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  1. Skeptic, working for someone else and going home after work without worry has some advantages. While job security is becoming rare and downsizing is becoming a normal part pf doing business, it is nice to work nine to five and leave the headache of the job behind to the owners. Of course your life becomes routine and constant. you must have financial plans since you have a fixed income. tHe most important aspect of this is you are free.


    Having your own business has both advantages and real risk. You will be spending a great deal of your time in the business. You may even work seven days a week. If your family does not support for your adventure, it may even cause a great deal on your relationship. Success in the small business comes after hard work and a lot of headache. you must be have a backbone. Please check this small list before you start the business.


    1- Starting from scratch is always hard. You should be patient in the first year of the business, since it takes time to build clients. you must have enough cash flow to sustain yourself while invoices from clients are delayed.

    2- Avoid restaurants business, Especially one that caters to ethnic groups like Somalis,75% of them fail in the first year. If you want to involve in the food business, it must be a franchise or Donair shops.

    3- Avoid any business that has high overhead costs, like expensive rents or utilities. It will constrain any of your efforts to spent money for advertising or employees.

    4- your business must be one that targets for the main stream. By targeting all of the residents of the town your chances of increasing the customer base will be higher.


    As a self employed for the last ten years, I will suggest you few business that might be



    !- insurance broker. A large number of Somalis and others are using this business. All you need is small office and few trained people. You may need a three months course to run this business.

    2-car rental franchisee. It is easy to recruit both young Somali sisters and other attendants. The franchise will help you to succeed.

    3- If you are trained in any of the trades like, electrician, plumbing or carpentry, you may set up your own small shop and get contracts, especially in the hot booming economies of western Canada.


    There could be many more. It is all depends what is your field of education and how deep your pockets are. Any way, good luck.

  2. This video is not news, nor it has any bearing on what is happening right now. It is pure propaganda. This Mad Mullah keeps recycling Shabaab Propaganda. It does show that Al-shabaab is a foreign entity. The bomb makers, the field commanders and most of the brain behind the destructions in Somalia are Al-qaeda members. If you deny them a save heaven to build there bombs and train the Somali youth, and cut their financial backers, they could be defeated. For this group of foreigners, Somalia is a collateral damage for their war. even Godane, in his message last week, he mentioned his boss Al-zawahiri. I do believe the early founders of Al-shabaab were foreigners.


    The so called Zaad service which facilitates money transfers through the cell phones must be banned..Any one from any where can receive thousands of dollars unanimously.


    First the military offensive will deny them bases, second, cut their finances, and finally the intelligence net should be wider. Detain as much as possible among those who have any connections with the group. Build huge jails and detention centres. Take your time to interrogate each one of them extensively. We already know hundreds of Al-shabaab suspects have been released to the public after they were captured in the 2012 offensive.


    After this big offensive, every one in this cities should feel the pressure. Let the shabaab sympathizers feel the heat, keep them moving . If they spend most of their days and nights to hide or survive , they can not build any thing.


    There will " Tolaayeey or reer hebel baa laxidhaya iyo wax la mid ah. This is the last chance to eliminate them. Waa Halkii Mungaabe waa in Bur iyo Biyo LOO kala baxaa. If the Unaka can not handle this job , let somebody else take the leadership.


  3. Bernera could be a major container port, which will handle transits containers. Small size fishing and Bagaash ports are good for the locals economy and coastal intra trade. We welcome this kind of projects.


    Dittore, Kulmiye have left another year and four months to rule. We are all watching how they proceed. They know if they do not deliver their promises, they will be voted out of the office. Regardless of the it's weaknesses, there will be hope in democracy.


    I am also sensing the diaspora Somalis are out of touch of the realities in back home. I think we should let the people back home to decide their future.

  4. I feel rejuvenated when I hear the youthful " Haasaawe" between the this group. I know it is not my place to interfere but , as a Sol resident I care about the well being of our sisters.


    First, I think what sister Saffez is feeling could be many things. I have come to realize that the well educated Somali sisters are not getting their match. While ago I visited Calgary University, Alberta and almost 65% of the Somali students are female. They are well organized, bright and beautiful. THeir expectations are getting higher every day. THe Somali women have been always on the top the family structure, but today's youth are achieving more than their male counter parts. TheSomali young does not to grow up. One I was young my biggest dream was "goormaan Hanan Gabadh Soomaaliyeed oon Guursan.


    Yes, the western culture may have some influence in their lives but still they are good and honorable Muslim women.


    Ragiinan , dhalinyarada ah ee hunu hunuuda ku jira waajibkiina qabsada oo hablahan meesha sare gaadhay waxii ka maqnaa keenaa. Ma far waaweyn baan wax idiinku qornaa.


  5. The clan tag could be removed. To be realistic , it is difficult, but society is transformed by systems, conditions, technologies and some times selfish interests. If you look back, the Somali technocrats of sixties and early seventies were ashamed to say loudly their clan affiliations.


    In my opinion, the way of life of the people must be transformed. As Reeyo said, the companion of the prophet were transformed to a group of people who should strive and work for something bigger than their tribe. After the colapse of the people left hostile areas of the country to find sanctuaries in their respective tribal towns.


    Today the tribe is the de facto social insurance of the individual. If he dies the tribe will bury him, If he feels insecure he will say Tolaa'ayeey and somebody will assist him whether he is wronged or not. Compare this to the modern nation state. If you feel sick you go to hospital, if you feel insecure you call the police and access the justice system. You contribute daily for the well being of the state, because that is your last resort. When you retire and unable to work the state pension will take care of you. All of these makes the citizen to rely on the state. People should have some thing else to replace for their tribal loyalties. We can not ask them to throw their social insurance without replacing some thing more valuable.


    It could probably take one generation to dismantle certain aspects of tribe, especially if we consider meritocracy on jobs and hiring practices. Those of us who live in north America, we care about the prosperity and well being of the States, provinces and cities we live. Another good news is most of the young are not attached to the tribal tag like their fathers.


    Why are we the only people who failed once and refusing to start again?. every where nations minimize the sectarian tendencies of their societies. Look at Kenya , when the election dispute became violent , about 1000 people died within two weeks. Who knew if Kofi Anan and others did not rescue it could have been worse.

  6. I do not understand why you bringing here this kind of topic. We are all aware where islam stands on these issue. You are probably wearing big beard thinking it is virtue or probably al-shabaab or Some Saudi trained radical.

  7. Dr Kenedy , now here is " if I were the President.


    !- National Army and security is the most important job of the Presidnt. Military Conscripts recruited from Mogadishu and surrounding area is not enough. THe national army should be national in the sense of the word. Every town and village from Zaylac to Kismaayo must contribute. If 4.5 is necessary to achieve this goal , implement it. Every regional force, from Puntland, Bay or Gaalkacayo must be incorporated in the national forces. Puntland commanders who gained certain experience as regional force should become among the leaders of the army. THe Somali people across the country must be convinced that the national army is theirs and should feel secure of their presence. Believe me, people will know the difference between tribal and national army.


    a) A national defence trust fund must be established. All the money deposited in trust should be specifically for the army. No one is expecting from the current president to build schools, hospitals or other essential services. He was elected to pacify Mogadishu and replace the foreign armies in the country.


    b) Army training bases and military barracks throughout the country must reopened.

    c) The business community should participate the delivery and servicing of all logistical needs of the army. Food, fuel, salary and other needs must be contracted to the private sector. The business people will deliver services efficiently and more honestly than a corrupt colonel who may steal half million. During the National Bank scandal, a certain office, connected to Villa Somalia, who was in charge of the " saadka Ciidanka", took few million dollars single handedly to for the needs of the army. Latter there were accusations that the money did not reach it's intended armies.


    Actually last September I wrote a leeter which I thought would help the re-emerging of the Somali state. I was trying to send to Qoslaaye , but i never finished . here they are in Af-soomaali.


    Somalia waxay u baahn tahay in loo lleexiyo jiho cusub, oo dhaqso ah.


    Walaalayaal, waxaad tihiin dad waayo arag ah oo dalka soomaaliyeed xaalada uu marayey shan iyo labaatankii sanoadood ee la soo dhafay si fiican uga warhaya, Ujeedada qoraalkanina mahan in aan cashar iyo taaariikh midna idiin ka sheego dalkeena hooyo. Ujeedada ugu muhiimsan ee qoraalkani waxa weeye, in aan isku dayo bal in jihada wadanka la bedelo oo loo bedelo mid kuwii hore ka duwan inagoo tixgelinayna xaaladahan cusub ee soo kordhay.Waa in aynu dib u eegnaa marka hore, xaaladihii uu dalku marayey markii dawlada Soomaaliyeed burburtay 1991. Marka laga reebo dagaalkii dhexmaray Caydiid iyo Cali Mahdi 1991-1993, iyo faragalintii Maraykanka (American intervention) of 1992, Dulka Soomaaliyeed nabad ayuu ahh marka laga soo bilaabo 1994-2000. Mudadaas awoodii Dagaal oogayaashu way wiiqantay Cali Mahdi wuxuu iska aaday meelo kale , Caydiidn wadkii Alle ayaa ku yimid. Mudadaas, dalku min Kismaayo ilaa Saylac waa la is dhex marayey, dadka iyo ganacsiguba. Dagaal oogeyaashii Muqdishona waxay ku eekaayeen Isbaarooyinkii ay muqdisho iyo degaanada ku dhaw dhigteen. Taas macnaheedu mahan in ay dadka Soomaaliyeed ku qanacsanaayeen dawlad la’aanta. Boqolaal kun oo Soomaali oo deganaa Muqdishu aya caasimadii dalka ka qaxay oo galay xeryaha qaxootiga. Hase ahaatee mudadaas kooban dgaalo qabiil iyo ku dawladeed oo dhiig badani ku daato madhicn. 1998 ayaa waxaa bilawday shirar caalamiya oo Soomaalida dawlad loogu dhisayo. Kii u horeeyey qaahira ayaa lagu qabtay, waxaana ka qeyb galay dhamaan dadkii isku hayey siyaasada. Shirkaasi waxa qaadacay oo ka hor yimid wixii lagu hshiiyey c/laahi yuusuf iyo Aaadan gabyow. Kaas kii ku xigay waxa loo wareejiyey Ethiopia iyo Soodaro. Marba marka ka dambaysa taladu waxay ka sii fogaanaysay Soomalida , waxayna gacanta u galaysay shisheeye iyo hayado caalami ah. Dhib badani ha jiro sagaashamaadkii laakiin siyaasadu waxay ahayd mid ku kooban dadka Soomaliyeed. Ama dagaal ooge ha ahaato, ama dawlad goboleed qabiileed ha ahhato , ama kuwa waan go’aynaa leh a noqotee hawshu Soomaaali ayey dhex taalay. Dhibka ugu weyni wuxuu bilawday markii la bilabay in dawlado ku meel gaadh oo aan awood siyaasadeed, mid nmilitary iyo tu dhaqaale aan lahayn, isla markaana aan qaadin ama aanan qaadi karin talaabooyin nabadeed iyo kuwa dib u heshiineed oo dhibkana yaraynaya, dawladnimadana horay u riixaya. Dawladahan ku meel gaadhka ah ee wadamada deriska lagu soo abaabulay waxay keeneen dhawr arrimood oo dadka Soomaaliyeed aragtidooda wax weyn ka badalay isla markaana raad ku yeeshay dib u soo noolaynta qaranka. Waxa ka mid ah:


