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  1. Laakiin they collect welfare and lie about their status always. This is what I call a petro Dollar culture. Saudi Ladies driven by foreign mostly Asian drivers. This is uniquely petro culture. do not listen to them. You could hardily find any one of them who have any life skills or good education. Ma helaysid qof reer magaal ah oo sidooda u fikiraya. Haddaad is qabataana Dhiigaaga markiiba way banaysanayaan. ka fogow.

  2. Waryaa Ciidan Suldaan, Why don't you quit the Somali-Somaliland debate and keep writing these geopolitical issues. I think what you saying really makes sense. If Ukraine goes, others inside the Russian Federation will implode. In Crimea the Majority of the Russians are TarTar Muslims,there are many more ethnic groups that are prosecuted in Russia.


    I know people complain about the excess of United States , but If a ruthless communist or Godless Chinese takes over, may God help us. For better or for worse America will be there. They accept their mistakes, they debate openly and eventually correct them. The election of Obama was America reversing it's Iraqi blunder. In Chechenya Putin murdered 80,000 people. no one can ask him or debate about the merit of that war. If you talk about it you might be even killed. I will take the U.S.a any time when it comes to the Russians or Chinese.

  3. Cajiib, there are no Al-shabaab military bases or huge presence in Puntland. Other than small skirmishes in Galagal mountains, it is mostly clandestine cells who Assassinate people. I mean it is law enforcement and intelligence issue.


    Why would they need Ethiopian troops in Puntland.

  4. well, he has no choice. There are no cards for him to play. Do we have to wait when the Ethiopian tanks enter Mogadishu again to save him from Al-shabaab. He is done. I heard that today he accepted the Joint Financial management proposed by the donors. Every penny donated will be overseen by a committee of both Somalis and international community members.


    The Prime Minister will be the face of the government.

  5. If the security situation doesn't improve within the nest six months, then, dramatic steps must be taken. September/2014 will be two years from the day this president was elected. On that date, the Parliament must convene and debate whether to continue on that road or change direction. We can;t waste four years without any tangible achievement.


    This President must realize that a notice of warning have been given to him by the Somali people. everyone will be accountable.

  6. In the light of latest attack in the presidential palace, national security leaders must be replaced if the government want to have any credible standing among the public. There were three or four major bombings in Mogadishu for the last few months. Other than the latest crack down of Al-shabaab strongholds, the security agencies have not been proactive in terms of disrupting or uncovering plots.


    They moved only when the President was almost assassinated. That shows a lack of urgency and seriousness from the leaders. When an al-shabaab fighter shows up at the gate of the president's office, everyone and every thing must have already failed.


    The so called Damujadiid Minister of National Security must be replaced with an experienced individual who grasps the seriousness of the treat posed by Al-shabaab. The time for patronage and filling up the deck with Damujaqdiid friends is over. Take him as one of your advisers or if you can't dismiss him, nominate him as the minister of sports or Kabaha.


    No group, sect, or tribe shall not be allowed to defend the nation. ( Reer ama xaafad midna loo dayn maayo in ay ku keliyeystaan difaaca wadanka). The diaspora members must not be left to lead the internal security issues which needs local experience. The Police Chief happen to be these categories. He must be replaced with Local commander.


    Mr. Prime Minister it is time to take charge of the security affairs of the country. This President has been micro managing every little detail of the state for the last year and half. The result is a colossal disaster. The growth and presence of the foreign powers is alarming today. The Ethiopian forces who left Somalia two years ago are now in Baidoa, Hiiraan, Galgaduud and Gedo. Soon they will be in Shabeelaha Hoose.


    For the future of Somalia , Mr. President you must let the Prime Minister to lead and manage the country at this juncture, accept your role as honorable ceremonial president and the symbol of a nation and the head of Somali state.

  7. Waar Ileen Anagaa Wax Aragnay, Damujidiid , are trying to fill the deck with the members of the Party. This Muungaab guy is one of those who have been given the rank of a General while he was in his thirties. He was appointed Colonel in 2010 by Sheekh Shariif, without ever attending any military collage or service, he started with Colonel, and two years before he left office President Shariif gave him the rank of full General.


    He has a degree from Sudan ( where else), which does not qualify him a General. You can appoint him minister or Governor, but not a General. Reer Koonfurka waxa laga Kari Laayahay Darajadan Beenta ah ee ay wada xidhanayaan. Shariifka oo keliya sodomeeyo ayuu Magacaabay. Wax walba ma bililiqay moodayaan.


    Dadkaasaan ka suigaynaa in ay dal meel geeyaan. CIil badanaa.

  8. Hassan, of course he has a lot to answer and i hope you take him to task. My beef is with Hablaha. I never mentioned about a PHD, but I thought in this part of the world credit and qualifications are worth some thing. Being a dean is not something a Phd will buy you sister. If this is cushy job, a lot of Maryooley could have achieved.


    Having said that, Being a good scholar doesn't necessarily mean a good politician. Retail politics is totally a different animal.

  9. Sister, I know you are angry, but separate your emotions from the reality. Of course a large number of Somalis are angry by his switching allegiance to Somaliland, and they are every right to be. You can condom him as much as you like, but do not deny the reality. He is the only and the first Somali Dean of major collage in North America, and he became probably before you were born in 1990.


    He wrote many books, lectured many major universities around the world. Haday tahayse Quraankaan Dhameeyey, kaase akhrisan maayo waa arin kale.


    Ninkan su'aasha uurks la lahow, waadigan Iclaaminaya in aad dagaal tagaysee, Allah ha kuu fududeeyo.

