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  1. Kkkk wallee ragii RRA libaaxyo laga qeyliyey ayey noqdeen even muqdisho main market bakaaraha ayaga ayaa hada dominant ka ah ganacsatada qeybta hoose/ dhexe mardhawna completely ayey la wareegi doonaan.
  2. This is the worst thing to fight over wax kale inay raadsadaan ayey Ku fiicneed somalida ceeb u joog ayaa noqonay
  3. Waxaan noqonay group of beggars fighting over sadaqada lasiiyo hebel waad Ku badisay ee anigana ii badi.
  4. Who are his enemies,, so far all finger's are pointing one direction.
  5. What's happening in Africa today 2 assassination attempt in one day.
  6. O O was very busy last few weeks planing this attempt
  7. Why do we care such a silly things like any Ahmed was not wearing suite when he came to muqdisho and now this farmaajo was not welcomed by abey. Waryaada cuqdada iska saara.
  8. So many versions on this story which only happened 40 years ago it is very difficult to find truths in Somali society, who is telling the truths only allaah knows. Galaal said the order came from Hargeisa and mentioned 3 names are those 3 people alive now so we can hear their side of this case.
  9. I personally believe Galaal was and still is wicked person who did terrible things but in this case I have my doubts All the people interviewed including abaan-duulihi ciidanka jigjiga joogay wuxuu qirayaa in galaal before killings was transferred back to muqdisho.
  10. All these different suspects I think ciiro had good motives to do this because he was planing the coup and he wanted to get rid off the good officers and month after the killing he did the failed coup.
  11. Of all the interviewed saraakiil agreed Galaal was not there and secondly he was leading the war dirredhaba area and not jigjiga.
  12. I thought it was Galaal but after listening this it looks like it was ciiro who did it. Galaal was transferred back to muqdisho before the killing.
  13. Waxaad moodaa in Somaliland looga adkaaday dagaalka dhanka siyaasada caalamka oo albaaba badan kasoo xirmi rabaan.
  14. Until we see statement from ICAO saying they did handover the control to muqdisho then I believe.
  15. This is what abey Ahmed said and nothing wrong with it by becoming strong united east Afrikaan countries.
  16. The ports are Berbera, bosaaso, hobyo, kismaayo.
  17. What u expect from amateurs that is what we have in somalia, they could have stayed neutral and kept both of them. So far Qatar only promised to build the road between muqdisho and jowhar for 200 million.
  18. Kenyan government had similar agreement with local government,,, 75%central government and 20%local government and 5% the local community.
  19. There are 18 region's in Somalia and the natural resources should be shared equally. Example let's say there's oil found in holhol village puntland will get 30% and holhol community will also get 20% that already 50%