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  1. 11 hours ago, maakhiri1 said:

    Why release Abdi illey? Some plan?

    Usefull idiots or should I say  stooges  from the native colonised population  are very precuous to the whole colonial state of soomali-galbeed.    According to the Franz Fanon Ibrahim theory on colonialism or should I say settler colonialism is that only brutal struggle or a show of power is all thar is needed to liberate a colonial state.  Cabdi Iley, If I am not wrong was colonial master piece that Menelik dreamed of, an assimalated somali that speaks amharuc and that has accepted the colonial view of self hatred of oneself.  The guy became viral for crying at Meles grave and claiming that he was not dead, as if god forbid the prophet had died. He was also the most brutal stooge that the xabashida could get their hands on.   Never in the history of soomali-galbeed have they had a stooge that implemented and created blood thirsty somali militia killing other somalis. I would say what he did was unprecedented. His legacy continues with the intellectual Mustafa Cagjar embracing ethiopanism and giving a chilling  speach Gondar , praising the Menelik.   


     In summary, Abdi iley the stooge  and a former electrician created  the feeling of Somalis embracing the concept of -"ethiopian somali". From 1940 -2008 the avarage somali maxamed had the political incliination of how the hell they coud liberate soomali-galbeed.  I have been told that in the 1959 when Haile Selassie needed judges in Soomali-galbeed th qadis would rather flee to Somalia then become a stooge under Xayle Selassie. Even the thought being a judgewas bizarre in the somali psyche in those days.  Even the ethiopians did not accept Somalis as fellow ethiopians and not a single somali was  never made a miniser despite being the third largest ethnic group in Ethiopia.


    Maakhir , I  was also suprised  why he was released and the reason is that he was indeed the best stoorge. Now that Abey Ahmeds boat is sinking in a existential war with Amharas Abey Ahmed needed a stooge who cemented the somali psyche with "the amaharas are gone, the TPLF cea6ed federalism.  As if xahashoda in ey kala fiicanyihiiin.   Abey ahned needed a monster stooge against the Amhara,hence fort he cane out, 

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  2. Could not agree more with you all.  Ismaacil Cumar gheele did what he could when received intelligence about what the xabashida were planning and called these leaders.  Hassan socdaal should have been more firm and more bold in regards to the issue.  We have a saying, if someone unlawfully obtains your house and you stay silent about it why should you be suprised if the bandit comes after your other houses.   With all due respect,  as MMA  indicated,  Hassan socdaal was the first somali president to visit "soomaligalbeed" and dance with  the bloodthirsty tigree stooge Iley. This was the first indication for the ethiopians set their eyes upon the somali coast. Symbolism is important.

    Arafaat,  well said bro. The word "ictiraaf" dadka ayuu sixray, yaab, The Mou isnt even legally binding and said in clouded words "recognition" in its  "due course". Giving up your land for a bizarre worded Mou and then flooding the media with words "Ictiraaf" in order appease the gullable masses.  Allow soomali alle ha hu gargaaro. War dadkaa maxaaa ku dhacay? Yaakhay dadka manakoobiyo maa le geeya?  Whats more sad is that how Muuse used this bizarre wording to make the whole thing as  the "wicked soomalis in the south  against the somalis from hargeysaa". Does not he even see that his own backyard gave up that game with SSC and the saylac folks`and even some moderate elements within the SNM?. 

    Xamaasad and emotionally driven politic based upon nacayb only leads "fitna" The books of history will judge the guy. Poor saylac folks for being a second abkhazia or south ossestia soon.

    The dust will settle down, the oromo preacher will find his own impending collapse. Balaayo ku aragtee dheh, mar  in uu la dagaalaamo tigreerga, marna oromodiisa, marna amxaarada. His divertion tactics and defauting the nation  and then starting issues with somalis will fail.  I will say it again, The west is tired and no longer see mini-cat to keep peace. It has its own issue. They too see a fragile yoguslavian nation on the brinks of collapse. 

    Mark my words in this forum. Its 2024.  Lets forget about "ethiopia" as we did in the 70-ties.  Its a house built upon cards. Mengistu, the woleyta communist  semi- destroyed the first pillar by destroying the whole concept  of what it means to be ethiopian by erasing that amhara church grip. Mengistu who hailed from slave origins knew the tinder box and as true communist never adressed the rights of ethnicities.  The second blow to the pillar was the eritreans who defeated the amhara led army.  The third pillar was indeed the Somali nation that gave  identity the oromos. 4th and final pillar that nailed the coffin was the tigrayans who out of ethnic chauvinism preferred to use ethnic federalism despite Meles fully knowing that Yoguslavia awaited nation.


