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  1. Unfortunately most of this report is true, I have seen the shabaab bank account with salaama bank my brother keeps the receipts whenever he pays the money they demand and also whenever my brother receives shipping container alshabaab knows about it contacts him to pay port fee.

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  2. On 9/25/2020 at 8:41 AM, Kala Duwan Clan said:

    Forget about any deals made during the Barre era about lands. The civil war correct that land issue for Somalilanders and we have made it clear that those not of Somaliland history cannot own land here. The Aideed clan should return back to Hirshabelle state as they should known by now there is no such thing as Somaliweyne.

    You’re saying any properties in xamar which is owned by *** should be confiscated by Mogadishu Clan, that’s good deal for us there are plenty of properties to take.

  3. On 1/22/2016 at 12:33 PM, Saalax said:

    Nin Cadaan oo magaalada Hargeysa Caruurta ka Afduubanaayo.




    Dhacdooyinka wey soo bateen laakiin wax masuuliyad Iska saaraya uma jeedi koofur ilaa waqooyi waad maqlaysaa ciyaal la xaday oo la qabtay laakiin wax baaritaan ku sameynaya ma jiraan 

  4. 7 minutes ago, Che -Guevara said:

    War stop dividing Irir alliance🤪


    On serious note, they could have been shot at like Awdal Clan Ugas. S



    Irir was invented by cigaal but at the end he back stabbed them and went alliance with abdieashiid sharmarke.

    My people never learn from history 

  5. Farmaajo wuxuu baadi goob ugu jiraa prime minister oo mr-yes-man ah oo ku raaco damaciisa waqti kordhiska ah waxaan ugu cadcad inuu noqdo cali geedi laakiin wuxuu ka gadmi la yahay beesha H oo diiday ninkaas maàdaama uu ka qeebqaatay xasuuqii Ethiopiakaanka 2007.

  6. 20 minutes ago, Oodweyne said:

    Agree that was a statement from the heart, a painful rejoinder of what UAE did in here. But, still, allowing all respect to the lady (God knows she deserves it), the trouble is that the Palestinian leadership who lack a collective leadership and are divided on a factional basis even when they are under occupation. Instead of having one militant voice, that speaks for them all.

    But, now, every Arab State (or even the Iranians along with Turkey) can have by a drop of the hat some Palestinian faction "leaning" on them for support, and pretending as if they speak for what is good for the "Occupied territories". And that, in turn, will make it so easy for the hapless Palestinians to be exploited by everyone within the region and without.

    Maanta yaa kaa fiican adiga oo caaytamin after all there is hope for you.

    Falastiin fursadihii soo maray waagi 1970s and 80s kama aysan faaidin ayaga oo ka tala qaadan jiray carab aan dantooda wadin laakiin it's too late  now the falastiin case is over and done with it.

    Somalidana inay ka cashar qaadato ayaa u haboon inta ay goori goortahay.