    ⦁ -Madaxda iyo shacabka Soomaaliyeed dhamaantood maskaxiyan waxay aqbaleen in aan qaranka dib loo dhisi Karin ilaa dhaqaale balaadhan iyo taageero culus laga helo aduunyada. Waxayna Madaxdu wakhti badan ku bixiyeen sidii ay dhaqaale balaadhan oo dib wax loogu dhiso dibadaha looga raadin lahaa. sidoo kale marka dawladaha ku meelgaadhka ah dhibaato la soo deristo , wax kasta oo mushkilad ah oo timaado ma xalismaan ilaa deriska ama qaramada midoobay ergeygoodu soo dhex galo. Tusaale waxa kaaga filan, markii Dawladii Madaxweyne Sheekh Shariif iyo baarlamaanku isku qabsadeen in Raiisul Wasaaraha cusub ee Madaxweynuhu soo magacaabayo Baarlamaanku ansixintiisa codka loogu qaado fartaag iyo qarsood, kadib markii Raiisul Baarlamaankii ku adkaystay in si qarsoodi ah loo qaado codka. Markii la isku murgay waxa yimid Mahiiga oo mshkiladii la isku mari waayey xaliyey.


    ⦁ Waxay awood weyn oo aysan kasban Karin ama aysan mudnayn la siisay dhamaan wadamadii deriska ahaa,. Wadamo shalay dagaal sokeeye ka soo baxay ama xaaladooda siyaasadeed iyo amaan midkoodna deganayn ayaa awood military iyo mid degaaneed ku helay. Sida: Ruwaanda, Buruundi iyo Siraaliyoon. Awoodaas oo sii kordhaysa sanadba midka ka dambeeya.

    ⦁ Hogankii Baarlamankii qabaailka laga soo xulay oo noqday awood ay gacanta ku hayaan wadamada deriska. Af hayeenka baarlamaanka federaalku waxa uu awood siyaasadeed yeelan karaa marka xisbigiisu uu leyahay aqlabiyada Baarlamaanka, Madaama uu aqlabiyad ku fadhiyo wuu gilgili karaa xukuumada. Laakiin baarlamaan beelo ku fadhiya oo cidna aysan aqlabiyad ku lahayn ayaa wadamada deriska iyo Ergayga qaramada midoobay ku siiyey awood dhaqaale iyo mid siyaasadeed ayagoo adeegsanaya ciidamda Unisom. Taasi waxay keentay in uu faragelin iyo caga juglayn joogta ku hayo xukuumada ilayn waa gardaro garab oge.

    ⦁ Xoogaga Islaamiyiinta oo khatar joogta ah ku noqday dawladihii ku meel gaadhka ahaa, islamarkaana, Siyaasadoodii iyo hamuunta ay u qabaan xukunka ay keentay in indhaha aduunyada ee la dagaalamaya Argagixisada caalamigu Soomaalia ku soo jeestaan. Allah ha u naxariistee Dr. Cumar Raabe ayaa yidhi: Jabhadihii USC,SNM ,SSD iyo kuwa kaleba waxay dumiyeen qarankii Soomaaliyeed markii Ethiopia ku soo hubaysay, Dagaal oogayaashiina qaranimadii ayey horjoogsadeen, halka wadaadaduna ay hab dhaqankoodu ku soo hogaamiyeen dalka cadow, Ayagoo marmarsiiyo ka dhiganaya shisheeyaha ay siyaasadoodu wadanka keentay, ayey hadana hor joogsadeen dawladihii ku meel gaadhka ahaa.


    ⦁ Xaruumaha laga seedaraynayo siyaasada iyo awoda dalka oo saldhigyo ka dhigtay wadamada deriska. Marka laga soo bilaabo 1978 ilaa 2010 Siyaasiyiinta Soomaalidu waxa saldhig u ahayd Addis Ababa, ayadoo tartan joogta ah loogu jiray sidii Ethiopia awood siyaasadeed looga heli lahaa. Waxaanu ka wada dharagsanahay, in ay Addis fadhiisin u ahayd dhamaan Soomaalida xukunka doonaysa iyo kuwa go’ayaba. C/laahi yuusuf, Xuseen Caydiid, Morgan, Cumar Jees, Shaati Gaduud, Aadan Madoobe ,Gabyow iyo kuwa kaleba ay halkaasi saldhig siyaasadeed u ahayd. 2010 ilaa maantadan aynu joogno iyo hadaan Ilaahay raxmad kale keenin waxay u badan tahay in Nairobi ay noqonayso meesha salaanka siyaasada laga soo fuulo.Tusaale waxa kuugu filan shirkii bishii July/2013 ay ku qabteen Nairobi koox Soomaali ah rabta in ay soo dedejiyaan faashilka xukuumadan hada joogta. Daraad haday Addis ahayd, shalayna ay Kampaala ahayd, manta furuhu waa Nairobi. Waxa laga yaabaa hadii ciidamada Siiraaliyoon awoodoodu korodho in xagaa iyo africada galbed loo gudbo. Arrimahaasi waxay keeneen:



    ⦁ Karti daro iyo klasooni la’aam laga qabo ciidamada amaanka qaranka oo koradhay, ayadoo aduunka iyo Unisom labaduba aad uga taxadirtay in hub noocuu doonaba ha ahaadee aan lagu aaminin milatriga oomaaliya.


    ⦁ Maamulada gobalada dalka laga sameeyeeyey oo aanay dawladaha ku meel gaadhku haba yaraatee wax xidhiidh military iyo mid siyaasadeed la lahayn, wax taagero dhaqaala ahna aysan u gudbin, gaar ahaan kuwa taagta daran. Sido kale waxa sii kordhay awoodaha dawlad goboleedada iyo xidhhidhka siyaasadeed iyo kan amaan ee ay la leeyihiin wadmada deriska.


    ⦁ - Soomaaliland oo aad isugu soo fidisay gobalada bariga, kuna dhiiranaysa in ay go’do. Gaarahaan waxii ka dambeeyaey 2006. Ayadoo siyaasiyiin iyo shacabka qaarkii u arkaan ducfiga, fawdada iyo Al-shabaab in ay dhamaantood soo dhawaynayaan gu’ida ah Soomaaliland. GU'ida Soomaaliland waa burburka ugu weyn ee soo gaadhi doona ummad soomaaliyeed oo geeska awood ku leh. Ha qariibsan in Puntland go'do , Jubooyinkuna ku biiraan Kenya, koonfurta soomaaliyana noqoto meel ciidanka afrikaanks iyo al-shabaab ku hirdamo labaatanka sanadood ee soo socda. Soomaaliland hawsheeda waa in ay galaan dad soomaaliyees oo miisaan, aqoon iyo aragti dheer leh. hadda yaan lagu mashquulin soomaaliland , marka hore ha la dejiyo koonfurta.




    Dib aynu ugu soo noqono sanadkan 2013

    Labadii sanadoodee la soo dhaafay xaalada wadanku way soo wanaagsanaanaysay gaarahaan caasimada Muqdhisho. Ciidamada Unisom iyo kuwa Soomaaliyeed guula la taaban karo ayey ka gaadheen in ay wiiqaan awooda Al-shabaab. Gobalo muhiim ah sida Bay, Shabeelaha hoose iyo shabeelaha dhexe ayey dawladu gacanta ku dhigtay.

    Xaga arrimaha dibada dawladu guulo waaweyn ayey ka gaadhay in aqoonsi buxa la siiyo . Karaamada xafiiska madaxweynuhuna kor bay u kacday, dadka Soomaaliyeedna dareen waxa galay in qaranku dib u soo noqonayo. Sanad ayaa ka soo wareegay wakhtigii madaxweynaha la doortay.

    Qoraalkani ma’ahan mid guulaha ama horuumarka dawlada lagu dhaliilayo ama lagu dhiiri galinayo. Waa mid lagu falanqaynayo khatarta ku soo socota xukuumadan, haddii kale waxa dhici karta in ay qaado wadadii kuwii ka horeeyey, Islamarkaana la imaan isbedel dhaqsa ah oo ku lug leh dhinaca Amaanka, Siyaasada iyo Dhaqaalaha. Calaamadaha faashilka xukuumadu waa kuwa soo muuqanaya durtaba. Waxaan ka tilmaami karaa:

    1. Xaga Amaanka (National Security)

    Waxa soo kordhaya qaraxyada ay gaysanayaan nabad diidka iyo argagixisada calamiga.

