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  1. 6 hours ago, Tillamook said:

    Yep... interesting times ahead.

    An Amhara neighbor of mine told me  they are building a legal case against Jawar in Washington that he is inciting ethnic cleansing in Ethiopia. Apparently, since Jawar is a US citizen they think this might cause him to back down from the demands he is insisting upon for the  Oromo community.

    In this tweet jawar is admitting that killing somalis during abdi illey time was ok.


  2. 6 hours ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    Saaxiib, I have been adamantly against this so-called dowlad iskutag (that is federalism's definition for you) ever since I registered here on SOL in 2001. Soomaaliya doesn't need federalism nor is it suitable for one. Soomaaliya is not Kanada or Iswiserlaan.

    I also came from a family who were strongly against federalism. My father was against this in 1940s in gobollada Jubbada Sare (Alta Jubba). He became a member of SYL, rising to its top chairman in 1950s in Jubbada Sare, whereas his own family members, his own cousins (my adeeriyaal) were founding members of HDM, who were vehemently for federalism, based on  two federated Maay and Maxaatiri regions.

    HDM was led by the charismatic Ustaad Cismaan Xuseen, who was assassinated in 1953. Then C/qaadir Soobe became its leader. Yes, he is that man named after Isgoyska Soobe, where that masiibo qaran occurred a year ago.

    Having said that, we cannot go back to the heydays of mööryaanism, either. We must give whoever is given a mandate to finish his or her mandate without constant squabbling, without 'mooshin this' and 'mooshin that' threat. Soomaaliya salka ma dhigan, aasaaskana ma adko marka isqabqabsi badan dhib luu keenaa.

    Xisbigii HDM were right to have federalism those days, reer arlaadi maanta dhibka gaaray ma dhici leheen hadii HDM fikirkooda lagu taageeri lahaa you guys would be better position now.

  3. 1 hour ago, Xaaji Xunjuf said:

    Cadnaan  goormaanu inagu deris noqonay ma inagaba iskuba dhow. Kala qaraadanu kukalanoolnahay

    Hadalka wuxuu Ku socday Tillamook hadaad eedahay Tillamook deris manihin waa gooni.


    Tan kale waa runtaa isku khaarad kuma jirno idiinka waa khaarada riyada iyo is dabaaleenta.