  10. This kid seem to be carrying very sophisticated weapons and communication equipment. I believe a government, especially highly organized one can only furnish these complete tools. He was even carrying his medical emergencies. I do not think a rag tag militia like Al-shabaab could provide these things. We desperately need intelligence.


    Cell phone and other telecom companies must cooperate with authorities, almost every Terrorist is carrying a cell phone. HE doesn't look like a destitute or poor. Illahayow sahal Amuuraha.


    Good job by puntland authorities.

  11. She already did and I agree with her. Corruption must be exposed. The question is do we have to throw away these four years. Why not let Qoslaaye build some thing useful before he leaves office, like building the army and paying their salary regularly. We can't just give up and start from zero. Let him finish his term without hamstringing his ability.


    Give him the basic things that a country rising from the ashes of anarchy, tribalism and famine needs. Then let us judge him by that record. The Shabaab thing is scary, especiaaly for what happen friday, but let us see . Is this really a fluke or reality.

  12. I thought Mooge was better than this. You remember when Rayaale and Xaabsade took over Laascaanood , A/laahi Yuusuf was told by Ethiopia to stand down. The relationship between Siilaanyo and Ethiopia might not be the same like last time, but in these neighborhood the only war that is allowed to happen is one against Al-shabaab. In the light of Mogadishu attacks, the priority is Al-shabaab. Kaarshe or without Kaarshe , C/weli will not be lifting any finger let alone war.


    News flash for our friend from Khaatumo, the election is over. Kaarshe and other were pro Puntland wing of the khaatumo even before the election. Just like Meles before him, your Master mr. Hailemariam won't tolorate skirmishes at this time.

  13. Ask this ignorant MP how many Billions with The "B" he spent in Afghanistan. Former Somali Foreign minister Fowsiya H. Aadan, few moths ago, put these European diplomats on the spot light. She said since the London conference not one single Dollar was received from EU by the federal government. The chief European diplomat attacked Fowsiya and accused her of lying. But when asked to clarify his statement , he said that they spent up to millions for regional governments in Puntland , Somaliland and AMISOM.


    The fact is, not one single dollar from these guys reached the federal government. We are sick and tired of these bleeding hearts from Europe. They should either put up or shut up. This nation have been following for the road maps designed by these bureaucrats for a long time. Virtually we have armies from the poorest nations of the continent coming for high paid employment to Somalia. They spent quarter of a Billion dollars (240 million) for each year for the salaries and equipment for these solders while Somali solders are starving.


    We no longer tolerate for the undermining of the Somali state by these reckless members of the UN in Nairobi who want to extend their contract for the continued ciaos in Somalia. Just last week they claimed the President was aiding Al-shabaab. Guess what, they almost Killed him last Friday.


    I thing the role of these bureaucrats must be examined. Somali leaders must challenge the international community to fulfill their obligations to Somalia or keep a healthy distance and let us sort out these problems.

  14. knowing all these, the toothless Nabad Sugid should have taken emergency measures to confront the new wave of Al-shabaab terror. They should introduce " Bandow" in certain districts from sun set to down. They should deploy unannounced check points within the city and all cars entering Mogadishu from Shabeelooyinka. Routine check points at night is a must. The security agencies are acting like a normal law enforcement. Probably Villa Somalia it self is a market were hundreds intermingle and visit for useless reasons. All cars that are passing the roads leading to the Palace must be checked and slowed. Why are they acting like every thing is normal. I am not an expert of security issues , but definitely certain anti terror measures could be introduced.


    Suspected neighborhoods should be checked in the middle of the night, that may seem intrusive but it could save lives. Keep these people sleepless. Since suicide car bombing is becoming a routine find a way to investigate cars parked in the abandoned places and insurgency friendly districts.


    Mr. Goobe and friends, Since you can't get the specific targets, at least you must find ahead of time if attacks are planned. Foreign intelligence are getting information about these attacks and are warning their citizens for their presence in Somalia. Why this Goobe guy is not getting any thing. This is not your company by employing " Odayaasha Xaafada" , get the serious Somalia who could help the country. Call Diini and Dhagabadan.

  15. Folks, I did talk to one Xildhibaan in Mogadishu and asked him about these new developments. He said it could get worse before the situation stabilizes totally. He said there is going to be a spring offensive against Al-shabaab that could start any time. He Said Ethiopian forces and other Unisom are headed specifically to Baraawe, the headquarters of Al-shabaab. American and their drones will be also deployed extensively. The aim is to deny them save bases to control.


    He said Al-shabaab is on the move already. They left Hiiraan and moved to Central regions. Those in the Shabaalaha Hoose are also moving to Mogadhishu. The extremists are trying to disrupt these plans and shock the leadership and the people. According to this gentleman, next few months will be crucial

  16. What is going on in Mogadishu? we need some Intelligence. This sudden surge of Al-shabaab is disturbing. Are the recently discharged 2000 former army members who were protesting for their salary have resorted to aid the extremists?, or Al-shabaab is in their last stage of their assistance. Few weeks ago the United States drone attack almost killed Godane. This offensive is probably their way of showing their relevance or maybe The Kenyan backed opposition is trying to grab power before the 2016 election by penetrating and buying the intelligence community, who in turn deploy or release the Shabaab sleeper cells. It is impossible to reach the gate of Villa Somalia without an accomplice.


    I could be wrong, but another hypothesis is that there may have been a truce between the government and Al-shabaab, and that agreement is no longer viable, or as Al-shabaab claimed few weeks ago, there was an understanding between the extremists and certain clan elders in Buulamareerto.


    Does anyone explain this other than saying al-shabaab is getting stronger.