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  1. Very interesting, who knows these people could have been the great grandparents of Kobe and P. Diddy. lol
  2. Ridwaan

    Somali Bantu

    It's a shame if you ask me, although I would say, some Somalis are a nut case to some extent, as sad as it is, they'll find division in just about everything.
  3. Only a coward would do that to a female.
  4. Ridwaan

    Somali Bantu

    No offense to anyone when I say this, I speak from lack of knowledge in Somali clans, but what is a bantu? They don't look like the average Somali. I don't mind having diversity in the horn. They seem quite interesting.
  5. That was nice, in all actuality makes me want to work for them. Lol
  6. The Somalia government should refuse talks with terrorists.
  7. Arrogance is a defense mechanisms of insecurity.
  8. I think the real minorities are the whites in today's US society.
  9. Sad inscienero indeed, if only they'd come to an understanding, instead of ridiculing their own people and country how about using that strategy regaining their beautiful Golan heights from Isreal. Arabs are no different than Somalis, they got their priorities in a knot.
  10. Somalia, New Zealand, Ethiopia, Kenya, US.
  11. metta;914994 wrote: Ridwaan, Stop being politically correct. Blackflash is right. Toronto had how many murders last year, like 50? I am willing to bet 70%+ of those were committed by Blacks with another 10% committed by those from Latin America and the Middle East. Blacks make up the bulk of the violent crime. If they want to commit crimes, they should do white collar ones. I don't know your about geographical location but here in the states, more whites do the crime whereas blacks do the time. It's a mere case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time.