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  1. Xaaji Xunjuf;987526 wrote: General Siad bare and his loyalists I thought Siad Barre died? Who are his loyalists?
  2. burahadeer;987518 wrote: @classified...we talking about siyaad's regime What's up with the editing? So, a regime committed an act, thus you hold accountable ALL Somalis excluding your tribe (including men/women from your tribe that were part of that regime)? MoonLight1, if I were you, I would edit your posts. You cannot mention tribal names on SOL. It's against the rules. You can be banned for that.
  3. While the constitution in Angola guarantees freedom of religion to all of its citizens, this right no longer seems to apply to the followers of the now banned religion of Islam. According to numerous newspapers in Angola, the African nation has banned the Islamic religion. It has become the first country in the world to take such a harsh stance against Muslims. On November 22, the Angolan Minister of Culture Rosa Cruz e Silva said that “[t]he process of legalization of Islam has not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights [and so] their mosques would be closed until further notice.” Why the religion needs to be legalized has not been definitively stated by Cruz e Silva.
  4. burahadeer;987502 wrote: No nation & I repeat no nation in the history of the Somali race killed more than 50,000 somalis,bombed towns from the air & ground and sent millions into refuge camps as happened the then north. 50,000? Are you sure mate? Also, who's responsible for your claims? A regime (consisting of all Somalis) or a single tribe/tribes? When you say "no nation in history...", do you mean nation as in the civilians (all Somali tribes) committing the act together or do you mean by a particular government/regime at the time?
  5. Xaaji Xunjuf;987493 wrote: Burahadheer never take the defeated lot to serious trust me when they were in power, in the 80s they had a bigger mouth telling every one that their rule over the Somali republic is unbreakable. Now and days they love to masquerade under the so called notion of Somalinimo, which till this day no one has a clear definition of what Somalinimo actually means. They were the same folks who tried to use Ethiopian troops on the Abu warlords in Southern Somalia. It Was Muhammad Ali the General who shook their fragile foundation when the WSLF broke down along tribal lines and smashed their little WSLF movement funded by regime in Mogadishu at that time. Who are the defeated lot? :confused:
  6. Dome of the Rock (This is NOT the Al-Aqsa Masjid)
  7. Al-Aqsa Masjid (Most people confuse the Dome of the Rock to be the Al-Aqsa Masjid)
  8. Apophis;987419 wrote: Do you believe ONLF (the OG community really) should agree to a respectable compromise with TPLF in exchange for them (TPLF) not to threaten our interests in the Jubbas? I truly believe we need access to the sea, without which our business interests (especially those coming from O'gadenia) will be at the mercy of the landers. That's why I believe the compromise I mentioned is worthy of consideration. Absolutely! Why not? I think the TPLF and the ONLF can work together for the betterment of both communities. Amongst the issues the ONLF should bring to the table for the negotiations/compromises should be the immediate arrest of members of Abdi-iley Administration. The administration in Jigjiga should be dissolved. ONLF should take over Kililka Shanaad administration and down the road (10-20 years), a referendum should be held for Independence.
  9. Xaaji Xunjuf;987355 wrote: Burahadheer when the USC militia were closing into Mogadishu Barre called his trusted families and said where are the Generals the one i send to Siberia where are the Soviet trained Generals and Colonels , where are the baddest boys of my Tribe . And he was informed that they were evacuating the woman and the children from Mogadishu and that he is alone in villa Somalia with a small unit of red berets. I wonder why?
  10. Xaaji Xunjuf;987293 wrote: They can easily purchase the Kawasaki BK 117 the Germans still have some of them in their storage rooms they can get it for each unit a Million dollar if the Germans are nice if we buy 4 or 5 they can give a discount. And later maybe in a year or 2 SL can get the eurocopter ec-135 they cost around 4 million it depends also on what type. So, you want to purchase Millions of dollars worth of Airplanes to patrol towns that require few pick-up trucks to do the work? The millions that is going to be used to buy these planes plus the millions that it will take to maintain these planes, should be used for a far more important things, such as feeding the poor. There are thousands of children (Derbi-Jiifyaal) in Burco and Hargeisa and elsewhere that need to be taken care off. Create a Welfare system to feed the low-income population. Talk about misplaced priorities.
  11. burahadeer;987367 wrote: It doesn't matter with or without it. It's been a plus so far not to rely on foreign aid .Building bridges ,paved roads,well equipped universities,beautiful mansions,latest telecoms ,first class hotels,all kind consumer goods available,24 hr lite down to villages,round the clock running water most big towns,etc all done by locals.The attitude & spirit of people quite astounding. Lol, you're not a very good liar, like you were taught to be, eh. The 'Republic of Somaliland' was built by Foreign aid. It's Foreign aid that's keeping Somaliland alive and without it, there won't be a "Republic" to call 'Somaliland'.
  12. Apophis;987060 wrote: No thanks. I don't trust anything with "neo" in front of it. Fine. What do you propose Lieutenant.
  13. Apophis;986996 wrote: Are we a Marxist-Leninists or are Stalinist state? We're Neo-Marxist-Leninists.
  14. Can I let someone drown me? YES. Without a struggle? It depends. Am I fully awake or completely knocked out? Can any human? Sure, why not?
  15. ^ Welcome on board Lieutenant Apophis. You need to start organizing Xisbiga Hantiwadaaga SoomaaliaOnlineed (XHSOL) (SomaliaOnline Socialist Party).
  16. Xaaji Xunjuf;986953 wrote: You are wrong galaydh controls khatumo he is the supreme leader axmed karaash gave into the demands of abdismad ali shire and puntland. Both president indhosheel and galaydh condemned abdisimad shire, the militia in taleex are under control of karaash, but he does not own them, indhosheel has militia in buhoodle trust me galaydh can fire karaash when ever he wants How can we trust you, when you're on Risperdal?
  17. Lol @ Apophis. Khayr, I'm inclined to agree with Apophis on this. His logical approach on your "riddle" was by far the most appealing, frankly. I must admit, although he was trollin' you in your own 'Trolley problem' thread, he was actually making a lot more sense than the rest, nonetheless. lol Apophis, self-defence is subjective, no? Christianity, for instance, think it's immoral, hence turning the other cheek is the moral thing to do. lol
  18. SomaliaOnline Socialist Republic President for life: Classified Prime Minister: Post abolished Deputy Prime Minister: Post abolished Cabinet: Dissolved (for now) Parliament: Dissolved