    Dagaaladii iyo hujiinkii milateri ee lagu qaadayey Al-shabaab oo dhamaantood joogsaday. Aminisom, oo ku dhawaaqday in aysan awood miitary oo ay dagaala cusub ku sii wado lahayn

    Tan iyo 2009 tirada ciidamada qaranka ee loo tababaray in ay dalka diifaacaan oo aan isbedalyn, kana kooban beelo cayiman

    Madaxda AL-shabaab oo ku dhiiran in ay weeraro cusub ka fuliyaan Bay iyo Bakool, iyagoo Shabeelaha Hoosana Saldhigoodu aman yahay.

    1. Diplomaasiyada caalamiga iyo wadamada deriska (International diplomacy)

    Kenya oo isku fidisay jubooyinka wax badana aan laga qaban Karin,

    Ethiopia oo xadhig jiid aan dhamaanayn ka wada Bay iyo Bakool iyo

    Unisom, Ethiopia, Kenya iyo Ugaandha oo anay weli xukuumadu fahmin, wakhti badana lagu lumisay si loogu dhawaado.


    2. Dawlad goboleedyada, Puntland iyo Soomaaliland (regional Fedaral states)

    Ilaa hadda ma muuqdo dawlad gobaleed ama maamul gobol oo ay ciidamadu dawladu amaankiisa gacanta ku hayaan, wax dhaqaala ahna ilaa hadda laguma bixin si loo adkeeyo maamulka. Dawlad goboleedyada qabaailku ku dhawaaqeena waa kuwa dhamaantood colaad (hostile) ku ah dawlada.

    Puntland aad ayey uga fogaatay xukuumada iyo federaalka labadaba. Waxtna dhiirigelinaysaa in gobol walba wadada ay martay maro.

    Soomaaliland waxay ogaatay in dawladani aanay Muqdishu dhaafayn, islamarkaana waxay kalsooni iyo xogba ka heshay caalamka in dawladan Soomaaliyeedaanay noqonayn mid muruqeeda fidisa ama hesha awood ay ku soo xero geliso Soomaaliland.Sidoo kale waxa dhiiri galiyey is qabqasiga xukuumada iyo qabaa’ilada qaarkood taas oo ay u fasirteenin in wakhtigan hadda ah Koonfurta aanay dawladi ka dhawyn.



    3. Dareenka shacabka iyo qabaa’ilka (Public Opinion and Tribal Issues)


    Shacabku waxa rumaysan yihiin in xawaarihii ay dawladu ku socotay hakaday, Qarkana loo saran yahay in xaaladu sidii hore looga bartay xukuumadaha Soomaaliyeed ku noqoto.

    Dhaqdhaqaaqa dawlada ee gudaheeda (internal dynamics of the state) oo dadku u arkayaan mid dhutiyeysa oo arrimo aan la garanayn ku mashquulsa.

    Raiisul wasaaraha, oo runitii ah nin wanaagsan , wada shaqayn fiicanina idinka dhaxeyso , ayaa loo arkaa mid aan lahayn karti badan, firfircoonaan, wax cabiraad iyo ikhtiraacid (creativity and imagination) wax bedeli karta.

    Tuhun belaha qaarkood dareemayaan in gees la gelinayo. Dabcan, khasab ma ahan in dareenkaasi dhab yahay iyo in kale, hase ahaatee waxa la yidhi dareen siyaasadeed dhab buu noqdaa ( in politics preception is reality). Waana muhiim in dareenkaa la beeniyo.

    Mucaaradka oo aad u soo dhiiranaya ayadoo xukuumadan hadda uun sanad u dhamaaday , taas oo muujinaysa in ay dhiig urinayaan (they smell the the blood of weak goernment).

    Sida caadada u ahaan jirtay xukuumadihii ku meel gaahdka ahaa ee ka horeyey, waxa jira dareen in ay dawladu iskugu soo ururi doonto Muqdisho.

    Golaha Wasiiradaada oo aan ahayn kuwa culus ( political heavy weights ) oo keligood aan wax soo dhamaysan Karin. Haday noqoto hub la soo iibsado oo aduunyada heshiisyo lala galo , ama dagaal diplomaasiyadeed oo deriska lagu qaado.

    Muqdisho waa caasimadii Soomaaliya, dib u dhiskeeduna waxay calaamad tahay soo noqoshada qaranka Soomaaliyeed. Hase ahaatee, Dawladnimada iyo mruqa dib dhiska soomaaliyeed waa qalad in uu ku eekaado benadir. dad badan oo Soomaaliyeed ayaa si weyn u Saluugsan awoodan Xamar lag ururiyey. haday noqoto askar la qorayo iyo shaqaaleba.

    Waan ku dheeraday ayaan u malaynaya dhaliilaha iyo tuhunka dadka iyo kaygaba. Waxaanse jecelahay in aan soo jeediyo wax yaabaha aan is leeyahay waxay gebi ahaanba u bedelayaan siyaasada dawladaada , jiho cusub oo aan hore loo arag, haday noqoto xaga: Amaanka, dhaqaalaha,Siyaasada, Diplomaasiyada iyo hab dhaqanka dawlada..Waa lagama maarmaan dawladu in ay leedahay agenda siyaasadeed oo gebi ahaanba dahsoon.


    1) Amanka Dalka iyo Dib u Dhiska milatrriga Soomaaliyeed


    Sugida amaanka shacabka Soomaaliyeed waa hawsha ugu muhiimsan ee xukuumada. Inkasta oo Amnisom iyo shisheeye kaliba ka qeyb qaatay wiiqida Al-shabaab, hadana waa in laabta lagu hayaa in aanay cidina amaanmka dalkaaga kuu sugayn. Dhisida ciidamada Soomaaliyeed ma ahan mid hawsheeda ay gasho cid aan Soomaali ahayn ama aan danaynayn dib u soo celinta qaranka Soomaaliyeed. Haba yaraate dalalka IGAD, midkoodna ma haboona in uu ka qayb qaato dib u dhisida ciidanka qaranka.

    Muddo ka badan shan sanadood ayaa la hadal hayaa dhisida ciidamada Soomaaliyeed, weli wax la taaban karona lagama qaban. Maalin walba waxaan maqlaynaa ciidamo laga keenyo Africada. Talaabooyinkan soo socda waa in la qaadaa si loo abuuro ciidan qaran oo dalkan difaaca.

    Dawlada Soomaaliyeed waa in ay isticmaashaa dhamaan Muruqa, Maskaxda, Maalka iyo Xirfadaha dadka Soomaaliyeed ee jooga dalka iyo dibadaba. Taas macnaheedu waxa weeye in ciidanka qaranka laga soo qoraa dhamaan gobolada dalka oo dhan. Ciidan Qaran (National Army), ka soo jeeda dadka Soomaaliyeed oo dhan. Wiilka askariga ahi waa in uu og yahay in uu matalayo dadka Soomaaliyeed ee aanu reer difaacayn, xukuumadna u adeegayn laakiin uu difaacayo amaanka waalidkiisa, eheladiisa, qaraabadiisa, dalkiisa iyo diintiisa. Hadii uu u geeriyoodo isagoo dalkiisa iyo diintiisa difaacayana uu yahay ehlu janno. Waa in ay arrintaas fahansan yihiin.

    Waa in lagu xereeyaa dhamaan xerooyinka dalka ku yaala ee amaanka ah amaba aanay gacanta ku hayn Al-shabaab, waa in la is dhexgeliyaa ciidankaas ka dibna gobolada loo qaybiyaa. Waa in Baarlamaanku ku dhawaaqaa in ciidan qaran deganada ay ka soo jeedaan uu ka yimaado. Dalka Soomaali baa dumisay iyadaana dhisaysa, koox gaarina milaterigeedu ma sugi karo amaankiisa. Sidoo kale arrinta shaqo abuurka dhalinyarada ayuu ciidanku qayb ka yahay. Waa in qofka askariga ah Mushaar ugu yaraan laba boqol $200 00 doollar la siyaa , cuntaduna u dheer tahay. Waxaan ognahay in dalka oo dhan shaqo la’aani ka jirto . waxaan hubaa in loolan ka dhex dhici doono dhalinyarada sidii ay uga mid noqon lahaayeen ciidanka qaranka.


    a) Abuurista Sanduuqa Dhaqaalaha Amaanka (national defence trust fund)


    Lacag la tuugo, amaba deeqaha aduunku bixiyo ciidan qaran laguma dhisi karo. Sida aan kor ku soo sheegnay arrinta ciidan dhisidu waa mid Soomaaliyeed oo u gaara xukuumada iyo shacabka. Dhaqaalahani wuxuu ka iman doonaa dhawr meellood.

    Qurba jooga Soomaliyeed ee aduunka dacaladiisa ku baahsan waa in ay ka qayb qaataan dib usoo noolaynta qaranjka. Maalgashiga shaqsigu waa halkiisa ,laakiin waa in dhaqaale toos ah oo joogta ah laga helaa. Walaalayaal na taageera oo qofkiiba boqol ama kun doolar bixi waxba laguma helayo, sidoo kalena way adag tahay uririnteedu. Waxa auy qurba joogu Xawaaladaha ku soo diraan sanadkii lacag lagu qiyaasay $1.5 ilaa -2 Billion doolars . inagoo la kaashanayna xawilaadaha dalka ka jira ayaa waxaanu saaraynaa cashuur la yidhaahdo dib u dhiska qaranka (National rebuilding levy) oo boqolkiiba saddex doolar (3%) ah. Qof kasta oo lacag soo dira cashuurtaas wuu bixinayaa. Waxba kuma aha qurba jooga intaasi waxay la mid tahay koob cafee ah oo lacabo. Intaas kuma joogaynee, dadkan dalka gudihiisa jooga ee aan shaqa tagayn , laakiin quudanaya lacag aysan shaqaysan oo loo soo diro waa in ay iyaguna ugu yaraan bixiyaan boqolkiiba labo (2%). Waa laga yaabaa in qoysku yidhaahdo xagaana wiilkayga lacag baa looga qday halkana anigaa lacag bixinaya. Mudane madaxweyne ogsoonow qofna ma ogola in uu cashuur bixiyo. Qaran dhiskuna wuu qadhaadh yahay. Restaurant inta aan furtay ayey socon wayday. Ka dib cashuuraad laba sano igu gaadhay ayaan bixin waayey markii dambe Dawlada Canada waxa ay Xayirtay jeegii aan qaadanayey. Ilaa markii dambe aan heshiis gaadhanay in $9000 ee doolar la igu leeyahay in aan bishi sidedeed boqol aan mudo sanad ah ku dhamays tiro. Waa lacagtaa ta dalkani Canada quruxda u yeeshay. Waa doolar la ururiyey oo la qaybiyey.