    All pillars are down now,  By 2026 the second phase will happen. Hopefully dadkeena way fahmaayaan in guri xaaran iyo xoog Meneliq ku dhisay  barako laga heleynin.


  3. It is easy to make analyzes based on emotions. What made Ethiopia's Abey Ahmed make this erratic political move? We Somalis have an inferiority complex and think we are seeing the Ethiopia of that time. The truth is that Ethiopia underwent a failed coup a month ago. Abey Ahmed's has completely lost his grip. This political move by him is a move by him out of weakness to appease the Amhara people.

    Many forget that Abey Ahmed does not even control the Amhara region. No control over Gondar, Tigray and even in the south the Jimma of the Oromo people. Chaos reigns in Ethiopia. To be honest, I think that we Somalis have simply suffered from traces of the deep internal ethnic crisis in Ethiopia which is currently undergoing a defacto Yugoslavia balkanization. Abey knows that "recognizing other countries" outside Africa's colonial borders is a form of irrendtism and illegal.

    If you read the agreement, you see the word choice recognition in "due course" What is sad is that we Somalis have now been directly affected by Ethiopia's collapse. Will he succeed? He will not succeed. The ethnic antagonisms continue. Even if Abey Ahmed sings and dances to extremist ethno-nationalist fetish about "Borders of the Kingdom of Aksum from Assab to Saylac" i.e. what Meneleik and Xayle Sailasse used to say, it won't help him. It is important that Somalis realize this.


    What is tragic about this is a somali president went down to the soomali ballade 10 years ago and danced the dhaanto. The first president in the history of Somalia who went voluntarily to a disputed Somali area which in our constitution was "disputed" His laughter and dance and visit were applauded by many but behind the scenes what many thought, this is not a form of legitimization of this. The same Somali president now condemns Abey Ahmed, Neftgna Ahmed, Amxaaro Cabey for his erratic political moves. We all know the demographics of Somaliland

    . An area that has been relatively stable since 1991. One hundred thousand Oromo is enough for the whole country to become a subsidized bizarre country that will lack the power to choose its destiny. For the low conscious who scream in their intoxication under the influence of qayillaada "ICTIRAAF" forget about "countries" like Transistria, Abkhazia, countries recognized by Russia and only Russia. These areas have one thing in common. They have Russian military bases and a large influx of Russians. Ictiraafka xabashida waa deedi. Ilaahy Soomal ha ilaaharo.

    AUN all Somali martyrs. Cigal must now be rolling in his grave along with all those who fought for liberation from the British and Italians. Who knew that Somalis themselves would actually accept an Ethiopian military base targeting the sea.? What do you think? YAAB!

  4. What is truly more sinister and more dangerous is how  and why Ethiopia and its current regime under neftegna Abey  offered the extremists a recognition. On the contray of what many belive. Abey Ahmed and his centralisation of power and his quest to eradicate  the balcanisation of Ethiopia, his dislike of ethnic based federalism is what the former elite, the amhara wanted.  They finally achieved in getting a foot on sacred somali coastline. The  same somali coast line that Haile Selassie was claiming in the laste 50-ties.  This move by him is to prolong the blood-shed by somali tribes in the north.  Yaab that people can not see this.  Itoobiya ku aqoonsatay maaa noqotay in wax  lagu barakaysto.? 




  5. وَٱلْعَصْرِ ١ إِنَّ ٱلْإِنسَـٰنَ لَفِى خُسْرٍ ٢ إِلَّا ٱلَّذِينَ ءَامَنُوا۟ وَعَمِلُوا۟ ٱلصَّـٰلِحَـٰتِ وَتَوَاصَوْا۟ بِٱلْحَقِّ وَتَوَاصَوْا۟ بِٱلصَّبْرِ ٣

    In Jowharatal Nufus someone asked Shaykh Uweys Dheere al baraawi qadasallahi sirrahu when woke one day his xerta at the sunset  and said have you seen what I have seen?  They said no, he said, a day passed and a new day have begun, some us have lost and some of us has won. 


