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  1. You hold on to power by creating imagined enemies and paranoia amongst people, right? This whole scenario of "somaliya" attacking SL is just another deperate attempt to consolidate power and to hide the massive unemployment and failture of Muuse Biixi. Those people in SL are starting to wake up and see the 30 years of "ictiraaf" has been failure. So what a better way to unify a people by mass hysteria of a reality that doesnt exist. Nin waashay tolkiisa ayaa miir u qaba. Lets call the whole "Somalia" attacked Somaliland" issue for what it is: A hallucination of a man that wants to return to his nostalgia.
  2. Somalia hires US lobbyists to help get more aid 195Shares Share Tweet Email Wednesday August 22, 2018 The government of Somalia is paying a US lobbying firm Sh40 million ($400,000) through the end of this year to help it gain renewed funding for the country's army and to lift the Trump administration's ban on Somalis' travel to the US. The agreement with the Sonoran Policy Group (SPG) was signed earlier this month by Somalia's United Nations Ambassador Abukar Osman and by Christian Bourge, executive director of the lobbying firm based in the state of Arizona. SPG, which previously lobbied in Washington on behalf of the Kenyan government, includes principals who have held posts in the Trump administration. In a disclosure form recently filed with the US Justice Department, SPG says it is "delighted to have the opportunity to leverage our disruptive global diplomacy, marketing, branding and communications as well as public affairs subject matter expertise on behalf of the Federal Government of Somalia." Ads By Google Specifically, the firm commits to arrange talks with White House officials and lawmakers aimed at ending a partial US suspension of funding for the Somali National Army. Concerns over rampant corruption within the Somali government and military led the US last year to freeze food and fuel aid to most of the country's armed forces. Somalia's contract with SPG also calls for the lobbyists to help "reverse the inclusion of Somalia in the travel-ban countries." The US Supreme Court upheld in June the Trump administration's ban on visits to the US by nationals of five Muslim-majority countries, including Somalia, as well as by citizens of North Korea and Venezuela. SPG will also facilitate a future visit to the US by Somalia President Mohamed Abdullahi Mohamed, the agreement stipulates. The contract, which provides for payments to SPG of Sh 10 million ($100,000) per month for four months, entails other general work by the lobbying group to enhance Somalia's image in the US. "In conjunction with our digital studio," SPG informs the Somali government, "our team will expand your brand reach and enhance the public perception of your country while helping you tell the positive story about Somalia and your status as an important regional player." The parties indicate in the lobbying disclosure form that they intend to continue their arrangement beyond December in accordance with financial terms yet to be specified. As part of this long-term representation, SPG says it will strive to influence the World Bank and International Monetary Fund to reduce Somalia's debt load and "determine potential for debt forgiveness."
  3. Waa shay mar hore loo baahnay Sida minin kaar ku dhisan ha dumo . Beenti iyoo xoogi&afduubki Meneliq ka tagay. wakhti ley ahayd in ey dunto.
  4. I was trying to give some rationality to his anger. ask yourselves how many somalis are aware of how "somalis" were used as a merceneries and sent to the deep heartland of oromo lands by the TPLF? Divide and conquer has allways been used by the tplf and sadly the kid is not aware of that.
  5. Tallabo, Sadly the TPLF used somali mercenaries and sent them to the heartland of oromo heartlands to put down their uprising. Hopefully this will move on and they will understand that Somalis are the best ally they can have once they see that Abey Ahmed is an amharisied oromo rather then a true oromo.
