are many 2nd generation somali youth and elderly who can not read somali?,waa ceeb aad uweeyn,our kids need to be introduced to the story telling habit through books,somali written books,
  6. I do recall mom telling me and my siblings of Qori ismaris,I have never been to Somalia and the tale sounded a bit far-fetched to be true until I realised that in the same country I live,Zambia,Qori ismaris exist and people do practice such things,I have friends who have seen a half-snake half-man creature and I've seen the pics too,and I know Qoris maris exists,but ayeeyo lugdheer doesn't I presume.