    He then recited this surah above that the students knew by heart since children to give them a deeper insight that your not safe untill your last breath.  Ayaan Xirsi Alle ha soo hanuuniyo,  Indeed we are the poor and God is the sublime. 

  6. Somali politics is all about emtions to ensure that those who are in power stay in power!. Arafat, I assure that Muuse and his cohorts will do  what ever they can do to spread the message to defeat. Not that they like it, but it cements Muuses concept of unity. Sadly It seems, the more hatred the more legitamacy for him and less scrutiny and reckoning by the youth in Hargeysaa why are they being sent to deserts to fight  other somalis. We are the sane voices who should talk about the worst famine that nomads in Somaliland are enduring? The economic problems, inflation?  The monoply of the economy?.


    Anyways, be it north or the south, its all about emotions!

  7. image.png.f825e3bc1db4a3c84f970ff2d04b17a7.png


    Alle ha ku soo hanuuniyo walaal. Ogow diinta islaamka ey badbaadinta ruuxaagi ey tahay. The one who is evil can not be compared to the one who is good. Faith in God is good but Allah has sent prophets and the final prophet the mercy of all prophets, Sayyadina Muxammadil-Mustafa NNKH.

    I can see now where the morals come from. Have nothing more really to reply to you. You have much further problems then some petty somali tribal political issues.



  8. 14 hours ago, Game changer said:

    Madfac baa Ku dhacay bay dhaheen.   Laakiin gaadhigiisu wax madfac Ku dhacay uma ekayn. Maalintaas uu dhintay na dagaalba ma socon.  Weligay ma arag madfac hal qof dila , Misena aan Waxba burburin. Rasaas baa Ku dhacday , sida Ku cad muuqaalka gaadhigiisa   Any way oday cadaw nagu ahbuu  Weligiiba oo cuqdad weyn u haya durriyada.  

    Tubto min kulli dhanbil astaaghfurlillah. Sooma ogid in mayda dhintay lama caayo.  Game changer, our faith does not allow talk ill about the dead. Tolkaagi maalinta bacthiga ma kula joogan ee taqwada Alle ama adaabta islaamka aan ilaalino. 

  9. 1 hour ago, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    Another 'fact' on the ground, Mr. Butus Baanjar:


    Cabdibilaha dabajeex lama saari jirinee ee qoryihii weynaa ee dhashiikaha la saari jiray ma laga wada qabsaday? Hub la'aan ayaa meesha ka dhacday.

    Its bizarre and comical. Nothing has changed,. An obeased man with a dashiko on a truck. I would not not be suprised if that dashikha belongs to the arms of collapsed somali government of the 1991 or if it works.  The sad thing is that nothing changed. The only new thing thing is new ak-47 bought from some eastern european countrey or smuggled from Ghaddafis collapsed regime from sahel regions. While drought is killing people in northern Somalia or Somaliland, the only thing we see is killings, no new water dams, no irrigiation. Its truly a tragedy. We are seeing a crisis unfolding.

    I read a report that people cant keep up the nomadic lifestyle. People are flooding to the cities. No instututions. The fragile "somaliland" government that held together by an old grudge against "other" somalis is collapsing.  When will this orgy of phantasy and bizarre world end? Petty tribal killings? What has really changed? 100 years ago it was spears between Somalilanders and Somalilanders against other, somalis against somalis.  Today we are seeing the same thing.  A tribe forcing and boasting about a colonial border set by a white man.  Yaab!  MMA  Kolley askarigaan maskiinka jaadka ummadaas wareeriyay uma eko. Baasto iyo bariis oo kan ka dhargay. Mininkiisa moo iska joogo. 

    To be honest, no diffirent from the  south. What we have is a few elite group, individuals who have 100% of Somalias economy who see the status qou as something beneficial. ******** who have taken suits.   Whats deeply disturbing is how game changer in his hybris is actually from his comfortable home joking about  the bombardment of a small city.   Abwaan Kadiye who wrote Soomali baaan ahay died in that horrific  attack.  Some will pay the price of that marty  one day. AUN.


  10. Talaabo, you have clearly matured and recognised or should I say made it public two key things that are muqadass in this discourse

    1- We are all Somalis, be from Somali from Somaliland or a Somali puntland. As a ethnic group we are one

    2- You also realised the suffering with tribal conflicts with borders made by the white man and realised that no one clan  force its position on another clan.


    These 2 points are important find a solution to the parched lands of the north. Nothing good in somalis killing somalis. Brother and against Brother. The extremist elements within the SNM should realise that.