  6. Well said MMA. Maakhiri: According to the ONLF, the reason for having the divisive letter (O)-NLF is for them not to be seen as irrdentist. A guy I had a discussion with who by the way is active in ONLF organisation explained the issue to me from his perspective. His arguements were that it would be harder to be seen as a legitamate anti-colonial movement with the "Soomali-galbeed" label it was therefore important to have the colonial name for that region.. What the poor fellow and their leadership dont understand is that every succsesfull liberation struggle had the full backing of the people they they intended to liberate. You dont liberate a pieace of land within the academical schools politics. You do it with military muscles and after after tha you seek international legitamacy.. With hard facts on the table (aka your military strength and controll) you will sway the public into your side. By the name,is it you who write your own history or is it the former colonial masters? What intention did the white man have when they named that region after clanname? Weaken the Somalis? Probably.! Then million dollar question that ONLF-leadership didnt ask themseleves is ofcours if they really belive they can explain the whole irredentism -complex to non OG- somali clans? Do they really belive ordinary somalis who have gone through balaayo iyo qaxar becouse of clan will trust other nomadic somalis armed to teeth with a tribal sounding name?. Xikmada waa shay muhiim. Gaalki Meles knew the weakness of Somalis and used the clan-card in that region. By creating intra-og rivalry with Cabdi Iley and his stooges he weakended the support they had from the clan and made other somalis passive. A good example for Somalis should be Eritrea. The EPLF erased or minimized the religious, ethnic diffirences that existed Eritrea. Would the muslims of Eritrea supported in some way the EPLF if it had chosen "Eritrean Tigrayan People liberation front". Labels are not important, but when your people are compromised of nomads, and your national conciousness is low, the name means everything. Been yaa lisku sheegin. Magac qabiil aan dhul soomaliyeed oo dadka oo dhan dagan ayaan magac qabiil ku xoreynaa waa xikmadla'aan.
  7. What makes you belive that? What are the things that have happened that has been against their intrest? I was also a bit cautios at the beginning but after reading a english script of Abey's speach in Minnepolis I am now convinced that what we are seeing is simply the effects of an orchestrated machievalli planned plan to prevent civil war. (Amhara-Amharisied Oromos Alliance VS Tplf. Abey Ahmed is simply what Galbeedi potrayed him to be. Oromo la amxaareeyay. As for Somalis, even if a change occured. The guard at the jail-cell might have been replaced but the reality is that it's still a prison. The appointment of a former ally to Cabdi Ileey prooves that the status que have not changed. They have simply found a better horse ride once the old one has become useless. Let's see if the internal dissent against Abey Ahmed amongst the Tigra'ans and the more extreme Oromo's grows into a fully fledgeed collapse of the state. Ninkaani meesha waa la keenay as a desperate last attempt by the ruling coalition to keep the oromo revolt under controll. Thats a fact we all could agree upon. What we differ is how big the tigrayan dissent towards him is. Demoting a few generals and making cosmetic changes does not really change the power dynamics by group that had the power by the barrel of the gun. ,
  8. As if they werent in controll before the installment of a new singing boy,
  9. He still doesnt see that once he transfers the the power, Abey will arrest him and make him an escape goat for the ills that the TPLF caused. It is not without a concidence that Cabdi Ileey was the only named senior Ethiopian official in semi-official US report that fully explained the gross human rights abuses commited by the TPLF regime. This report was released prior the events we saw in Jigjiga. They did not name a single tigrayan henchman but named and shamed Cabdi iley. Once the report was released gaalka madow , Caabey started to sing about the terror commited by the so called "former regime" he himself was part off as a murky intelligence officer. Tan, maanta iga qora: Ninkaani inta ey isticmaalen, ayna ku qasbeen in uu xukunka wareejiyo ayey berri maxkamad soo saarayaan. In a true stalinist fashion, Caabey will white wash his hands by taking Cabdi Ileey to the hang man. As a true treasonous weasel he chose to undo the little gain the Somalis had. He could have given political leverage to those that still want to free themselves from the yoke of foregin controll by igniting the voice of dissent and calling for the implementation of article 39 according to the Ethiopian constitution. Even though his calling for that would have not led to dramatic results it would have given a great morale and political boost to other seperatist groups in Ethiopa. The TPLF, the Afars and some elements within the Oromo muslims would have seen that call for peace and a peacefull seccsesion as some thing they could also threaten Abiey Ahmeds hidden agenda. But calool-wayne Cabdi Iley chose to leave by taking smiling photograph with a unknown hand-picked succsessor. Little does he remember that 6 months ago he was also taking smiling pictures of Caabey Axmed during his trip to Jigjiga thinking that just as he smiled and cried at Melez funeral he wold be safe. Little does he know that he will be taken to the gallows. Mark my words on this guys. Watch the video below: The report that in a shamefull way named Cabdi Ileey (only him) and not mentioning the senior officials within the EPRDF.
