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  1. @jowhar news. http://www.jowhar.com/is-mari-waa-u-dhaxeeya-madaxweynaha-iyo-raiisul-wasaaraha-oo-soo-if-baxay/
  2. ***********************edited*******************
  3. ^ You say Toma,to I say Tomando. At the end of the day we both should apologize to MOJO the Monkey for him being compared to that sleazy amin " Afweynes Bastardson" Amir . Z
  4. Haha Afweyne Siyad Barres former Cartoonist/propoganda master anmin amir ******* ******* is a somali intellectual now? This is getting rediculious , whats Next ********** ? Give us a break woud'ya- .
  5. Yes we know african countries are dictatorship and mostly shite 99 procentage of the population live in dire situation except the fat leader and his close relatives who eat and dress the best in this world. Djibouti, Ethiopia, Nigeria, South africa ect are all the same in this case.
  6. ^ reminds me about when that pirate when to Thailand and claimed to be " Crown Prince of Somaliya" hahahs wali reer bari waa dadad riyo ku nool.
  7. ^ thats from youtuube hahaha , not serious but still giv us more hahaha
  8. Hi Amal Farah what do u think the UKIP party or Front Nationale or Germany Neo Nazi or Gert wilders think about a little negro gurl , they want you out stupide monkey islam no islam its you skin color they hate , and I hate you too for your stupide interviews . Go hide under therock you came from , your little media whore. Nacda alla ha kugu dhaco xarami. Bbb. Z
  9. ^ just give up man this osman kid is on fizzy drink which means that by the time he sits and writes this stuff , the sugar in his blood has taken control. Let him continue braggn , a maaxmaax somali says " nin waalan toolki u miyeer qaba. So we wait until they have a quit word with him.
  10. Two man are behind this Shangole and abdul qader Macalin both are Somalia's Criminal Pirate Region of Puntland when is the wirld going to act before its too late the world must burn Garowe to the ground . Wilkommen mooge @ mac sunkae
  11. ^ since when did your black OPS change from P.I.S.S you full of it , howz mount kenyaA btw xalada ma Yara degey yaaa deee
  12. Somaliarising- gacantan ku taag , ee iska naso waba daashy . The words you qouted me i have taken them back , being the mumkin better man.
  13. Non of whats written here is serious this place has too many trolls who for some reason enjoy and get a kick out of every bad news story from dalkii also they have a ancient hebreew mentality of placing every event bad/good into their clanic history , . Change or just quit the site kids, too tired seing the same site writtens every time. Waan ka baxey
  14. This reminds me to visit my ayeyo . On tayaara LUFTANSA . Sweet . Go JSL
  15. @ DoctorKenny ( fancy fake title= Walewyne haha) We have no prove of you coming from Somaliland. You entire stay in SOL shows nothing but Support for Siyad Barre and the Southern Goverment theifore its only reason to assume That you are a shamefull Southerner Walewyne who is too shamed about his own Somalia and wants to break up and divide Somaliland based on your national game of hate, Tribelism , qabiil, and hatred. I have allways said Somalilanders should not debate no reason with the children of BooliQaran , who have been feed on Haraam. If you threaten Somaalilanders for sure we will cut the head of the Snake. My country is not for sale Nether do I take rants of Ubaxi Kacaanka inbu doofaar serious. I repeat Keep your subclans tribe stuff to your own disgusting shameless Koonfuria 2000 kilometer away in Moqadishu
  16. hahahaha saalaxow, maanta inteen baad keentey, waar Madaxweyna shariftii Ibraham Cigaal, Daahir Riyaale Kahiin iyo Abdur Rahmaan Tuur sii oo jooji aflaga,dada :-). attack his policies not the man fahamti.
  17. ^ I agree 100% , 2006 Sending young kids to do Cihaad and him relaxing in Xamar both Aweys boy and Sherif Bantu are typical walewyne hypocrytes disgusting that they are playing with Deenta to gain political power , their powerhunger has no limits Subhanallah may allah punish them.
  18. ^ Well Maybe If 100000 of your communty was but to sleep you would be accepting the real numbers !!!!! Hahaha debating with the children of booliqaran is nonsense ibnu Haraami .
  19. Haha Also Osman Do you Accept that Abdullahi Yusuf Was Smacked by General Gabre after he did not behave.
  20. ^ :-) :-) A member of Mensa like all of the blessed Beel hahahaha , :-) bragging rights mawahahahaha kkkkkkkk. Sweet.
  21. DR_Osman where are you buddy? Taking the day Of, dont blame ya Somali siyasad is dark tunnel no light at the end :-) - bal kaso jawaab suaasha deeeeeee saxib- Boowe.