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  1. This is what abey Ahmed said and nothing wrong with it by becoming strong united east Afrikaan countries.
  2. cadnaan1

    Prime-Minister Abiy Ahmed Visits Mogadishu

    The ports are Berbera, bosaaso, hobyo, kismaayo.
  3. cadnaan1

    Prime-Minister Abiy Ahmed Visits Mogadishu

    What u expect from amateurs that is what we have in somalia, they could have stayed neutral and kept both of them. So far Qatar only promised to build the road between muqdisho and jowhar for 200 million.
  4. OO Stop been negative and embrace the new change Ahmed is the boss now.
  5. Faisal faaruq should be ignored he is just attention seeker
  6. Kenyan government had similar agreement with local government,,, 75%central government and 20%local government and 5% the local community.
  7. There are 18 region's in Somalia and the natural resources should be shared equally. Example let's say there's oil found in holhol village puntland will get 30% and holhol community will also get 20% that already 50%
  8. cadnaan1

    Ethiopia to accept 2000 Algiers Border Agreement

    Why waited so long to accept this agreement.
  9. It should be 75%for fsg and 20% for the federal state and 5% local District.
  10. Talaabo waxaad happy Ku tihiin inaad abdi illeey la idiin hoos geeyo.
  11. Maybe he is Oromo who knows
  12. cadnaan1

    Mogadishu becomes murder capital of Somalia

    It is known that terrorist shabaab always increases its attack on civilian the month of Ramadan but the government was never ready to protect the public.
  13. Naga daa bootada suldaanka those khat addicted junkies ciidan ma ahan
  14. cadnaan1

    Buuhoodle Diiday Buntland

    Waa kan vidoega originalkisa waa 2015
  15. cadnaan1

    Buuhoodle Diiday Buntland

    I m sure I have seen this video before and secondly codka iyo vidoega waa kala labo waa wax la isku kabay, waa waagi ay khaatumo iyo puntland ay Ku loo lami jireen maamulka deegaankaas.
  16. cadnaan1

    Buuhoodle Diiday Buntland

    This is old video it was between khaatumo supporters and puntland supporters.
  17. Not that reason The other nonsense u talked about that Somaliland can make regime change in Djibouti. What kind of bullsh1t is that, how can a militias overthrow a country which have well equipped military.
  18. cadnaan1

    Awdal will be next

    What have they achieved other than in lasoo garbaashay not once but twice tukaraq ma ahan galkacayo dhismoyaasha la isku qarinaayey.
  19. He is ur oodweyne from garowe waa oday 60 jir ah oo hadana bilaa xikmad ah.
  20. cadnaan1

    Awdal will be next

    Horta marka hore tuulada tukaraq soo qabo kkkkkkk