  10. Holac. It might be narrow mindedness but what do you expect? He disarmed his people and was the chief henchman of a region that human rights watch in ther report from 2009 said was a closed concentration camp. No aid, no foregin journalists, nothing was allowed in. Ever asked yourself where Lugbuur is, and all of Cabdi Iley predecessors? They were deposed and sent to jail. When those poor oromos were marching and demonstrating the TPLF used somali forces and sent them to the homelands of Oromiya. He did not even understand that with the fall of the TPLF that his own life and power was under threat. He could have organised a grand somali meeting and prepared the somalis for the upcoming changes. He instead chose to ride a motorcade with gaalka madow Abey Ahmed during a visit he made to Jigjiga. He probably thought that buissnes would continue as usall, little did he know that his fate was allready on the wall. You will probably in the next few days see another stooge on the scene.
  11. WHEN HEROES AMONGST US RISE LIKE A PHOENIX August 2, 2018 By Faisal Roble On July 30, 2018, Ethiopia’s populist Prime Minister, Dr. Abiy Ahmed, was welcomed to the city of Minneapolis with a highly publicized and well-orchestrated three-city visit that included Los Angles and Washington DC. The crowd at the Target Center located in the heart of downtown estimated to hover around 8,000 attendees. The gathering was nothing but a joyous expression of Oromo triumphalism. Hussein, a young Somali man at PM Abiy Ahmed’s reception in Minneapolis, protesting against the kiling of ethnic Somalis by Oromos . A small number of Somalis attended the gathering. Also, an insignificant but recognizable Somalis whose families are killed by Oromo vigilantes called “Qeero,” and local police force from the Oromia region demonstrated in the corridors of the Convention Center. Of the extraordinarily large crowd, a young Somali man, whose name remained unknown to me until now, stood out like a phoenix rising out of ashes and gallantly defied the norm. He literally challenged the entire crowd and the dignatory at the podium. Hussein, that is his name, made a small but significant history that will remain with us for a long time? Add some mythology to the mix, and Hussein’s portrait shown below will be a powerful historical icon. Unfortunately, ONLF cadres ashamedly stood by and clapped hands not for the hero amongst them but for the rhetorical words of the triumphant Prime Minister; they did so even without comprehending a word of his hour-long speech. It was a form of hail to the chief! Most of the Somalis in the crowd, especially ONLF cadres, spoke or understood neither Amharic nor Afan-Oromo, the two languages that served as the medium of communication. Which prompts one to ask: why would ONLF cadres attend a gathering if they can’t understand what was said? There is only one answer: Somalis hate to be left out when new power shows up in the political scene, and such behavior is historically more prevalent with Somalis under Ethiopian rule. Most Somalis at the gathering missed the gist of the sermon and the sweet-to-ears words of PM Abiy; yet they never ceased to smile. They simply followed the flock, clapped their hands in unison with the rest, and took pictures. In other words, this was a perfect scene for what Somalis label “igu sawir,” or “let me take a pic together.” It is when you just take pics with someone to be seen with someone you think to be important. It is a delusional self-importance. ONLF cadres and other Somalis danced in a celebratory mood. Some even expressed their joy through the famous Dhanto. There, for a moment they resembled their nemesis, President of the Somali region known to entertain Ethiopian authority with a lot of fan and enjoyable Dhanto. The dignitaries at the podium did not miss the happiness expressed by their Somali subjects. But the Somalis appeared confused and out of place. At times ONLF cadres inadvertently cheered for a history that was contrary to their historical interpretations of their own struggle for freedom. King Tewedros, Emperors Menilek, and Haile Selassie were honored and praised; and the Somalis still clapped with joy. Yet, the ONLF cadres intently remained oblivious to the lone Somali. Most of their attention was purposely focused towards the podium where Dr. Abiy, Lemma Megarsa and their flock agitator, Jawer Mohamed, were seated. How often does Somalis, especially in the last three decades, stand up to a hostile crowd and a sea of joyous supporters of an ETHIOPIAN PRIME MINISTER and gallantly wave a board carrying a simple but a powerful message? Not often. But that is what Hussein did and that very image left an ever-lasting impression on millions of Somalis? With bold and all capital letters, the board that defiant Hussein carried read: “STOP KILLING SOMALIS,” followed with a similar message in Amharic. He had hoisted it as high as he could. The now-famous portrait of the young man and his fearless defiant position may not be as vivid as the 1976 Soweto images, nor is it equal in pain to the Soweto youth who hoisted the flag of ANC. However, the messages and actions of defiant youth share one cardinal value: the propensity to defy powerful rulers and stand up