    Lacagta qurba joogu bixiyo iyo tan gudahaba , xawaaladuhu toos ayey ugu shubayaan Sanduuqa Amaanka. Dadku lacagahan qurbaha uga timaada waxay u haystaan wax aan dhamaanayn, kuwii aanu caruurtooda la soo korinay labaatan sano , hadda kuwii ay dhaleen ayaa na soo wacaya markay qaan gaadheen. Uma malaynayo wiilkayga hadda Jaamacada galaya in uu lacag u diri doono qaraabo balaadhan, ilayn familiga kan uu hadda la joogo ka badan ma fahansana. Hadaba inta jiilkayagan hore ee yimid iyagoo qaangaadha ayaa wax dirayaan waa in laga faa;iidaa., Xawalaaduhuna 10 sano ka dib sidan ma ahaan doonaan. Waxa la yidhi xadaarada dadka dib u dhacay waa mid ku kooban qoyskooda iyo naftooda. Waxa laga yaabaa in uu hooyadii Abu Dubai, toban kun oo doolar dhakhtar ku geeyo, laakiin uusan bixin 10 doolar oo dhakhtarka xaafadiisa ku ag yaala. Waad aragtay ninka Marcedes $ 80,000 ee doolar wata gurigiisa hortiisana godadka iyo qashinku yaalo. Meeshii uu qaranku doolar ka helayo waa in uu xooga saaraa, si fiicana loo xafidaa.

    1 Billion doolar, markaad boqolkiiba shan ka goyso sanadkii waa $50 million oo doolar.

    Dhamaan lacagta ka timaada dekedaha dawladu koontaroosho waa in ay iyaguna toos ugu dhacaan sanduuqa Amaanka. wadanka meel kastood ka tagto waxa dhex socda hay'ado shisheeye oo ku hawlan hawlihii dawladu qaban lahayd haday noqoto caafommad, waxbarasho iyo gargaarka baniaadamnimada ah. waxba yaan lagu faragelin hawshaas wakhtigan. maaadaama ay hawl inaga furteen aynu dhamaan dhakhligeena gudaha u leexino xaga amaanka iyo dhisida ciidamada.

    Gobolka Benaadir , waxaanu og nahay in uu helayo dhaqaale dib u dhis oo hayadaha caalamiga ka yimaada. Sidaa darted waa in uu muddo dhawr sanadood ah u ogolaada in dawlada fedaraalku toos uga qaadataa cashhuraha dekhliga, sida kuwa ka yimaada huteelada magaalada. Maadaama amaanka Muqdisho barwaaqo badan u keenmayo dadka Hoteelada leh waa in ay iyaguna (special tax) oo qolkii la saxeedaba la saarayo bixiyaan. Aduunka oo dhan baa leh. Qolkii –ba waxaanu saaraynaa boqolkiba, 10%. Hadii konton doolar qolka lagu seexdo $5 ayaanu ku leenahay. Mudane Raiisul Wasaare, lacagtan aanu reer galbeedka ka baryeyno waa gambo iyo doolar la xafiday. Dadka Hoteelada lihi waa kuwa faa’iidada ugu badan heli doona hadii uu dalku nabad noqdo, sidoo kale waa in dadku dareeemaa in soo celinta qaranku u baahan tahay in lala yimaado hurid (sacrifices).

    Waa in Dayn Jamuuriyadu Dabiin ka tahay oo la balan qaaday in la bixindoono (Loan Guarantted by Somali State) laga doontaa wadamada manta haysat ( foreign currency reserves) sida China, Baanka aduunka, ama wadamada raba suuqyo cusub in ay helaan, sida India iyo Braaziil. Waxaan ka hadlaynaa ma ahan millions ee waa ugu yaraan dhawr boqol oo malyuun ilaa Bilyan gaadhaan.

    Waa in Jaamacada Carabta loogu hanjabaa in Soomaalia ka baxayso urukooda maadaama aanay wax taageera ah oo buuran laga helin. Si dhaqso ahna ay uga qeyb qaataan Sanduuqa Difaaca Qaranka.

    ii. Sidee loo gaadhsiinaya ciidanka saadka iyo mushaarka,


    Qodobkani dabcan kan dhaqaalaha ayuu hoos imaanaya, hase ahaatee arrimaha saadka ciidanka iyo qaybinta dhaqaaluhu (distribution of wealth) waa arrin u baahan in dadka gobolada jooga iyo ganacsatadu ka qeyb qaadato. Waxaynu og nahay in ganacsatadu ay qayb weyn ka yihiin arrimaha dawlad diidnimada, iyagoo qaarkood u arka in dawladnimadu khatar ku tahay barwaaqadooda. Sidoo kale kuwa kale oo gobolada jooga oo amaan daradu horuumarkii ka horjoogsatay ayaa jira. Amaan darada ka jirta gobolada iyo dhaqdhaqaaqa ganacsi oo liita waxa ay ka dhigeen dadka gobolada kuwo cid walba gadan karto, noloshuna hoosaysao. Sanduuqa dhaqaalaha Amaanku waa in uu qayb weyn ka qaataa kor u soo qaadista nolosha gobolada iyadoo dhagax laba shimbirood lagu dilayo. Waa mar ee ciidankii ayaa lagu dhisayaa , iyo tan labaad oo ah kor u soo qaadista nolosha dadka iyo ganacsatada. Wadamada dhaqaalaha qaybiyey waxaad arkaysaa in dhamaan koontraaktyada (contracts) dawladu bixiso toos shacabka u gaadho, haday tahat direyska ciidanka, hubka ,raashinka iyo qalabka. Waxaa caada ah in dalalka soo koraya dadka madaxda ah ee maamula hantida waa weyn ay ku takri falaan. Waxaan soo jeedinayaa in saadka iyo dhaqalaha ciidanka lagu wareejiyo ganacsatada, sobobtoo ah waxay qayb ka noqonayaan ( stake holders) ajendaha qaranka.Hawsha ugu balaadhan ee qalabaynta, haday tahay qalabayn xafiis, gaadiid, shiidaal, raashin iyo adeega inta meel laga qaado meel kale la gaynayo (logistical movements) , iyadoo ay carqalad ay ku noqonayaan waxyaabaha dabiiciga sida wadooyin xun, roobab iyo masaafooyin dhaadheer markaad ku darto argagixiso, colaad iyo dad baahan oo waxba aan reebayn ayaa mushkilada ugu weyn ee la soo darsaysa in ciidanku joogta u helo adeegisa joogtada ah.

    b) Distribution of wealth: Waxa la qaybinayaa dhaqaalaha oo halka uu kaga eekaan lahaa wasaarada difaaca ama muqdisho waxuu tagayaa gobolada. Tusaale, ciidanka lagu ururiyey gobolka Hiiraan ee labada kun ee wiil ah, waxa raashinkiisa , jiifkiisa, shidalkooda, gaadiidkooda iyo daryeelkooda dhamaan koontaraad lagu siinaya dadka Ganacsata ah oo reer Hiiraan ah. Waa laga yaabaa in ay wax aan badnayn isdaba mariyaan laakiin, dadna way shaqaalayn, dib u dhiska qarankana qayb ayay ka noqonayaa. Hadii loo arko in ay weliba bixin karaan mushaarka ciidanka toos ha u sii bixiyaan. Arrimahaas oo dhan waa kuwa sharci ah oo baarlamaanka iyo dawlafdu ogtahay. Hiiraan, Mudug, Shabeelaha dhexe, Gedo, Bay iyo Bari dhamaantood waa in ay ganacsatadoodu ka qayb qaataanm. Sidoo kale dhamaan hawlahan waa in toos looga maamula xafiiska Raiisul wasaaraha iyo wasaarada difaaca. Waa in dadka loo sheegaa in uu bilawday kcaan cusub oo buluugle ah oo Amaanka qaranka lagu soo celinayo. Waa in reer miyigu ciidanka qaranka xoolaha u qalaan. waa in dhaqaale cusub oo dhamaantii amaanka lu salaysan oo raad toos ah ku yeelanaya dadka iyo degaanada ciidamadu joogaan la sameeyaa.