  11.   So your tribal state, borders by the british, white folks should be accepted by other somalis? What makes you think somalis would want accept white folks borders? Even in your city state, the tribal state, even if you gained a state? Would you better off?  for 30 years you have had semi-tribal stability  built upon a grudge. Once that grudge is gone what makes you think that 1993 and tribal politics that is the standard today would not occur in your city state? Think out of the box. Cadaanka ku gumeystay are uniting so that still be force to reckoned with to plunder Africa and here you are.  Waxyaalo maaba loo jawaabo. Bax qaxwo iyo bun soo cab.

  12. Hate speach and khwarijism should be banned. In no countrey is hate speach and fanning the clanes of tribal hatred or religous extremism allowed neither should be it allowed in Somalia.  For heavens sake just look at Ethiopia. Oromos calling for butchering Amharas and vica verse.  Radio Hutu . Somalis are not spared. Every somali have found social media as platform to spread madness, What I dont understand is though how the old arch-kharijite Xasan Daahir Aweys  is in house arrest but could be able to spread takfirism and fikratul-wâhabiyya. Add to that,while Somalia is engaged in a war against al-Shabaab you even have a certain shaykh on youtube with thousands of followers who is officially between the lines the religous mouth piece of Al-shabaab. Hey!  Former Al-qaeda leader Abu Mansur was  given the religous ministry  post if I am not mistaken. If the seat was appointed to 4,5 could they not find the famous  traditional sunni scholars of Baardheere or Baraawe, the only viable agro-religious community and institution that Somalia had pre-colonial times and untill now.

    Nin yaabay waxaas dhahay waa yaaabay!  I have been saying for years that the civil war have impacted on many ways, politically, socially, but even religously. While Saudis are abondoning the boat they created we Somalis were the ones quick to jump off our shafite madhab.   We are quick at shape shifting, cheering once for the military, then clapped in parades for jewish racist evil  marx and a russian filthy murderor leninism. We then skipped that boat to Reagan.

    We were forced to read the poems of  a warlord who murdered a revered religous person (I do not deny his hatred for colonialists). The hypocrosy is that in the south, once folks got in their private homes he was man to be cursed.  We could not spare to aknowlidge that that man commited crimes and was controversial but could be commemorated for his disdain for the colonialists.  No compromise. We did that lead to? dillusion of his heroic acts of defending somalis against the british and the italians.  At the same time, the religous figures who like Qulatayn, and those defended the somali coast line, not a single  book was written about that. 

     No ideological path has been chosen by us, made by us, for us, mainly somalism for the somali horn.


    Social Media  has been a drama show for somalis,  a modern day "fadho-ku-dirir" but one with a nasty tone becouse of mentally ill people leaving alienated in Europe or America.  Its hard even to find a single decent channel that tackles with philosophical issues like what somalism is.  A funny side note,  I will not name  him, but a guy made  name for himself by boasting about somalism and making interviews with important people in our history. All credit goes to him. But listen carefully to every interview. The guy does not even let the interviwer finish the story.  Its all about emotions.  Not a single  channel has been dedicated to why we have famine, misery and the most corrupt nation in the world. Is it our culture?  Is Somali culture monothilitic or pluralistic?. Tough questions is never discussed in a intelectuall manner.  By the way,  the so called journalist who came to fame by somalism was the first one to be includeded a photographed by a call by his "clan" in a shady room in Nairobi.  




  13. Emotions and fanning of clan-hatred is tragic. Since the collapse of the somali state in 1991 we learned the lessons of petty tribal feuds and shedding the blood of somalis is tragic and a redline and indeed xâaraan. We have in southern kharijite deviants killing innocent somalis and in northern somalia a war between somali tribes becouse of "borders" that the the british, the white man created. The white man came in 1880 and created "borders" that never existed. Its indeed a shame that some people are invoking the coloniser that we fought to legitimize that war. T

    Then we have  the same people who built this extremist narrative of creating a state built upon petty tribal somali tribes and its sad and tragic to see that the only place that atleast did have some relative peace, mainly Somaliland is now fragmenting. Thats the least thing we need. A war between somalis in somaliland

    Have people forgotten the likes of Maykal Maryama, the martys of died fighting the british and the italians?  The quest for the somali peninsuala to be liberated.? What happenneed?  While the white man is busy uniting his forces find further ways to exploite our resources we are so busy fighting each other?