for what they believe, while they remain oblivious to consequences. In Hussein’s view, the threat to his community was represented by the trio Oromo representatives: PM Abiy, Lemma Magersa and the ultra-Oromo nationalist, Jawer Mohamed. It was now or never for him. Unlike ONLF cadres who sung for the trio, this young man’s board read: “STOP KILLING SOMALIS.” He spoke for thousands of Somalis and their surviving families who have been killed in Moyale, Negale, Balbalyti Babile, Tuleguuleed, and Maeso. In the 1940s, thirteen young Somali men with the nomenclature of the Somali Youth League (SYL) took the colonial powers in all Somali territories by surprise. In less than twenty years (1960), Somalia was free. Oromos have seen their own share of heroic young men and women. In 1963, the unexpected announcement of the Mecha and Tulama Association, a social welfare organization to tackle the dismemberment and debasement of Oromos, shocked Ethiopia; this was the first indigenous and grass-root leadership Oromos have produced. Today’s Oromo youth who goes by the nickname of “Qeero” are different; they kill, mutilate and rape, and are not yesteryears Mecha and Tulama Association. Equally important was when Wallelegn Mekonen, a left-leaning young man, announced in front of high ranking Ethiopian clergymen and crown representatives the existence of an oppressed Somali nation within the unholy Ethiopian empire; with the declaration, Emperor Haile Selassie, or his subsequent rulers of Ethiopia, never had a quiet night since then. The defiance of, let us call him Hussein Somali, in Minneapolis, has certainly sent shockwaves – which Somali youth all over are taking kudos to defy oppression and subjugation. Millions of Somalis welcomed his message, opened their hearts, and unconditionally agreed with his position to tell the popular Prime Minister “STOP KILLING SOMALIS.” Prime Minister Abiy and his team conveniently ignored this message both here in Minneapolis and elsewhere. When a Somali Harari young man asked PM Abiy in Los Angeles why he cannot tackle the massacre of Somalis, Harari, Guji by his base or Oromos, he got agitated and ignored the question. As if that was not enough, in three consecutive speeches in three different cities, Prime Minister Abiy celebrated the diversity of nationalities in Ethiopia; only one problem: he never failed to ignore one of the most disenfranchised group – Somalis. His posthumous and patronizing band-aid words in a gibberish Somali written in the Giez alphabet does not quite cut it. Rather, Somalis need a big boy to stop the bloodshed. In a twist of events, though, the message of Hussein Somali somehow equally offended the cadres of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF). When I posted this powerful and historic image on my Facebook wall, ONLF cadres tried to belittle the person; they attacked and accused him of being an agent of DDS and it’s strong but waning and weakened ruler, Abdi Muhumed Omar. ONLF cadres, most of them young and misinformed and more so about Ethiopia’s complex history, trashed the young hero; they muddied the message expressed on the board with many other unrelated peripheral conversation. On my part, I found solace in the portrait of this Hussein Somali and right away posted it on my Facebook page, while calling for ONLF to apologize to the Somali people for hoisting its flag to salute the trio who are in the midst of a campaign to kill as many Somalis and grab as many Somali territories as possible. A defiant stance taken by a proud and daring young Somali man who stood up to his killers and oppressors is just what we need at this time. No one can explain why this heroic message offended ONLF cadres whose charter purports to stand for the welfare of all Somalis. Faisal Roble — Faisal Roble, a writer, political analyst and a former Editor-in-Chief of WardheerNews, is mainly interested in the Horn of Africa region. He is currently the Principal Planner for the City of Los Angeles in charge of Master Planning, Economic Development and Project Implementation Division.
  12. Another Somali stooge/traitor bites the dust. Just as Yunis said, what happended to Abdi iley is not a isolate incident. Every hench-man that xabashida used were either deposed and put in prison by the xabashida or simply forced into exile once they had served their agenda. The only thing that made Cabdi Iley diffirent was his sole dedication to pleasing the TPLF-masters. He massacred his own people. The deep cracks in in the Ethiopian society that Caabey Axmed tried to hide is now coming into full effect. The Amhara and the Oromo might think that this violence is occuring in a a far away region that has no relevance. But it takes only a singe shot to unleash what everyone knows will happen and that has been happening since Eritrea broke away in 1991. The blue-prints for an africanised yoguslavia were created by the TPLF. The only thing that is needed now is a well united Somali front saying what is on everyones mind and what will spur other ethnic group's to have the bravery and seek their own destiny. Cabeey Axmed, the amharicised oromo that praises Menelik, the amhara enslaver of oromos will soon or later clash with other dedicated Oromos. He will fail.
