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  1. There is no need for Somalis or Muslims to apologize for Al-Shabaab's fitna
  2. Ahmad ibn Ibrahim Al-Ghazi (Gurey) RA Osman Yusuf Kenadiid Sayyid Muhammad Abdullah Hassan Abdulle Osman Daar Muhammed Haji Ibrahim Egal
  3. Coofle;974001 wrote: Kumbuskiyo Ardaagii miyaa laygu kali yeelay ~Raage ugaas.. Thread-kan iyo qaraamidii miyaa lagugu kaliyeeyay. When it comes to Qaraami kaban songs, nothing beats Tubeec's symphonies or Qalinle's qalam jalam Song #1 ....Listen to this... Beautiful song
  4. Al-Zain Mohammad Ahmad. Taraweeh at Grand Mosque in Khartoum, Sudan." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  5. I actually like Macawis and it is close to our traditional Labo go'le more so than the Khamiis. I also like the Khamiis, and i believe there should be a variation clothes to wear.
  6. Hargeisa would be less of a shanty looking, well Infrastructure and organised if the city was controlled by National government.
  7. Post your favorite qaraami songs. Even if they are non-Somali :cool: Ila baashaala akhyaareey
  8. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk Astaghfurullah ul cathiim
  9. That's nothing compared to me hearing Somali teens bragging about Asap Rocky being Somali LMAO
  10. I would like if Somalis adopted dances like this in the cultures, ii fahama nooh " frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
  11. Xaaji Xunjuf;953556 wrote: Somaliland ethnicity afro hashimite origin and their country is called ardSomaal, or the republic of Somaliland. Nationality Somalilandish Ethnicity Somalilandish /Afro Hashmitian Language Somalilandish.
  12. Safferz;952009 wrote: The minority languages should be recognized as well -- Chimwiini, Kibajuni, Mushunguli, along with the Somali languages (Northern, Benaadir, Maay). I'm confused wallahi; i thought that Af Maay was a brother language of Af Somali. I hear people saying it's a Somali dialect, ii fasir nooh. There is no need of recognizing or in la kala saaro Waqooyi iyo Banaadiri, ku daa uun Standard Somali. You know better than me about these other Swahili minority languages, laakin aren't these languages dying?
  13. Mario B;951963 wrote: I said our 'government', yes me and you can communicate in Somali but I want my government to be to deal with a large diaspora and expatriate from the Arab and English speaking world with ease. it makes business sense. Could be a good buisness language or reaching out to more like Somalia has always been doing. but it still should'nt be an official language though... official languages of Somalia: Somali and Af-Maay
  14. Xaaji Xunjuf;951405 wrote: Wadani many Somalis speak Arabic its taught in schools in quranic schools in universities, Arabic is even understood by all Somalis. but only 3 quarters are fluently in Arabic.Thats why Arabic is introduced also as the language of Somalia. Lol why are you so zealous over anything Arabic. We all know that the average Somali can't speak Arabic markaas aad ka hadli 3/4 fluent. Arabic for Somali people is wax la barto maaha wax la yaqaan.