    In summary, I have said it before. The myth of "Somaliland" as a peacefull, democratic nation (a tribal 3 city state adminstration) has been exposed. The youth in the north are struggling, the economy is struggling. A small clique of buisnessmen have the whole countrey under seige.  Just look at the developmenet.  Those who are older know the truth. Since the collapse of 1991 not a single viable  state sponsored development has been implementented. The roads are pre 1991.  The ports are pre 1991. The Air-field are pre 1991.  Food is imported. Even in the the fertile south, protein as chicken is  imported. 

    Some members of this forum seem to be extreme,  irrational and full of emotions. A reality check is that 31 years has gone since some extreme elements of the armed jabhads hijacked the agenda and created Somaliland.   Fine,  Fix your 3 city states but no somali should be killed.  Its sad that a man who engaged petty intra tribal sl-wars where blod was shed was elected to the highest post of the nation. That should be alarm call.  

    Yaab! The video of those called elders, one dressed as indian maharaja, and one dressed najdi saudi arab and so called "culama" who were silent when others LC were opressed were full of fury. Where were they?

    Rabbi dadka maankooda usoo celi?  Tribalism is indeed a disease. Look at the video of the hyeana cloaked man called Faysal Waraabe, the one who said an amxara from Addis Abeba is closer to me then a somali from Xamar? He said that in 2007 in order to span the hatred and teach this extreme tribal hatred to the somali youth  of Somaliland. Decades later the hyena who enriched himself by belonging the the the ruling "click" looks older and speaks of peace.

    Somalilanders or what ever, no somali should be killed becouse of tribal hatred.  Wa billahi tawfiq.



  14. 1 hour ago, Game changer said:

    If I am misguided then are  you misguided too,   I don't even use khat and you are talking about marfish.  Sidad reerkayaga uga aaminsan tahay dad murqaama.  Baanu anana reerkaaga uga aaminsanahay dawarsato  and somali ba ahayn.   Wax noo gaarana maahee Somalida kale sidaas bay yaguba  idinka aaminsantahay.   Xitaa alshabaab  qaybta is qarxinta baa laydiin diraa  eelaydu waa expendables.

    Bal maxaa kaa galay gooni isu taagayaga waadigan  Secessionist ay kaaga dhegtee , maad adba gooni u isutaagtid tid adoonyaw.  Waan Ku faanaya inaan waxayga habaystay wixii dadkana Ku darsaday  cidaan doonana dili Karo . Weliba aan la taaban karin saamiga aan Ku leeyahay  wax kasta oo soomalidu qadhaab ama qaraab soo hesho.  Fariidnimo.

    I dont think your line of argumentation has any valid reply. War taarikhda soo aqriso. The only valid religious agro-pastoral instututions that existed outside Xamar was indeed the mentioned lands of Koonfur-galbeed. They managed to do what you failed to do. Mainly to welcome people, adopt a common ethos and not kill each other becouse of camels.  Indeed even Hadraawi admired  the somalis of Baidoa.  Your a person of "xamaasad doon" oor gadaal ka gaar. Take a chill pill, take your seat, if wish to secceede go ahead and take your tre city state with you but leave other Somalis alone. Thats a political point that even your folks have understood.  So how about it, founding a  clan state? Who would your next nemsis be? Reer burco people? Thats the type of clanism that destroys somalis. Me and against and my brother.  Indha adeedka jooji ee quraan saar tag. Discuss, 30 years is a long time. Instead of seeing a nemesis amongst other somalis why dont you ask yourselves why basic instrastracture is pre 1991 civil war. 

    This qoute fis from Cabdi Raxmaan Cirro who admitted this. Cirro, Silaanyo, are not gadaal-ka gaar. Their relatives are enjoying the life in mogadishu and a close relative to Cirro was even the the supreme judge of court of Mogadishu. Behind the scenes and the smoke screen  reality and the ground has changed.



    1 hour ago, Game changer said:








    A sudanese friend  of mine from port Sudan who was part of establishment in the 80-ties to the 90-ties shared to me whats truly happening.  A post-colonial nightmare is happening in Sudan.  That man said to be frankly that Sudan was tightly controlled a small elite of the army of jaáli arabs but that  mass education and the islamic revivalism held together vastly diffirent communuties and tribes. He said that whats happening in Sudan has allways occured mainly civil war but that it was constrained to distants parts of the countrey.  The only viable instutution of the countrey that held together the nation according to was the army and the civil servants and the islamic clergy. He clearly said and the historical records supports his claim. Sudan chose to take another path of trying to become a nation that matured. Omar Hasssan Al Bashir path  to China and Sudan  rejecting the  global order of the IMF and its way of flooding the nations with western goods could not be accepted by the west. 