  13. Geed deg deg lagu karo si deg deg ayaa laga soo dagtaa. I warned against this foregin trip and said Somalia would have nothing to gain but something to lose. This trip done after caabey-oromo's visit re-affirm how weak Somali leaders are. Holac, see the press-release from the Somali side and the Eritrean and you will be amazed and shocked to see how amatuerish and naive the somali one is. While the Eritrean one speaks of no obligation from their side the somali side is full of concessions. Qalbi-dhagax, and now this. Seem things are done in a erratic ways. Galbeedi, Oday Geele might be a despot but he is one that stood behind the somali people. Carta conferance, re-ignited the endless TFG:s that led us to FGS. He was also the one that rescused the ALS-ICU from the cruel gaalka Cafwerki. What did he gain from this trip? Nada, what did he lose? An ally? And all it took make this erratic decision was to be given a field-trip to some waterfalls in Asmara. He could have simply made a press-release hoping for peace between Djabouti and Asmara and gone home.
  14. Samafal-beele you sound intelligent but repeating the ABC of old white gaalo' men's handbook of capitalism doesnt change the reality on the ground . As I have said before, There is nothing wrong with infrastructure but have you actually made some observations on the ground? Airports, docks and by the way, why dont you add add some japanese bullet speed-trains for your tolka it while your at it. It sounds good does it not? but the matter of fact is that malnourished people need basic requirments as food, security and shelter. Once these requirments are met together with education then you could talk about access to clean water. By the way read above what Miskiin Macruuf wrote. Who will benefit? The few calool waynayaasha that are robbing the somali state by importing toxic ( not a parable by the way, some somali warlords literally imported toxic waste for money) and exporting dhuxul? You remind me of a trip to Mogadishu I made 1,5 year ago. I spent three nights in a impressive hotell. But once you dare to put a step outside the the gated hotell you would see yourself walking around scenes from apocyaptic madmax/the walking dead world. Plastic bags as a shelter. No general education. I am not trying to be pessimistic over here but thats the reality. The civil war have had catastrophic effects on Somalia (even though the nation is slowly rising again). So whats next Samfal beside building the biggest Dubai-looking airports amongst those poor nomads. War maad ka hadashid sidee ey abaar-la'aan ummada u joogi karaan? By the way, do not contradict your ABC-handbook, western neo-liberal capitalism requires integration and borderless states, free movement of goods and people not your isolate bickering clan states!
  15. Trade and economic development begins when the value of the human capital (stock of knowledge, habits, social and personality attributes, including creativity,) are raised in the society. Who will work at your big ports? malnourished people'? Who will land at the big airports? UN- aid airplanes? Lets have food security and effective general education and lets then talk about big airports and docks. Xaqiiqda wey xanuun badantahay laakin marwalbo waxaa fiican in aad xaalada dhabta ah ka hadashid. Fuundiga xamaaliga ah maanta aqoon darro ayaa haysato. They even hire foregin professional fuundiyaal from Kenya to do basic technical issues at a "hotell". Samafal, sxb, no one is against having more infrastracture in Somalia, but I will give you a tip. Go and visit the countrey and you will be shocked when you see the current state of our nation.
  16. Ever heard of a thing called cost effectiveness when planning for public instututions? It's easy to say that a small desertified countey that according to UN-reports has massive malnourishment to have two ports and two of everything. What's more difficult is actually to find the resources.
  17. Che, hala Yaabin,., Afwerki sent two low-level intelligence officers to Somalia during the last year of Xassan Sh Maxamuuds reign and made an offer to normalise relations with Somalia and recognise TFG. Somalia woild then inform the UN that Eritrea had ceased to support al-shabaaab. The sanctions against Eritrea would then be easier to lift. It is of no intrest for us to meet this bloody dictator when he is actually ockupying parts Djabouuti and threatning soomalida jabuuti. By having this meeting he has a lot to gain while somalis will betray another soomalida jaboouti.