    Waxaanu og nahayy, in dadka gudaha jooga bishii waxaanu u diraanaa boqol ama laba, waxaana quuta in ka badan sided qof. Waa in dhaqaalahan milateriga ee gobalda iyo Benaadir gaadhaya uu dhaqaajiya baayac mushtarka iyo nolosdsha dadka. Markaad bishiiba lacag iyo raashin gaadhaya shan ilaa lix malyuun oo doolar ay iskaga gooshto dalka, kuwaas oo iskugu jira: mushaar , qalab iyo raashiin, dabcan raad ayey ku yeelanaysaa isku socodka gobolada iyo ganacsiga. Ganacsatadu baabuur ayey u baahanayaan ay raashinka ku qaadaan, gaas ayey ku shubanayaan, dekeda ayaa mashquulaysa si ay uga jawaabto baahidan cusub. Hadaan sidaa la yeelin lacagtaasi waxay u gacan gelli dhawr qof ama madaxda dawlada ah ama Saraakiisha maamusha saadka ciidanka. Wax cusub ma ahan waa arrin caada ka ah meelaha maamulada Soomalida laga sameeyey. Dad ayaa liis aan jirin qorta lacagtana qaata. Ama horjoogayaal ha noqdaan ama wasiira ha noqdaan. Puntland bay ka dhacday oo Soomaaliland ayey ka jrta. Dhamaan aduunyadu, wax yaalaha ku saabsan cashuuraha iyo bixinta mushaaraadka iyo gaadhsiinta adeegyada dhaqaalaha boqolkiiba 10% ilaa 15% waxay ku baxdaa dadka maamulaya ee adeegaa gaadhsiinaya iyo kuwa ururinaya.. Si aan loo lunsan. nin Baarlamaanka

    Hawsha ugu muhiimsan ee qaranku waa in ay noqotaa in qofka askariga ee dadku ku seexanayo mushaarkiisa helaa inta kan madaxtooyada iyo wasiirada waardiyeeya inta uusan helin mushaarkiisa.

    c) Xidhiidhka gobolada iyo Amaanka qaranka.


    Si loo helo is afgarad iyo wada tashi cusub oo dhexmara xukuumada iyo gobolada dhinaca amaanka waa lagama maarmaan in Maareeye (new manager) cusub la helaa oo argati cusub wata. Xukuumaduna waxay shacabka , gaar ahaan kuwa gobolada jooga u muujinaysaa in ay wado mashruuc cusub oo talaabo looga qaadayo dhamaan arrimaha amaanka oo ka duwan tii hore.

    Sidoo kalev waa in ciidanka fulinaya hawlgaladan ay dadka gobaladu ka dhex muuqdaan una arkaan in amaanka dalku aanu ahayn in dad gaari awood ku helayo ee Soomaali oo dhan dani ugu jirto. Qofka Sarkaalka ah mushaar xalaal ah iyo karaama soomaaliyeed haddii uu helo, wuu ilaashan dalkana wuu u adeegi. Dib u fiiri todobaatanadii iyo bilawgii sideetankii markaad Iskool dhamayso ee aad imtixaank shaqada hesh, waad u han weynayd in aad shaqadaada qabsato oo danta guud u adeegto. Qofka askariga ah marka loo dirayo meel khatar ah si uu danta guud u fuliyo waa in marka hore dantiisa gaarka ah oo mushhar wanaagsan iyo karaam qaran la iskugu daro waajibkiisa wuu qabsan waana lala xisaabtami. Inta lagu gudo jiro xiliga kala guurka ee la habaynayo ciidanka qaranka, waa in loo dabacsanaada gobolada iyo maamulada qabaa’ilka. ilayn qaarkood shisheeye ayey dhabarka ku hayaane. Ugaas nuur oo ka talin jiray Awdal qarnigii labaatanaad bilawgiisii ayaa wuxuu yidhi:


    Allahayow nin ii Daran Maxaan Deefta Hore seexshay

    Ma deg Degee Xaajada Maxaan Ugu Dulqaad Yeeshay

    Qalbigu Nimaanu Doonayn M axaan Hadalka Deeqsiiyey

    Isagoo digniin Qabin Maxaan Kaga Dayaan Siiyeey




    Hawsha ugu muhiimsan ee Wasaarada Arrimaha Dibadu waxay iskugu biyo shubanaysaa laba arrimood.

    ⦁ Cunaqabataynta hubka in laga qaado dawlada Soomaaliyeed.

    Arrintani waa lagama maarmaan si qaranka Soomaaliyeed uu isagu difaaco cadawga gudaha ee dawladnimada hortaagan iyo kan dibeda ee ku naaxaya kala qaybsanaanta iyo taagdarada Jamuutiyada. Wasiirka arrimaha dibedu waa in uu qaadaa hujuun diplomaasiyadeed (diplomatic offensive) oo u uku soo jiidanayo dunida danaynaysa dawlad Soomaaliyeed oo xor ah oo madax banana. Siyaasada wadamada deriska eek u saabsan arrimaha Soomaalia in uu dhagaysta amaba uu isku mashquuliya ma ahan. Waa in hawshan laga soo dhameeyaa dunida dhaqaalaha ku bixinaysa in Soomaaliya ay sii joogaan ciidama shisheeye oo difaaca. Waa in la cadeeya in cidda keliya ee Al-shabaab iyo cadaw kasta difaaci kartaa ay tahay dib u dhiska ciidanka qaranka iyo cunaqabataynta boo la qaado. Waa in wadamada saaxiibka nala ah aanu ololaha gelina iyo hadii loo baahdo saxaafada oo dhan. Ma qabo wasiirka arrimaha dibeda ee hadda joogta Marwo Foosiyo X. Aadan in ay hawshan fulin karto. Waa in la helaa qof nin ah oo adag, karti iyo geesinimo isku darsaday. Waana la heli karaa. Sidoo kale waa in mudafan sanadka ah ee cunaqabataynta la hubka qaar la qaaday looga faa’iidaystaa in toos Jamuuriyadu hub uga soo gadato dunida meel kasta oo hub laga heli karo. Wasaarada difaacu ama shirkado heshiis ha la gasho ama iayadu toos ha raasato waa in ay bilawdaaa ololaha hub keenista oo dhaqso ah. Si arrintani u fusho waa lagama maarmaan in mucaaradka Soomaaliyeed laga dhaadhiciyo , lana ogolaysiiyo in cunaqabataynta hubka oo Soomaaliya laga qaado ay tahay arrin qaranka Soomaaliyeed guudahaan dani ugu jirto, oo aanay ahayn cid gaaraa ka faa’iidaysanayso. Baryahanba waxaa qaar ka mid ah qurba jooga Soomaalida gaar ahaan siyaasiyiinta Daaroodka qaar ka mid ah ka soo yeedhaysa in aan lagu degdegin in cunaqabataynta hubka dalka laga qaado.


    ⦁ ) In ciidanka shisheeya , gaar ahaan kuwa safka hore, laga saaro Soomaaliya.

    In marka ciidanka Soomaaliyeed awoodiisu soo muuqato , islamarkaana la rajaynayo in cunaqabataynta go’aankeedu dhawaado, waa in la bilaaba olole ka dhan ah ciidamada shisheeye ee dalka jooga. Wadamada ay ciidamada shisheeye ka joogaani badanaa ma kuwa degaan, oo xaaldadooda amaan iyo tan dhaqaaleba waa liidata. Waxa aynu og nahay in ciidanka Amnisom la hayn Command midaysan islamarkaana kala ujeedo duwan yahay. Ethiopia gaar ayey tahay oo command keedu wuu ka madax banana yahay tan Unisom, Kenya marka horeba kuma soo gelin “mandate” ka Unisom. Ugaandha waa quwada ugu weyn, iyadna waxay matasha wadamada golaha amaanka ku jira ee bixiya dhaqaalaha ciidankeeda. . Waa in aynu marka hore bartilmaameedsanaaa dalalka derisk. sidii ay ku bixi llahaayeena aynu xooga saarno.



    Waa dal aynu deris wanaagsan nahay, oo la odhan karo wuxuu danaynayaa midnimada iyo diu u soo celinta qaranka Soomaaliyeed. Waxay wax ka soo dhiseen dawladihii ku meel gaarka ahaa . Haddaba tan iyo mudadii ay dunsanayd dawlada Soomaaliyeed gaar ahaan laga soo bilaabo sanadkii 2000 , Dawlada Djibouti raad intee leeg ayey ku yeelatay dawladaha Soomaaliyeed.

    Waxaan odhan karnaa Dawlada Djibouti faa’iidooyin badan ayey ku qabtaa xaalada manta joogta, gaar ahaan tan la dagaalnka argagixisada caalamiga. Miisaaniyada dawlada Djibouri ma dhaafi jirin $ 300 malyuun oo doolar intii ka horaysay dagaalkan caalamiga ah. Maanta Djibouti waxa jooga ciidamo ka yimid Maraykanka, Japan, Germany iyo Spain. Mid lkasta waxa uu bixiya kirada saldhigyada. Xisaabaatka la xaqiijiyey waxay sheegayaan in sanadkii lacag dhan $135 million oo doolar in ay ka soo gasho saldhigyadan (Military base leasing Fund) .Ayadoo ay u dheer tahay qoyska Madaxweyuhu in ay maamulaan dhamaan arrimaha Logistika ee soo maraya dekada iyo adeega saldhigyada. Inkasta oo dadka reer Djibouti biyo la’aan iyo koronto qaaliya oo aysan goyn Karin ku nool yihiin , hadana dadka tirade yare e hawlahan maamulaayi way barwaaqaysteen. 2011 miisaaniyada Djibouti waxay gaadhay $ 485 million oo doolar. Ogsoonow waa hal magaalo oo dadkeedu 700,000 qof ka badnayn. Ciidamadan Djibouti danyarta ayey wax u dhisi lahaayeen, hawlao badana Djibouti ayey ka qaban lahaayeen maadaama nabad ku jiraan. Dawlada Djibouti sida kuwa Ugaandh , waxa toos sanduuqa ugu dhaca askarigiiba $1200 oo doolar. Mushaarka askariga Djibouti waa 50,000 franka Dji.oo u dhiganta $300 doolar. Mudaharaadyo badan oo ay abuureen shaqa la’aanta iyo sicir bararka oo Djibouti ka dhigay jasiirada ugu qaalisan aduunka ayaa mudaba ka socda Djibouti. Dawladu maadaama aanay shaqo abuuri Karin waxay bilawday in ay qabaailka ku kacsan askar iyo police baanu qoraynaa tidhhahdo. Ugu yaraan ilaa dhawr boqol oo qof ayey hadda qortay. Waxa laga yaabaa in ilaa 2000 oo askari gaadhsiiso ciidamda ka jooga Soomalia. Anigu nimaan ahay u diidi mayo , ilayn Sawaaxiliga iyo Ugaandhba way qaadataaye. Haddan si kale u dhigo waa meel loo soo shaqo tagayo. Si kale hadaan u dhign, lacag gaadhaysa $160,000,000 million oo doolar ayaa Sanadkii Djibouti ka soo gasho mashruucan Soomaalida duntay. Sanadkii 2012 ayuu Madaxweyne Geelle shirkii London ka sheegay in ay dalbadeen ciidamo gaaraya ilaa 30,000 00 askari la keeno. ma arkaysid meel looga hadlayo dhisid ciidan Soomaaliyeed.