    Slapped with sanctions that countrey withstood but greedy Omar Hassan al Bashir underminded the only viable instutution that Sudan knew about, mainly the army. The guy fearing coup when rebels advanced to omdurman in 2004 dismantled the army.  The muslim-non arab sudanese civil servants published the most well read book of Sudan. A book called the black book of Sudan with statistics that showed how the nile-delta arabs dominated every scope of the nation.  Omar Hassan Al-Bashir  played with fire and recruited camel herders while dismissing professional soldiers.   Many dont know about this but Sudan is the only known nation with viral mineral needed to create chips. With the rejection of China the west looked upon Sudan.  Making a nation a faiiled nation makes it easier for Sudan becoming the next congo. A vast African nation, larger then Europe with european companies looting and getting contacts with weak government.

    Now my friends things are getting uglies. The sudanese army been unable to defeat the jackal Hemeti and is bunch of camel herders. They are in controll of the areas that the elite reside in. Today on 10 july, a sign of the desperation of Sudanese army a general mobilisation have been made  The worst scenario of that we could imagine is happening in sudan.  "Mass mobilisation" was seen by non-khartoum people a tribal plea and RSF under Hemeti made the same thing and the arms depot has been opended to the people, Qof walbo Soomaliya waxii ka dhacay 1991 knows what happens when  no one is control and  weapons chaches are  freely distributed,  Its sad to see a nation that  gave Somalis during their worst times in history, opputunities to study, freely. Sudan and Syria were two nations that Somalis could enjoy free education

    No has 12 weeks gained the upper hand.  Even RSF is composed of diffirent factions only on bent upon destoying. No one has heard of Xamati since a month,

    We might being a Somalia scenario for Sudan. Ilaahay Ummada Suudan ha badbaadiyo.   The Europeans have allready made up plans a "sudanese federarion" aka a political bypass word for the looting of Sudan. I truly belive if the army  is unable in the coming 2- months to take full controll of khartoum, they themselves with their command controll order will collapse.  Mark my words, a grandiouse conferance in europe into a bantuninised "federation" is in the work of the EU.  Question begs if Turkey that invested a lot in Sudan will accept it?



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  16. To the thread maker: Be reasonable, honest and have political dialogue. Making bizarre statements is just boring. We know it, the world makes it. The extremist elements within the SNM secceionists are hellt bent on their seperatist dream. I personally have no problems with it. Hey after all you can cant tell a confused "somalilander" that he says to the world he is somali by ethnicity and at the same time have  having selfhatred Forcing the "the snm narrative" on non- snm clans is simply injustice.  Even the the extremists elements within the SNM are being exposed by the own folks. The burco people and the  Awdal people disagree fully with the current war-lord in Hargeysaa. A man who is vicious and engaged in intra snm civil war 1993.  

    Meel fadhiiso, the whole somali-land project has been drowned by 1 man and its the warlord. He had one card to play and thats Somaliland is stabile unlike Somalia. That view is now destroyed. Like it or not but behind the tough rhetoric a simple trip made by the war-lord to capitals of the world is billed to Mogadishu, Its been a long time since 1991 and people in Somaliland are waking up that having a own flag etc have not solved issues like mass corruption. Just think about it, the roads, the dockyard, the basic infstracture is pre civil war Somalia.  A prominent journalist from Somaliland even highlighted that.



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  17. Forget about Somalia, the mercifull  one, the lock  on the chain, the chosen one Al-Mustafa Muhammad  saw cried at night and endured torture and saw the unseen. Either you belive or not life continues. Hatred of Arabs, hatred of others is indeed what Udgoone Axmadaa came with. You my friend needs re understand our beutifull religion

    Rabbi ayaa hanuunka le, ee rabbi kulligeena hana soo hanuuniyo.

  18. Impunitive or the lack of justice is what makes nation sink into corruption and decay. Other factors might be ethnic or post-colonial problems that came with the white man. 