  18. Yemen's rebels attack Abu Dhabi airport using a drone UAE official denies attack but Abu Dhabi airport tweeted earlier there was an incident involving a supply vehicle. 2 hours ago MORE ON UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Saudi-led air raids target Yemen's Hodeidahtoday Yemen 'on brink of new cholera epidemic', charity warnsyesterday Will the UAE comply with the UN top court's ruling?3 days ago The mayhem in Yemen and the crisis of meaning in the Arab World3 days ago Yemen's Houthi rebels say they attacked Abu Dhabi's international airport in the United Arab Emirates with a drone. According to the Houthi-run Al-Masirah television channel, the Sammad-3 drone launched three attacks on the airport on Thursday. It was not immediately clear if there was any damage or casualties. Abu Dhabi airport tweeted earlier in the day there had been an incident involving a supply vehicle that had not affected operations. It was unclear if it was related to the reported drone attack. An identified UAE official told Reuters news agency the attack did not occur. 'No paper tiger' A Houthi military source said the armed drone flew 1,500km before it reached Abu Dhabi's airport. General Abdullah al-Jafri, a spokesman for the Houthis, said the drone attack showed the movement was capable of launching attacks against vital civilian infrastructure of the Saudi-Emirati-led military coalition battling the rebels in Yemen. WATCH Battle for Yemen's Hodeidah: 'Shells raining down on us' (1:26) "Our attack on Abu Dhabi airport shows our forces are no paper tiger like our enemies claim," Jafri told Al-Masirah TV on the phone. "They mocked us before, but let me make it clear that the next stage will be targeting the infrastructure of our enemies in Saudi and the UAE." The UAE official denied the airport attack. "Operations at the airport are business as usual," the unnamed official was quoted as saying. Despite the denial, people on social media noted many flights at the airport had been delayed. Houthi spokesman Mohammed Abdul-Salam told Al Jazeera Arabic by phone the UAE denial was "baseless". "It is a lie. They cannot deny the new reality on the ground," said Abdul-Salam. "We don't understand the hype when it comes to our attacks. We are in a state of war. We are being attacked every day. Our people are being slaughtered every single day. Our cities, our airports are being targeted by the Saudi-UAE coalition. So, why are they are surprised by us attacking their positions?" Tankers targeted The purported drone attack came a day after the rebels targeted two Saudi oil tankers in the Red Sea, prompting Riyadh to temporarily suspend the transport of oil supplies through the Bab al-Mandeb Strait. The Houthis control much of northern Yemen and have said Abu Dhabi, a member of the Western-backed coalition fighting against them since 2015, was a target for their missiles. The UAE has an advanced anti-missile interception system - the Theater High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) - which is designed to destroy short and intermediate-range missiles. Andreas Krieg, assistant professor at the Defence Studies department, Kings College London, expressed scepticism over the supposed attack. "This is quite surprising if not shocking news," Krieg told Al Jazeera. "I haven't seen any images yet, but you need to imagine that they must have flown 1,350km from Sanaa or somewhere else in Yemen all the way to Abu Dhabi. "It would be shocking if it turned out to be true, considering that the UAE has such good defensive capabilities. I mean it's very hard for me at this point to imagine this is actually possible." Krieg said some Houthi drones had been developed locally with the help of Iran or other external supporters. Iran and the Houthis have denied any such cooperation. "The issue here is that the Houthis have made a lot of claims that they have new unmanned air vehicles in place, but we've never seen it and we've never seen it in use," he said. WATCH: Yemen 'on brink of new cholera epidemic', charity warns (2:00) Humanitarian disaster The United Nations has called the war in Yemen the world's worst humanitarian disaster. At least 10,000 people have been killed and thousands of others wounded in the conflict in Yemen, one of the world's most impoverished nations. More than 20 million Yemenis need aid, millions are on the brink of famine, and hundreds of thousands have been infected with diseases, mostly cholera.