    Ethiopia. Wadankan ujeedadiisa waynu wada ognahay.kuna dheeraaan mayo, Waxa keliya oon leeyahay, waxay ku guulaysteen in ay dagaalkii kala dhexeeyey Soomaaliya, 1977 markuu dhamaaday in ay qaadaan talaabooyin Istraatijiya oo ay dgagaalka iyo colaada dib ugu soo celiyaan gudaha Soomaaliya. Way ku guulaysteen iyaaga oo aan dagaal soo qaadin arrintana loo bedelo dagaal Soomaali dhexdeeda yaala . Siyaasadoodo dhanina halkaas ayey salka ku haysaa in reer guuraagan kala qabiilka ah dhuunta iskula jiraan. Waa arrin aad u fudud oo laga adkaan karo hadii si fiican loo abaaro. Sidoo kale waa aqal muraayado ka samaysan oo hadii lala jaan qaado ku qasban in ay ogolaadaan in nabad lagu wada waaro. Ethiopida maanta joogta dan weyn baa ugu jirta in xukuumada soomaaliyeed noqota mid ay xidhiidh fiican la leedahay. Awoodii qoomiyada Tigreegu sidii hore ma ahan xukunkiina waxuu gacata ugu jiraa Raiisul wasare ka soo jeeda dadka laga tirada badan yahay. Ilaa laga gaadhayo 2015 kana doorasho ma dhacayso. Qoomiyada Ahxmaaradu waa mucaarad xoogle oo aad u gilgilaysa Tigreega iyo xulafadiisa, xukunkana in ay ku soo laabtaan ayey rabaan. Hase ahaatee lagama yeelayo. Siyaasada gudaha ee Ehiopia, waxay Soomaalida Zone 5 ka degan , Tigreega, iyo Oromada ka dhigaysaa gaasjhaanbuur. Ha qariibsan hadii lagu yidhaahdo waxa dhici karta in mustaqbalka Tigreegu ka go’o Ethiopia hadii ay awooda siyaasada Axmaaradu hesho. Geba gabadii Ethiobiaanka dan ayaa ugu jirta Soomaali heshiis la ah. Hadii ay wax ka bedeli waayaan oo ay ku noqdaan siyaasadii la soo hubaynayey Soomaalida, waa in aynu inaguna la nimaadna mid aynu kaga hortagayno. Waxaas oo dhami weli hadana kama dhigayaan in Ethibia wax ka bedelayso ssiyasadoodi arrimaha Soomaalia. Soomaalidu waxay tidhaahdaa nin ku arkaya looma sare joogsado.

    Madaxweynihii hore ee maraykanka Eisenhowe waxa uu yidhi, “ peace can only be achieved through strenth”. Waxba ma soo kordhinayso in aad miiska la fadhiisato qof kaa awood badan, islamarkaana leh dano siyaasadeed oo khatar ku ah jiritaankaaga. Waxaan ka digayaa in heshiisyo aan cidna fulin karin oo ujeedo gaaban leh in aan marnaba lala gelin wadamada deriska ah. Wakhtigii dawladii carta ee C/qaasim ayaa dawlada Ethiopia waxay heshiis la boobsiiyey la gashay Cabdalla Deerow Allah ha u naxariistee iyo Ismaaciil Buubaa oo ahaa wasiirkii Arrimaha dibeda ee Soomaalia. Waxa ay markiiba dib u furtay safaaradii soomaalida oo toban sano xidhnayd, waxayna markiiba balan qaaday is afgarad cusub oo dhexmara labada dal. Madaxweyne C/qaasin ayaa arrintii soo galay waana la soo dhaweeyey. Lakiin hal nshuruud ayey dalbadeen oo ahyd in Raiisu Wasaaraha Soomaalia oo Cali Kh. Galaydh ahaa laga takhaluso maadaama sumcadii Ethiopia uu qaramada midoobay iyo golaha amaankaba ku ceebeeyey.

    Hawshii waa la galay islamarkiibana xil ka xayuubintii Galaydh ayaa Baarlamaanka laga bilaabay. Isagoo maqan ayaa laga xayuubiyey xilkii, ka dibna waxa la Raiisul Wasaare loo magacaabay Hassan Abshir Faarah. Islamarkiiba Addis ayuu ka degay si uu kalsooni uga soo helo Meles. Kulankoodi, markiiba Hassan Abshir wuxuu ku balan qaaday in dawlada aanay soo gelin dad wadaado iyo Islaamiyiin ahi in aysan ka mid noqon, isla markaana uu diyaar u yahay in uu wax kasta oo ay dalbadaan ka jawaabo. Meles inta uu dhagaystay ayuu ku yidhi maxaad C/laahi yuusuf Raiisul uga dhigi weydeen?. Ina Abshir oo yaaban ayaa yidhi dawlada Soomaaliyeed yaa taas garatay , mida kale anigan kula hadlaya Puntland baan ka imid, shacabkuna raali ka yahay. Cabaar markii uu Hassan hadlay ee la iska dhagaystay ayuu su’aashhi u dambaysay ku yidhi “mudane Raiisul Wasaar jawaabtaadu waa maxay?. Intuu dib u fadhiistay ayuu yidhi ’ jawaabtayda dhawaan ayaad heli”. Markii uu Hassan ka soo degay MUqdhisho waxa uu maqlay in ciidankii Ethiopia Gaalkacayo soo galeen. Dawlada Suudaan ayuu Madaeweyne C/qaasim ka dalbaday in la dhex galo. Markii Khaartuum lagu kulmay ee l a yidhi sawtaanu heshiis galnay, ninkii hogaaminayey waftiga Ethiopia Mr. Masfin waxa uu yidhi ’ This government is a dead horse”, waxa uuna dalbaday in shir cusub la qabto oo mucaaradka dawlada lagu soo daro. Sidiibaana loo tagay Embagaati. Ma haboona in qaranka karaamada laga qaado oo maalin walba la faraxumeeyo. Waxaaanu aragnay Madaxweyne Shariif oo markii la doortay Addia ka degay oo wasiirkii arimaha dibeda Masfin qol la galay oo wax u yeedhinayo. Dalal Soomaaliya ka liita ayaa dadka madaxda ka noqdaa ay markiiba isu dayaan in ay bal ugu yaraan Karaamada qaranka in kor loo qaado xooga saaraan.



    Kenya. Dawladani siyaasad aan qarsoonayn oo aysan ciyaari Karin ayey faraha kula jirtaa, maadaama ay tahay dal dhinac walba ka jilicisan. Waxa bilaabay siyaasadan Arab Moi, waxaana kalkii ka sii qaaday madaxweyne Kibaaki. Waxay rabtaa in ay koobiyeyso siyaasadii Ethiopia ee ahayd in Dagaalka iyada iyo Soomaalia ka dhexeeyey ay ka soo qaado xaga dalkeeda oo ay u soo rarto gudaha islamarkaana dagaalku noqdo mid Soomaali gudaheeda ka dhex socda. Sida wadanka Pakistan oo si uu uga babaado Superpower ka India , Kashmir ku mashquulisay si aanay xageeda u soo gaadhin, Kenya waxa ay rabtaa (Bafar zone) oo u dhaxeeya iyada iyo Soomaalia. Isla markaana is fidiso inta Soomaalidu liidato. Waxay gacanta ku haysaa mashaariic dhaqaale oon marnaba ka suurta galyn degaanka NFD ee Soomaalidu degto ilaa ay hesho Bafar Zone ku mushquulkiya Jamuuriyada iyo qabaa’ilka degaanka. Siyaasada arrimaha dibeda ee Soomaalia waa in ay hujuudiplomaasiyadeed ku qaada Kenya.

    Waa in la isu diyaariya ku dhawaaqista in ciidamada safka hore ka baxaan Sommalia, Yaan la kala reebin Djibouti, Ethiopia iyo Kenya saddexdaba.

    Dalkani waa meesha manta laga seedareeyo arrimaha Africada bari. Waa in halkoodii lagu celiyaa, islamarkaani qorshe dhaqaalahooda lagu wiiqayo iyo mid lagu faragelinayo siyaasadooda gudaha la gala. Kenya cidda wadda siyaasadn isbalaadhintu waa nimanka Kikuyada ah , oo ay ka soo jeedaan Joomo Kenyata iyo kuwa xulafada la ah ee laga tirade badan yahay ee Kalenjiga oo uu ka soo jeedo Daniel Arab Moi. Haddana waa lamaanha xukunka haya ee Uhuru iyo william routu . Waa in aynu lacag gelinaa eedaymaha maxakamda caalamiga kaga socda madaxweynaha Keenya iyo ku xigeenkiisa. Waa in aynu xooga saarna sidii Raila Odinga iyo garabkiisu xukunka u iman lahaayeen. Hadaad baadho waxaad ogaanaysa arintan feragrelinta Soomaaliya waa mid ka timid ragas.Sidoo kale waa in aynu horjoogsanaa Batroolka laga qodayo NFD. Iyagu waxay sheegayaan in ay badda Soomaliya wax ka qodaane, waxaynu hor joogsanyanaa tan gudaha, gaar ahaan dhulka Soomaalidu degen tahay xuduudooda. Yaanay qariib kugu noqon qorshahan ah in koox Soomaaliyeed oo laga seedaraynayo Kenya-- oo aan ahayn kuwan Jubada shanqadha ka wada, oo iyagu ah dad lagu guurayo—in ay ku dhiiradaan sidii xukunka ay u boobi lahaayeen iyadoo aan weli la gaadhin wakhtigii doorashada. Gaashaanbuurtan (the coalition) waa la wadaa, hadana waxa lagu guda jiraa in faragelinta Kenya intan ka sii weynaato.