    Soomaaliya is beutifull and we have have the same ethos, same ethnicity and even the same islamic jurispudence, we are sunni muslims with the shafite madhab and ahlul tariqa. Everyone talks about the tribal afflications that sent Somalia in a somekind of a  bizarre mad-max nation where impunity have become the norm. With the collapse of the semi-communist  regime corrupt  abusive tribal regime of Siyaad Barre and those  tribal jabhads that came after him,  who on earth thaught that a small cult that began najd with the collapse of ottoman empire would  now in Somalia  wage a brutal war of killing and maiming and making takfiir on fellow somalis. Al-shabaab did not pop out from the hole like rabbit. Its sad to see that the HSM government alllowed a brutal kharijite former al-aqeda leader to be the minister of religous affairs. 

    Al-shabaab is indeed following the text-book maunal that their wahâabiya-cult did 200 years ago, mainly beliving that before the arrival of Muhammad Binu Abdul Wahab no muslim existed and Muhammad binul cabdul wahab was a man who died 200 years ago. They were famous for killing pilgrims and beliving that the pilgrims were non muslims.   Since 1991, no one noticed and no one has done a proper academical study on these guys but the birth place of wahabism, Saudi Arabia is today returning to tradiional sunni Islam, speciallly the Hijaz. The burdwa that was  discouraged and said was "no no" was read by a meccan reciter a year ago in Makka-Sharif The saudis under the current leadership have slowly cut the funds to these people while we Somalis submitted the bizarre post of religous affais to Rooobow Abuu Mansuur. Some would argue that its good with defections but has he officaly in a state interview condemned wahabiyada and their books or way of thinking ?  Even he defected why give him a minsterial post? If we are unable to do justice just as justice was done against the old man Hassan Daahir Aweys who is busy conveying his extremist bizarre messages on facebook while in house arrest, could not the same be done this guy? We are living in a bizarre world. I used to belive Al-shabaab had a small following in Somalia but if you ask and dig further questions, many have today without knowing it extremist ideas. We are slowly understanding the menace of these people but its time for this  Roobow to go, If justice can not be served for gods sake give post to someone traditional sunni belifs, Just see how bizarre the picture is. From a  bomb-maker to minister. Thats Somalia in a nutshell. 

    Nin aanan yaabin ayaa yaabay. War aaway culumadii diinta inoo keenay!.? 





  19. On 6/12/2023 at 2:24 AM, Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar said:

    You reminded me an interview my old man laga qaaday back in 2000. He was asked about Siyaad Barre. He said markuu Siyaad xabsi guriga ka sii daaye in around '73 ayuu saraakiil u soo diray madaxtooyada geeyey. Markaas Siyaad aabo Xamar ku soo wareejiyey, asagoo faan ka ah iyo waxqabadka dowladii Kacaanka tustusaayo. Talo ayuu weydiiyey. My old man said hal talo aan ku siiyo. Dugsiyada iskoolaadka diinta laguma dhigtee ee maado diinta ku dar manhajka. Siyaad Barre iima jawaabin yiri laakiin soon after maadada Carabi iyo Diin ayaa lagu daray manhajkii dalka.

    AUN I think the 8 june 2012 was the day he returned to Allah. AUN to  Aiyaad too  Barre, had that habit. My Old man was also released during those times. He simply declined to be apart of the madness. Kolley dhamaantooda Allaha ha naxariisto.

    Barre was not a communist,  but he waisted many years building the ideological basis of pan-somalism with mumbo jumbo.



  20. Talaabo, Your not aware of reer koonfurey mentality your reply is full of ignorance and arrogance. 

    The saying goes as deeper you go to below the rivers the more weakended is the anarcho-tribalism of Somalis. You opended pandorax box so take the bullets. . Somalis are by ethnicity related but by culture far away . The Banaadiri Somalis, the B agadi G aladi, costal somalis, the bimal   all of the commmunities and even the Baidoa community had and still have a culture of absorbing locals and laying the grounds of a culture based upon peace This culture or ethos took centuries to make and was ultimately done by the islamic instututions.


     Why do you think the poems of the Hargeysa are about who stole camels and who killed that tribe, while most poems made   by somalis  in above communties have poems about life, labour,  love, or sufi poem?. 