  19. Your quite true that the federal government of Somalia is a weak government, squeezed in between al-qaeda terrorists and conflicting politicians that what to keep the privelages that they gained during the vicious civil war in the 90-ties. Soomaliland was actually a beacon of hope for somali intellectuals and still is. It wasnt easy being a somali intellectual during the early 90-ties when countrey turned into a mad-max countrey with death and starvation. You needed to see clear evidence that somalis could actually create somekind of a peacefull civil adminstration in order to have hope again and Somaliland provided that. I would say that the whole notion of a federal Soomaliya got their inspiration from Soomaliland. It is not by a chance that years later your north-eastern neighbors created a similliar clan-based adminstration and even started using the word land"when they formulated a new name for the countrey. We Somalis have a this habit. If you see one somali opening a kastuumo/niikis you will see the whole street ockupied by somalis selling kastuumos/niikis. I think that your well aware of the enermous steps of stability koonfurta has undertaken. The first election of a Soomali president were held in Somalia and despite the huge obstacles , Pres. Xassan Sheekh succeeded in laying the framework a federal region based Soomalia. This was a crucial step in south as this was needed to calm the fragmented diverse south. The next big step that showed showed the return of the Somali government and what I would say is a milestone in post-1991 Somali political history is the peacefull transfer of a presidedency in Mogadishu by person in the H-block to person to the D-block. The third evidence is the solid international recognition. It has been 30 years since some not all somalis in hargeysaa (SSC, Boorama) demanded for seperatism. That project failed, if it would have been succsesfull then we would have seen Somaliland as a fully recognised nation. Instead of that as of in 2018 the FGS has firmly and succsesfully demanded that your region/nation/countrey (I dont care about semantics, if you wish it be called countrey so be it) to be treated in a equal way just as other somali regions are treated. What I am asking you is , if the boat sailed, where is it going? 30 years is a long time and the region is changing. It should be no suprise to you that the youth of Somaliland are seeking greener pastures in other greener pastures of Somalia becouse of the dire economical situation. The same could be said about the youth in the koonfurta. Even the late respected Pres cigaal (AUN) a somali nationalist said in a recorded speach that he ready for talks with other somalis once the south has cooled down. Sadly he passed away a few months after that famous interview was conducted. Politics changes, what sounded as popular slogan during the 1990-ties might sound alien or simply not relevant for a younger generation. Forget about Somalia/Somaliland, young somalis are now interconnected to each other through the social meda then never before. In short, southerners and the vast majority do share my views based upon my re-search, they are not intrested in enforcing afweyne type of central government and do not view the brotherhood of soomaliweyn connected to any kind of military adventurism. That hysteria and irrational phobia has been mainly coming from northerners and I think it has to do with the political agenda of fostering unity between northerners by screaming about an imagined threat posed by orchs of Somali koonfurians. It is not a coincidence that during Ramadaan the old man in Hargesaa had to call bunch of guul-wade journalsts and basically sell them the imagined tale of Barre 's incarnated corps like dhagdheer was doing a large scale invasion of small dusty town named Tukuraq. While everyone in the briefing room and those who followed it understood this was a simple tribal skirmish. The old man had to use scare tactics by stating "dagaal aan ku jirna". If I recall it correctly only one critical jorunalist had the the guts to spill it out and and call the whole incident for what it was. A simple tribal skirmish. By the way, regarding the borders, I do not have a problem with them but it's tragic when I see a somali using the colonial lines drawn line drawn by a few white gaalo men in a beer filled room in Berlin. Whats more tragic to see is that to see a Somali using these map-lines as a form a xirsi, seeking barako from it. Yaab! Ar niman cadaan ah oo cayilsan warkhad xun ey khariirad ku qoreen waxba kuma tareyso ee iska tuur yaakhay.
  20. Xaaji, Sorry to burst the bubble, Even though Cigaal was a brilliant politician what made him succsessfull in that field of politics was that his northern enclave had stability to certain degree. While the south had a vicious civil war, the north was slowly getting out of it. International observers wanted "a somali leader" that resembled an institution that they could speak too. As for today, the recognition of FGS and its increasing influence makes it harder for you or anyone else in Somalia to go back to those days. Compromising a nations unity is a big "no no" within international diplomatic circles or between foregin ministries of the world.