    Soomaalida wiiqantay waxay"super power" ka dhigtay Ethiopia oo dal wax badan aan dheerayn Soomaaliya 25 sano ka hor. Waxaan laga yaabaa in Kenya ay aad isku soo fidiso oo ay Muqdisho yimaadaan, si ay awood aanay mudnayn u hesho. wax ka weyni ma jiro in karaamada qaranka la wiiqo, oo dadka Soomaaliyeed wadamada derisku ka dhigaan kuwa liita oo aan is xukumi karin isla markaana ciidan shisheeye kor fadhiyo.

    Waa in hujuunka siyaasadeed ee deriska uu bilaabaa wasiirka arrimaha dibedu, sidoo kale Wasiirka difaacu waa in uu ku celceliyaa dhisida ciidan qaran, aduunyadana ka dhaadhiciyaain Soomaaliya , Soomaalidu amaankeeda sugi karto.

    Ugaandha, Burundi iyo Siraliyoon.

    Kuwan iayagu way ka dambaynayaan wadamada safka hore. waa in aan wajiga hore la isku mashqulin iyaga inta ciidan qaran oo awood leh laga dhisanayo. Waa in xooga la saaro in saldhigyadoodu noqdaan gobolada gaar ahaan meelaha Shabaabku awooda ku leeyahay sida Bay iyo bakool, Shabeelaha hoose iyo Sool iyo Sanaag. Waa in ay baneeyaan dhamaan meelaha muhiimka ah ee Caasimada, sida dekadaha Airporada iyo saldhigyada miliatriga Soomaaliyeed.






    3- Dawlad goboleedyada: Puntland, Somaliland iyo Jubaland.


    Soomaalidu waxay tidhaahdaa : nimkii tiisaba daryeela ayaa tu kale ku dara. Anigu waxaan qabaa wakhtigan xaadirka dawlad goboleedyada, waa in la isku dayaa in xidhiidh fiican lala yeesho. Dabcan qaar ayaa gebi ahaanba dadka hor boodaya u abuureen in ay tartan siyaasadeed (political challenge) kula galaan dawlada Federaalka ah. Taas vwaxa ka duwan shacabka dhulkaa degen ama qabaa’ilka taageeraya dawlad goboleedka. Shacabku dareen ayaa ku jira ay rabaan in ay wax qabsadaan, ama ay la jaan qaadaan gobolada qabaa’ilka la midka ahi samaystay sida Soomaaliland iyo Puntland. Waxay arkayaan Galmudug oo ka yar hal oo awood siyaasadeed miiska wada hadalka ku fadhida. Sidaa darteed, wakhtigan kala guurka ma haboona in la fogeeyo ama la horjoogsado maamuladan oo ay keentay xaaladaha dalka ka jiraa. Hadii Muqdisho degi waydo, islamarkaana afar sano oo kasta dawlad aan taag lahayn Muqdisho la keeno, waxayna aysan ka qaban amaanka iyo soo celinta jamuuriyada, dabcan waxa imaanaysa dawlad goboleedyo badan oo qaba siyaasado ka duwan tan dawlada Soomaaliyeed.

    Jubbaland: Maamulka lagaga dhawaaqay Jubaland waa mid ku meel gaadh ah. Iskadaa in uu saddex gobol maamule’e weli mawada jooga Jubada Hoose. Wax qarsoon ma ahan in ay dawlada Kenya lug ku leedahay abuuristiisa, qalabyntiisa, dhaqaalihiisa iyo amaankiisaba. Soo gelida Kenya ee dalka, iyo Abuurista milishiyada waxa horaysay abuurista ciidanka Azania. Waana sida ay dalalka aduunka oo dhani sameeyaan. Military rules dictate “an occupaying foreign army must have a proxy militia from the local people in order to survive in a hostile invirnment”. Dawlada Kenya talaabada ay qaaday waa mid laga filayo wadankasta oo raba in uu haysto ama maamulo dal uusan lahayn. Dadka soomaaliyeed ee horboodaya Jubaland waxba kama qaban karaan arrintan. Ma haboona in gees la geliyo ama colaad military iyo mid siyaasadeed laga horgeeyo. Hadii Gaandhi ama raga kale ee madaxda ahi isu dayaan in ay kenya ka horyimaadaan , maaalin cad ayaa laga takhlusayaa. Waxa ay ila tahay in aysan haboonayn in arrin aanad waxba ka qaban karin aad ku lumiso kalsoonida qabaailo soomaaliyeed oo qaranka Soomaaliyeed u baahan yahay. Waa in beesha Ogaadeen Gaar ahaan Gaandhi la soo dhaweeya. Anigu garan maayo sida loogu kala badan yahay gobolka Jubada, waxaanse ogsoonahay in ay Absame, Biyo maal, Hawiye, Jareer weyne, Bahjuun, Mareexaan, Raxanweyn iyo Hatriba degan yahay. Cida ugu badan iyo mida mudan in ay kataliso, wakhtigan xaadirka ah xukuumadu ma xalin karoto waxna kama qaban karto. Goolka weyn ee xukuumadu waa in uu ahaadaa in laga shaqeeyo in Dalkan laga saaro shisheeyaha , Soomaaliduna hadhow heshiiso. Waxa la heli karaa dad beesha ogaadeen ka tirsan oo diidan in Kenya sii joogta Soomaaliya, waa in kuwasas loo diyaariyaa in ay qayb weyn ka qaataan arrimaha jubooyinka marka Kenya ka baxdo. . C/raxmaan Faroole wuu wadayaa siyaasada ku aadan Jubooyinka ee lagu kala fogaynayo xukuumada iyo beelaha Daarood. Waxa dhici karta marka uu beeshiisu hesho jagada Raiisul wasarah in buuqu yaraado. Waxa la yidhi nin Naagtaada doonaya gabadh baan ku siiyey kaama yeelo. Waa in laka saaraa rabitaanka qabaa’ilka iyo qofka xukunka raba . midna ogsoonow xaq buu u leeyahay in uu cadaadis siyaasadeed (political pressure) ku saaro inta uu kaa tuurayo booska. Ogsoonow beesha Ogaadeen waxay dhaqan ahaan ahaayeen kuwa mar walba u heelan qaran soomaaliyeed oo la helo, hadana qaaday talaabooyin ay danahooda gaarka ah ku dhisanayaan markii maamulada soomaaliyeed ee somaliland iyo Puntland lagu dulmiyey.

    Waa in siyaasad cusub oo ku saabsan Jubooyinka lala yimaada.

    Puntland: gobolkani awood siyaasadeed oo balaadhan ayuu ka gaadhay xaga: diplomaasiyada deriska, tan mandiqadan geeska Africa iyo Soomaalia guud ahaan. Dabcan xidhiidhka soke ee ay la leeyihiin dawlada Ethiopia ayaa u fududeeyey in ay miiska meel culus ka fadhiistaan, hase yeeshe lama dafiri karo in ay si fiican u ciyaareen siyaasada iyo hirdanka ka dhex jira Soomaalida gudaheeda. Hadaan codkooda la maqlina waxay noqon lahayd in Moqdisho iyo dawladaha ku meel gaaddhka ahi noqdaan kuwa ay ku tagri falaan beelaha Hawiye ee Xamar awoodeeda ku kaliyeystay. Bal adiguba is weydii oo hadaanay Puntland caban ama aanay tartan siyaasadeed la gelin dawlada ku meel gaadhka ah waxa dhici lahayd in waxuba noqdaan wax Xamar ku kooban oo aan u ekeyn dawlad Soomaaliyeed. Midda kale maadaama ay arkayaan Soomaaliland oo leh Soomaali waan ka go’nay islamarkaana loo carab laa laadinayo, oo haday dhaqaalaha hay’adaha caalamigu bixiyaan iyo mansab diplomaasiyeed la siinayo xaq bay u leeyihiin in ay in muruqooda diplomaasiyadeed balaadhiyaan. Sidoo kale dhib badani haka jiro laakiin waxay ku guulaysteen in ay Al-shabaab dagaal weyn la galaan dhulkoodana ka sifeeyaan. Waa nidaam ka mid ah Jamuuriyada Federaalka islamarkaana raba in uu hirdan adag ka galo awooda siyaasadeed ee wadanka. Siyaasiyiina Puntland badankoodu dan kama galayaan horumarka gobolka ee waxay u arkaan Puntland salaan ay ku soo fuulaan loolanka sare ee Soomaaliya. Taasi waxay keenaysaa in shacabka Puntland iyo madaxdooda lakala saaro oo dadka shacabka ay dawladu u tagto. Bal Boosaaso eeg boqolaal kun oo qof ayaa jooga , waa nabad, haddana ma jiro wax xidhiidh ah oo dawladu la samaysay. Waxa jooga ganacsato wax ka qaban karta baahida dhinaca Logistikada ee ciidamo qaran oo lagu xereeyo gobolada Puntland. Hirdanka la isu hayo siyaasadu ma ahan in uu horjoogsado, in shacabka reer Puntland kalsooni fiican loo muujiyo. Waa run in Caasimada la dhisaa, laakiin taas macnaheedu ma’ahan in dhamaan mashruucyada dhaqaaluhu ku koobnaadaan Muqdisho. Madaxda reer Puntland xaq ayey u leeyihiin in ay kor u dhawaaqaan si ay u helaan qaybtii ku aadanayd degaankooda.

