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  1. Nuune, please don't make these people the target of Al-shabaab. Intaas in aad hdaanta ayaan moodaayey. do you know how many people, especially those who left from the diaspora have been targeted as foreign agents and people who are not in tune with Islam. your reckless pronouncements will endanger the lives of many innocent people.

  2. nothing is save from the greed of the government cronies. In Hargeisa airport , the Aviation minister is contracting out the airport taxi business to a wealth group to pick and drop people from the airport. I do not understand why any one would like to deprive these small cab drivers to their daily living. If there is complain about their service, improve it but do not terminate them. that is there is a demonstration going on in the airport as we speak.

  3. The system it self makes difficult to reconcile the powers. The president have nothing else to do other than influence the make up of the cabinet, on the other hand the Prime minister must have his own program to succeed. For the Prime minister to present any meaningful change, he must appoint at least one or two new faces in the major portfolios like Defense, interior or foreign policy. Hassan sheekh knew last year the big guns who could have shaken the system were their yet he ignored. people like Samatar, Baadiyow, Yusuf Garaad, Cali khaliif, Gaandhi, Khalii Jamma and others. If the list that I saw is true, they are all newbies.

  4. most of the moves Siilaanyo does creates problems. The mayor of Burco used to be from the west burco community and the governor from the East, now a new mayor was elected from the east burco by vote. a new governor from Hargeisa who was arrested and sentenced for stealing food aid was transferred to Togdheer after he was pardoned by Siilaanyo. By removing the police chief the west community doesn't

    have mayor, governor or police chief in their own city and region. people feel dominated and overwhelmed.

  5. Regions should be based in geography, economy and the cohesiveness of the Somali State and people in general. How can somebody from Buuhoodle, which is west of Burco, Togdheer be part of Puntland while Hobyo, which share both Geography and commerce with rest of Puntland is not. The people in Sanaag can travel to Boosaaso within three hours to sell and export their livestock and agricultural products instead of traveling to Berbera for day and half. It does not make sense.This 4.5 and the Clan federalism must be changed.The Galmudug people should be part of Puntland. It is the most Logical.

  6. clan federalism does not work. It was A/raxman Badiyow, Mohamed Abshir and others, with blessing of Ethiopia, who created in Djibouti with help of Cumar Geele. There are small Communities who does not make a majority of one district, yet they have three members in Parliament. Here in the forum some times we say things in hyperbole manners the reality is obscured. Che said is there any body who lived in Shabeelaha Hoose. I was a teacher seving national service after high school, and was based in Wanla Weyn. I also visited Qoryoolay, marka, and Afgooye. In wanla weyn, I never met any body from Watermall who are mostly live in Marka Janaale and other regions. Most of the residents of Wanla Weyn region were: RRa,, Garre (the beareded community) with large camels and G lovers. The G lovers extend from Hiiraan to Wanla Wayn and Jubooyinka. They probably have two or three in the Parliament. Do you know the Cumar Geele Community who dominate Djibouti have one single member in the Somaliland Parliament and Eight in the Federal parliament. look at Boosaaso with hundreds of thousands of people yet they got two or three members.This guy in the video says the D&m are allies because they created a political party together, is that a case for forcing people to the rule of RRA. Let every one contest his own district, then we shall see who is the majority.The Caydiid group live in Gaalkacayo, Hobyo, Xaradheere, guriceel, with tens of thousands in Mogadhisho and Shabeelaha, yet they got two members in the Parliament. to be fare the HAG, is disadvantaged in the federal parliament. In the C/laahi Yusuf Government which based it's cabinet in 4.5 the D&M got eight ministers. how can people the M, Bay and Bakool got five and the D in Shabeelaha got three. This whole federalism project must be looked carefully..

  7. Okay, then maybe we should revisit these idea of federalism which pushes people without their consent. why not leave the Shabeelaha hoose , hiiraan or any other region to stand by it self. Dadka in la isku qasbo ma' ahan. There are more d&m in jubba and Gedo than shabeelaha. how about Cumar c/rashiid Sharmaarke who is from puntland is one of the leading founders of Jubba. Maxaa ii diidaya aniga shabeelaha hoose since my cousins live there.

  8. I agree, The Watermaal and the Somali Jecel groups fought the Italians in most of Benadir, Marka, WArshiiq,and Lafoole . Thousans of fighters died in those battles, especially in Lafoole in 1924. The Italians were welcomed in Hobyo region controlled by a traitor called Ali Yusuf who originated from Puntland. If we look back history just over one century, during the colonial era many groups could be shamed.

  9. Marka aanu dhaliilayno madaxweynaha, ama aanu maalka ummada yaan la xadin leenahay macnaheedu ma aha in waxan la dhoodhoobayo in ay baa ba'aan ma rabno. Hadii uu Culusow qaranka soo celiyo libinta in uu qaato uma diidayno. Bal ka waran kuwa diidan in cuna qabataynta hubka laga qaado Soomaalia si ay iyadu isu difaacdo. waxaan u dhaliilayno waa farasku ha dheereeyo.

  10. Xaaji, inaar is diyaari waanu ku taageeri. kuwan Soomaaliyeey toosta qaadda ee hadana Nairobi ka laba noqonaya boqol jeer baad ka fiican tahay. Waadigaa arkaya mooge iyo kooxdiisu bahashu in ay fashilanto oo Zero laga soo bilaabo ayey rabaan. Xaaji put your in 2016 we will suppory you Walaahi.

  11. Remember in this kind of conflicts local people will always prevail. Why Madoobe was not ruling Jubba for the last twenty years when Somalia are left among themselves? because The Kikuya put him there. Loo,k, the so called ministers he appointed none is from the water boys or the *** community who are the indigenous people of the land. I have to raise this issue because the D block and Hag really fear the rise of the real southern people whose voices are not heard.

  12. At first, A/weli Gaas seemed formidable and well qualified, then he opened his mouth and lol and be hold " waxa la yidhi waar yaa naga aamusiiya" he even boasted that he works only for four hours, twice a week and gets paid hundreds of thousand.He claimed that his kids got a tuition money worth up to sixty thousand dollars. He is not even full time but an associate professor, who is he kidding. Everybody thought he will be the champ who will unseat Faroole.

  13. What Faysal has done for peace and democracy is much bigger than what those with the barrel of gun have done. He is not corrupt either like many of his opponents. Some people like you loose their mind when they try to respond his constructive criticism., even Siilaanyo woke up 2 in the morning just to refute what the Suldaan Faysal said. I will take his word any day compared to the foxes in the Palace.

  14. It is a lie. First there is no such thing as Provincial welfare fraud court. It is called Quebec or Ontario Provincial court, second, Police hull is incorrect. It is called Hull police or Ottawa Hull police. finally if the letter is written by City of Quebec, they conduct their business mostly in French language. It has many grammatical errors and it is written in an professional way. in my opinion it is forgery.

  15. We all know he has an agenda when he mentions Unisom bases in Somaliland, and he got some facts wrong. The truth is this confused Kulmiye Government has been threatening to arrest the Opposition if they dare to hold their consultation conference. few months ago the Mayor of Borama said " Magaalada ma soo goli karaan Golahan bilaa sharciga ah" Since when it is illegal to form counsels to pressure this government to follow the constitution.Even Waran Cadde said he will arrest them.What happen to Jamal A. Huseen is a shame that should not be repeated. waa la og yahay in aan dib loo dooran doonin , laakiin waxaan ka baqayaa in ay dhib geystaan inta aysan ina dhaafin