  21. Galbeedi might be far fletched but he has historical truths on his side. Why should Somalis fight against oromos when both people are cushitic and a large part of the oromos are islamic?. This might be a chance for all opressed people in that land to gain some historical justice from years of abyssinian xabashi opression. Lets look beyond a few few skirmishes and see things with some insight. By the way waxaa yaab badan how somalis never engage in self-criticism. What has made these oromos angry? Might it have been the TPLF using somali merceneries aka Liyuu police to massacre them when they were on the streets demonstrating? Why have not the Oromos engaged in skirmishes with Amhara region? I am not taking a defeatist stance nor am I being conspiratorial here but yaanan la deg-degin. IF Abey Ahmed is not a gaal is qarinaayo aka amharisied oromo, somalis have powerfull role to play. If he is one balaayo ayaa soo socoto. Regarding the ONLF they do have legitamate demands and is today just as you said the only viable opposition that has machinery to carry out an agenda but their methodology is flawed. Deeply flawed. The scars from fthe 90-ties are still fresh in some people minds. What probably unites people in the Somali region is without a doubt Soomalinimo, and Islaamnimo . What divides them is clan-based political organisation that is actually is trying to convince other deeply suspicious Somalis to accept that clan-based name for the region. Galbeedi, ask yourself the sincere question. Would a simple non-og Somali tnomad take up arms with other OG-somalis in a fight for "ogadeniya". Forget about other non--og somalis, even sub--tribes within the og- nomads would be suspicous of each other. This is the reality on how much division that exists between us somalis. While they, the Oromos are led by an Oromo with a muslim name, conspiring with an assimilated christian Oromo (Legassa guy). By the way, Legassa guy was actually the one who put forth Abey Ahmed as a candidate to the EPRDF central commite. He was the one who demonised the somalis in the media. Soomalida gobolkaas daggan hadey talo rabaan, waxaan dhihilahaay soomalinamada ku noqdo.
  22. Your forgetting that 2 million somalis, from all walks of life and regions live in Mogadishu.
  23. Iran's Rouhani warns Trump about 'mother of all wars' Share Tweet Email Share Sunday July 22, 2018 Iranian President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday cautioned U.S. President Donald Trump about pursuing hostile policies against Tehran, saying “America should know ... war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” but he did not rule out peace between the two countries, either. Iran faces increased U.S. pressure and looming sanctions after Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from a 2015 international deal over Iran’s nuclear program. Addressing a gathering of Iranian diplomats, Rouhani said: “Mr Trump, don’t play with the lion’s tail, this would only lead to regret,” the state new agency IRNA reported. “America should know that peace with Iran is the mother of all peace, and war with Iran is the mother of all wars,” Rouhani said, leaving open the possibility of peace between the two countries which have been at odds since the 1979 Islamic Revolution. “You are not in a position to incite the Iranian nation against Iran’s security and interests,” Rouhani said, in an apparent reference to reported efforts by Washington to destabilize Iran’s Islamic government. In Washington, U.S. officials familiar with the matter told Reuters that the Trump administration has launched an offensive of speeches and online communications meant to foment unrest and help pressure Iran to end its nuclear program and its support of militant groups. Current and former U.S. officials said the campaign paints Iranian leaders in a harsh light, at times using information that is exaggerated or contradicts other official pronouncements, including comments by previous administrations. Rouhani scoffed at Trump’s threat to halt Iranian oil exports and said Iran has a dominant position in the Gulf and the Strait of Hormuz, a major oil shipping waterway. “Anyone who understands the rudiments of politics doesn’t say ‘we will stop Iran’s oil exports’...we have been the guarantor of the regional waterway’s security throughout history,” Rouhani said, cited by the semi-official ISNA news agency. Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Saturday backed Rouhani’s suggestion that Iran may block Gulf oil exports if its own exports are halted. Rouhani’s apparent threat earlier this month to disrupt oil shipments from neighboring countries came in reaction to efforts by Washington to force all countries to stop buying Iranian oil. Iranian officials have in the past threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz in retaliation for any hostile U.S. action. newsinsidSeparately, a top Iranian military commander warned that the Trump government might be preparing to invade Iran. “The enemy’s behavior is unpredictable,” military chief of staff General Mohammad Baqeri said, the semi-official Tasnim news agency reported. “Although the current American government does not seem to speak of a military threat, according to precise information it has been trying to persuade the U.S. military to launch a military invasion (of Iran),” Baqeri said. Iran’s oil exports could fall by as much as two-thirds by the end of the year because of new U.S. sanctions, putting oil markets under huge strain amid supply outages elsewhere. Washington initially planned to totally shut Iran out of global oil markets after Trump abandoned the deal that limited Iran’s nuclear ambitions, demanding all other countries to stop buying its crude by November. But it has somewhat eased its stance since, saying that it may grant sanction waivers to some allies that are particularly reliant on Iranian supplies.