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  1. Elegy by Arthur Guiterman The jackals prowl, the serpents hiss In what was once Persepolis. Proud Babylon is but a trace Upon the desert's dusty face. The topless towers of Ilium Are ashes. Judah's harp is dumb. The fleets of Ninevah and Tyre Are down with Davy Jones, Esquire, And all the oligarchies, kings, And potentates that ruled these things Are gone! But cheer up; don't be sad; Think what a lovely time they had!
  2. Somalia is the greatest country in the world, because the great state of PUNTLAND happens to be a Somali state. Marka, Viva Somalia, Viva Puntland!
  3. ^^^You of all people, should have put 2 and 2 together, and realised that such "stuff and nonsense" cartoony would never get appreciated by a vast majority of nomads, here on SOL-- mise, were you expecting a miracle of sorts?
  4. ^^^ As always JB, a poorly thought out post. In your haste to come up with anything that might legitimize the existance of la-la land, you sacrificed "quality" with the redundance of repetitively being desperate to mention anything Marfish related, culminating in a overall result that is as bland as a tray of hospital food. I suggest you concern yourself MORE, about the election that was supposed to take place on March 29th, instead of a silly little event at the university of Minnesota's human rights center this month.
  5. ^^^So is it safe to say that Shankarooni here is a female?
  6. ^^^Yeah right!!! Niigariinta Soomaalida ku dhexnool ayaa sidaas mar walba ku marmarsiyooto...
  7. Originally posted by wacdaraha_aduunka: Cadaan iyo shariif kala dheera.Walle Kigame looks more somali then Sharif Haa waa runtaa...Sharifku waa hal neegaar ah! Ninka qof soo baara asalkiisa ayaan u baahannahay.
  8. Madarasadu aad sheygaysid ma waxaan dugsi u naqaan miyaa? Haday saas tahay, hadaba ayaan macalin dugsi ka ahay, ee xagee kale ii wadaa?
  9. Luqad la fahmi karo ku hadal hadii lagu dhaho, ma kiis ka waalnimo miyaa? Anyway, Mujaahid adiga kaa qosol badan weligay ma arkin, ee gormaad jihaadi hadii maanta oo dhan dakh-dakh ey kaa dhamaatay?
  10. newbie, xaa la dhahaa? waryee af muslim ama af gaalo mid ku hadal!
  11. ^^^ANd how is this related to anything, political?
  12. ^^^ I highly doubt a Somali will hold an umbrella for gaal indha yar. But money is money, and if the chinese will develop the sector, they should be welcomed. Lord knows, we need job creating projects to alleviate the poverty of the common Somali. I remember, Biggie once said, "Mo money, mo problems"; but in the case of Somalia, I believe it is the opposite--"more money, more peace!" So let's go get dat paper, folks!
  13. ^^^Pilgrim, I'd like to apologize on behalf of Shabelle. The chinese are not ALL more morally upright than ALL white men--only a few of 'em are. For starters, I don't think any KUNGPOW eating Chinaman is better than you, Mr Pilgrim, so take a chill pill. Shabelle, is an ungrateful somegro, who does not realise it was the NOT SO upright White man that gave him asylum in London, instead of dem communist freaks from China.
  14. ^^^ I think you're giving way too much credit to habraha Marfishland. If anything, we should collectively sympathize with them, for they are being held hostage by Zenawi's puppet in that part of Somalia. I don't think he wants Riyaale to lose the so-called "democratic" elections that were suddenly postponed by decree(some democracy eh?), to give them ample time to come up with a solid plan to keep Riyaale the chief of habraha Shankaroon. And as such, my heart goes out to dem Shankaroon chaps; by all means, keep insisting for a free and fair suffrage, and make sure to pray that Riyaale leaves peacefully!
  15. ^^^I guess that will shut up the cretin who started this thread, once and for all. But in any case; as long as the objectives of Faroole's visit to our supposed "adversary" is realistic and is meant to attain the ends we truly want(i.e anything beneficial to Puntland)--I don't see what the fuss is all about. Faroole's tactics of dealing with Ethiopia should be geared on serious diplomacy that will ensure the peaceful co-existance of our two peoples. The so-called "Ethiopia is our eternal enemy" approach so prevalent amongst Somalis is a very serious mistake if we truly want peaceful relations with our neighbors.