    Indeed, before the advent of the colonialists, somalis had strong islamic instututions. The late scholar somali christian scholar Said Samar mentions in his book that the italians failed their missioniry work by the strong non-clan based "universaty based xerow" community like baardheere, marka. The Shafite sunni  sufi orders under Shaykh Uweys-Barawi who had an immense impact (his son of one of the founders of SYL) and of a culture of in incorporating the above-mudug students and then sending them back. Shaykh Cali maye of the Rashidiya dariiqo (qs) diciple was Shaykh Cali m ajerteen. They all intermarried. Such was the ethos. 

    For every catholic church our scholars built a local islamic school called mowlac. The late Prof who himself was a christian admitted that the catholic church failed miserably in Somalia becouse  of this while they succeeded in Eritrea by making 15% of the biilin ethnic group christians.  While the italians were brutal in their missionary and engaging in colonialism, the british missionaries gained a foothold  in Somaliland despite they did not inhabit the areas?  Why? The culture was diffirent, the ethos was diffirent.  What made  Mudug and above so adaptable to wahabism while most southerners remained  stuck to ethos of shafite madhab?.  I will give you a good example of a modern day example.  Shaykh Macalim Nuur Siyaad, a poor xerow gained influence during our flirt with the bizarre communist ideology. 

    During the drought the late of the 70-ties and the decay of the 80-ties Mucalim Nur Siyaad AUN  created center that thousands of drought stricken ppl from Mudug and Above and Soomali Galbeed were made to move in. These people were assimilated and many became his diciplies.   Quraanka, Axkaamta, naxwiga, cilmiga qalbiga (tasawuff ama sufism) fiq flourished. These instututions were supported by the semi nomadic ppl and the costal ppl.  The late somali qari Shaykh Abdul rashid Sufi said in his biopgraphy that he engaged in his islamic studies, coming from lands far away.  His first shaykh was a coastal Somali  that he studied basic shafite fiq.   Everyone in costal towns knew students were theire and would donate food and alms.  No such viable instututions existed in Hargeysaa or in Puntland

    The only place that I can make a claim that had a viable instutution was Harar.. 

    So what does all above had to do with the topic. Talaabo people will come to your conlusion becouse of your lack of understanding the culture and the ethos among somalis. When the ignorant realises that shouting about poems and stealing camels is ethically wrong, progress will begin. When the general society starts to understand the culture of the common good is better just as the costal cities did before the advent of colonialism.. A city that produced scholars like Shaykh Cali Suufi Shaykh dead 1904  Sh Axmad Xaaji Mahdi, Shaykh Uweys al Barawi ,  The late Shaykh Sufi   that produced the litany of the cayniyada, a litany that every somali quranic school schild memorized  fromJabuuti to Nfd and Jigjiga, when those somalis understand the common good and I say it once again the,  once that  ethos  is revived  only then can  we have a common based pan-somali etnobased ideology with its islamic form.  

    Sad to see that the Hargeysa is now full in controll of Saudi based wahabis, the same goes  for puntland. Mudug and above  and By Mudug southern Gaalkacayo is included, as I said were quick to jump to a unknown jumpwagon that caused havoc and terror. Not a single intelectuall talked  about this. Its tragic really. You hardly see a bosnian hanafi, a pakistani hanafi, or morrocan maliki abandoning his sunni creed for something that even dares to question the legitimacy of your islamic heritage.  Marka saaxibo.   Ever wonderd why it is taboo among southerners to ask the question "yaa tahay,, while the norm in Hargeysaa is "qolomodeee ahayd" ` Thats ethos in a nutshell. It Takes instututions to change that, Not flags or slogans. Inluce Sool  sanaag and every part damn of those dusty ghost towns..







  21. Maybe instead of flirting with atheist communism, if we had embraced our indenegous pan-somali islamic legacy we would have arisen above tribalism and embraced pan-ethno-nationalim.  Your into something but somalis are far away from the foul decadent ideology of fascism. Read  Julius Evola, the chief ahcitect of fascism. He was into the occult and the idea tradition of fascism goes indeed the cursed one. We se a lot of ideologies but every ideology has chain. Marxism has its chain to materialism and atheism and then to the cursed one.  Their is a meta-physical world that we can not ignore. The best way forward is to embrace pan-somalism with our islamic heritage and morals. 


    Liberalism, neo-liberalism, communism, marxim, fascism, nazism has no morals. When you see a ideology that has no definite morals no that their is a master hidden cursed one from these ideologies. Bizarre how we somalis were made to the read the workds of a racist jewish Karl Marx. 



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