    Arrinta mhiimka ahi waxa weeye in shacabka iyo Siyaasiyiinta Puntland la kala saaro, oo shacabka loo mkuujiyaa in ay qayb muhiima ka yihiin dib u soo noolaymta qaranlka. Madaxda puntland waxa ay u isticmaalayaan kursiga ay ku fadhiyaan mid awood siyaasadeed lagu doonanayo. waan wada ogsoon nahay in aanay Iskuul iyo dhakhtar midna dhisan mudadii ay joogeen meesha. Sidoo kale waa in ciidanka puntland la qarameeyo oo lagu soo daro ciidanka qaranka.


    Arimahan gaar ahaan kuwa lagu dhisayo miliariga , waxaan qabaa in ay wax ka bedelayaan arrimaha mustaqbalka.












  8. Fair enough. Judging by some of your threads, Certainly you are a bright young man. I am one of those middle aged men who are both nostalgic and desperate for that great Somali State Again.


    Not being from the south does not disqualify you to be the President, but I understand That by judging the latest events, it is becoming " qori Isu dhiib" from the south.


    Somalilanders are one of the biggest pillars and puzzles of Somali nation in terms of culture and history. Without them, we will be deprived the uniqueness of the Somali culture. We are in transition (kala guur) at this stage of our nation.I do not agree On the issue of Hargeisa destabilizing the south. Godane might be The leader of the extremists, but it is the people of the south who are Harboring Shabaab and other anarchist ideologies. I do believe the issue of Somaliland is not the most pressing among the obstacles that are preventing the re-birth of Somalia.



  9. I had a thread in my mind called " Biciidkaan Dili Doono" but since you presented this question I will postpone my ideas. Tallaabo ,Waad Asiibtay. We have enough Dictators among SOl residents, I am one of them. Dictatorku ciduu noqonayo waa suaal meesha taala.


    Dr Kennedy, you have some valid points on the elders and the revolutionary guards, but your ideas have failed before you even started the question. First you proposed Somaliland to be fragmented on clan lines and then break down Somalia ( dalka in aad kala dirto). I read your extensive debate with Xaaji Xaanjuf this week. Xaaji is a tough opponent who also knows history and culture. It seems he convinced you that a total separation is the only future. By giving up that easily you weakness is apparent.


    Also you are expecting others to build your army and navy. you did not provide any meaningful ways to raise any revenue within the country. Every Somali want free money to build the country, that is why these Presidents are in the airplane as soon as they proclaimed President.


    As I said. I do not want to share my ideas at this moment because I could be one of those Dictators Tallaabo mentioned.

  10. It is a good stuff as a sermon. At the same time, the time to play victim and blame your problems to others have passed. I have lived enough in America to see real causes of African American problems, and I have witnessed the latest Somali youth gangs.


    large number of Black American men do not raise families. They may get marry but they do not stay married. Single mothers are raising children by themselves. It is all about neglect. While the universal status of the black people may reflects the attitude of the people you are dealin with, it is not an excuse to give up or blame others for your short coming.


    Today in America , the black people have every advantage to succeed. The question is are they willing to work hard including the patience and sacrifices for the family unit.


  11. GOONI, thanks for the advice. Dr. Osman, the Mogadishu issue must be addressed. In the real world, Governments function from save sanctuary, then expand to the places occupied by the insurgents. Since Abdi Qasim we have a government setting up shop in a hostile place, while more peaceful cities are available.


    I think, this is the last opportunity for Hag to stabilize the city or Somalis must move it to some where else. They have all the monopoly of power and resources. Xadhig isku dhiibkani waa in uu dhamaadaa. For the last election four out six candidates who won the largest votes were from Mogadishu and surrounding area. Shariif Ahmed, Hassan Sheekh, Abdiqadir Cosoble and Abdirahman Baadiyow.


    The only reason these four came up on top is by using the resource of the capital. They can move freely while others are constrained. I do not think it is possible to hold another election within Amnisom and Al-shabaab. Cadale , Saaxiib for the good and future of Somalia please give chance to someone else.

  12. Nothing is funny here. If the Digil community in shbeele, the Watermaal and others agree with them, how can a small Hag community can deny this. Which village you want to carve . We discussed this bore, but it is difficult to carve some districst from Mogadishu and join them Lower an middle Shabeele. Taasi weeye taa soconayn. You have to make decision, Either vit will be the Capital of Somalia or A Hag province.


    All Dir politicians and Suldans are in Baidoa. the yhave agreed. Both the Hag and Sahal community must forget these so called two Hag and Two Sahal federal states.


    Saaiib la idinka yeeli mayoin aad magic dawladeed iyo mid Kenyaati a ax ku booaan.

  13. they think government means having big buildings called Wasaarado. Do you remember six floor buildings in Mogadishu resided by Wasaaradaha. They can not open any hospital because they did not build one single. Ministry of public works means physically building roads, not having 200 employees with minister and directors doing nothing other than fight over the aid money.


    very day they open big buildings for useless ministries. The company I work have a sales of $ 20 million dollars a year and the staff of managers, sales reps, account managers and all of the

    employees of up to 100 use one floor divided by cubicles.


    If you ask these incompetent Kulmiye, how much did you spent in health care, roads, and schools? it could probably less than 10% of the whole budget.

  14. Mooge, I never denied the presence of Puntlanders in Juba, especially the city of Kismaayo, but you can not have more participation than the Dir, D%m and others. I remember Ina C/rashiid was one of the five super delegates. Where are the Olol diinle community, Camel Lovers and others. Also those who live there can only be legitimate participants. I have seen people who never lived or have any historical ties leave from Canada and join the process as a delegate, just they happen to be Sahal.

    by the way the Raascaambooni Militia is not a puntlader.

  15. Some ten years ago A Somali scholar was discussing the population and the demography of southern Somalia. I do not remember who conducted the census, but they concluded that the people who live between The lower Shabeelle , Jubbas and the inter river area of the south have more people than all other Somalis combined. when I asked him how did they come up with this conclusion? he said there are 400 villages between them. go figure.


    If you look Lower Shabeele, they have more densely populated districts than any one . Afgooye, Marka, Qoryooley, Baraawe, Janaale, Sablaale, Wanlaweyn, Buulo mareerto are all major disticts.

    Between Afgooye and Marko you have smaller villages lke # 50, shalambood and manymore.


    when the real elections come in force the future will belong to the good Somalis.

  16. Certainly we all want peace and prosperity for all including the South West Region. Somalis only hear and know those who are loud. Even in Benadir, there are more people from Dir and D&m than some of the Hag communities from Indhacae clan. In Gedo , other than Garbahrey district, there are large number of people from D*m and the Bearded Community in Celwaaq, Baardheere and others.


    I never objected any community running Jubada Hoose, including the Long Foot , but you must be accepted by the other Somalis who live in the region. The Rascaambooni militia never ruled juba since the collapse of the Somali State. If you never ruled in the nineties, after 2000 or the last twenty years, what made you legitimate in 2013? of course Kenya.


    In Iraq, all concerned communities agreed that no army from Saudi Arabia, Iran or Syria should be allowed to stabilize, because of all of these neighbors have ulterior motives. But, in Somalia, there are rules or historical sensitivity to respect nor there is any honor to protect.


    Now, we hear the IGAD envoy to Somalia Mr. Mohamed Afey opposes the south West government. This is the guy who orchestrated and the designed both the formation of the Raascaamooni tribal militia and the invasion and occupation of Kismaayo by Kenya. Well Ahmed Madoobe may have friends in higher places, but the South west have the support of the majority of Somalis.


    Finally Dr. Osman , you are from Boosaaso and you had more delegates in the Juba conference than the indigenous communities from the land. Other than been member of the Sahal what connection is beteen Afmadow and Boosaaso. I hear some of you talk about some Hag elders challenging the inclusion of Lowe Shabeelle. well they are probably less than 10% of the population. They are Somalis and they can join if they wish.



  17. You are right, the IC are designing the formation of these states. They will face some diddiculty in the short term, but , the Somali government does not have the power to stop. Remember , the government accepted JUbba after certain pressure was applied by Kenya and Igad.


    My suggestion is manage the Bay & bakool region intermediately and move to Jubada dhexe, then negotiate The Gedo partners to make it viable.

  18. Just like Puntland this conference and the election was organized by Somalis for Somalis. The Juba Conference was organized and supervised by the Kenyan army. Without them Madoobe could not have been a leader. He was elected by 99% of the delegates.


    Madoobe Nuunow has the support of the Bay, Bakool, Shabaalaha Hoose, Jubada Dhexe, Some of Gedo and small part of Jubada Hoose. If he gains the support of at least five Provinces, it might work. It is not the Amnisom who decides Somali Federal States, it is the people.


    If having the backing of foreign militarizes can give you legitimacy, how about having the support of the Somali people. The inter river people have suffered more than any one else. In the early nineties more than three hundred thousands of them have died because of man made hunger. Unlike many corrupt Somalis who live off on the back of the state , these people live on the land and work hard.


    They did not have passports to fly to Europe or foreign land. They were the people the state suppose to protect. Very few people from Boosaaso, Borama, Banadir , Hargeisa or kismaayo died for hunger by thousands. That is one of many more reasons that we should not allow, illegal armed militia to rule over these people, let alone one backed by foreign army.


    Hassan Qoslaaye can not decide which one must be recognized. By the way the people of Puntland held their conference fifteen years ago and proclaimed Mudug, Nugaal, Bari, Sool, Sanaag and Cayn.

    They did not ask whether Gaalkacayo should be divided or not. They did not inquire whether Sool, Sanaag and Buuhoodle which was under different administration was possible to join the new federal state. well, after fifteen years, most of these provinces are outside Puntland administration. I hope President Nuunow will work hard to bring Jubbada hoose in due time.