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  1. A new political campaign tactic Presidential Candidate Dr Abdiweli Mohamed Ali Condemns Acts of Aggression 4 November 2013 Former Prime Minister of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia and Puntland Presidential candidate, Dr. Abdiweli Mohamed Ali 'Gaas' strongly condemns the acts of aggression perpetrated by the incumbent president, Abdirahman Farole. On Friday Morning, a vehicle belonging to the Abdiweli for Puntland campaign was ambushed as it traveled through the Nugaal region of Puntland State on their way to Galkayo. The vehicle and its unarmed passengers were attacked by forces linked to the Presidential Office. Of the men attacked, one passenger was shot in the thigh and another managed to escape with minor injuries. The driver was kidnapped and the vehicle driven away. Reports suggest that the vehicle and the driver are both being held in an undisclosed location in Garowe close to the presidential palace. The team included the former Police Commander for the Bari region, Abdihakim Yussuf Hussein who is currently managing the campaigns security efforts. Dr. Abdiweli called this attack a scare tactic to create insecurity and hence derail the election process yet again. "Today's attack is a continuing trend to stifle the political process and presidential candidates' ability to campaign freely within the Puntland State of Somalia. I urge my supporters to remain calm in the face of such act of provocation and promise to continue working with all candidates in these elections to securing fair and peaceful elections" Dr. Abdiweli said. In discussing the upcoming elections, Dr Abdiweli stated, "Puntland, as the first recognised state within the Federal Republic of Somalia should be a beacon and an example of stability and security. During these elections, I will continue to maintain dialogue with all candidates to ensure free and fair elections. I urge the support of all parties in upholding this" "We call on our international partners to observe the election process from the selection of the Members of the Parliament, the Dispute Resolution Committee, and the efforts to hold credible elections among others" he added. Puntland MP's will go to the polls on 8th January 2014 to elect the state's new President. These elections were delayed from 2013.
  2. Carafaat;970167 wrote: Guys, We need to be more patient. Its easy to criticize and find faults, but its much more difficult to come up with alternatives. AMISOM was deployed in Mogadishu in 2008 and Sheick Shariif was elected in january 2009, but they only managed to drive out AL Shabaab from Mogadishu by mid of 2012. It took them nearly 3 years to liberate Mogadishu. Hasan Sheick hasn't even been in the job for a year. But his government already filled the (political) vacuum left by Al Shabaab in Beletweyn, Baidoa, Gedo, Marka, etc. So be patient and give the government some time. It's not as if the comparison is made in out of thin air. Compare the progress made between August 2011 (when Al Shabaab left Mogadishu) till August 2012 when the city was very much secured and the territory under the government's control expanding rapidly, to the period between September 2012-July 2013. Clearly security and military progress have regressed or stalled completely.
  3. Geedi is accused of a lot of things but he made sense there, wallahi nothing is gonna change and Somalia is going to be stuck unless people in Mogadishu can figure out their head from their A$$.
  4. Of course, because the leadership we've had since Independence until now were God-fearing, upstanding men?
  5. Somali hormar waligeed ma gaareso. Xenophobic, ignorant, bigoted, intolerant, small minded etc... The idea of Unity is an oxymoron or an anathema to the average Somali.
  6. Mayaani;918755 wrote: dadbaa afartii sano sugi la'a war iska dulqaata oo danihiina wax u qabsada. TMZ nagu noqdeen sheikh madaxweynihiisa ha soo dhaweeye maxaa laga rabaa. Bored with the level of ciyaal like discourse here already. There's a 101 legitimate issues to criticise this government on, one needs not to resort to making up stories. This is another yet instance where the behaviour of the political class of this country disgusts and disappoints me yet again, regardless of ideology, tribal or other affiliations. Sometimes I doubt if these men cannot build a district, let alone a country. ilaahe baan qabnaa. Samafal;918760 wrote: Sxb we lived by hope for 23 years and still do,s o don't take it away from us. Inshallah brother, things will improve and something good will happen for us.
  7. Reiterating something I witnessed earlier today = shaming others..... for something I'm guilty of. Which is what exactly? Ideologues.
  8. They don't pay my salary nor can this government afford it. Better check the facts next time brother.
  9. Cyiaalkaan and their Internet memes. Facts are facts friend, if you have access, ask around. nuune;918602 wrote: How did they let you in to pray in the state house, unless you work for the government, or minister in disguise. One of these is partially correct.
  10. To say I'm disappointed wouldn't cover after what I saw today. I went as usual to pray Jumah in the State House Mosque. The President showed up very late, during the Khutbah, the Imam stopped the sermon for a full 5 minutes until the president finished praying and settled down, then continued after receiving a nod from the President to proceed. The entire mosque was confused. The sermon then became all about the 'glorious president', he spoke about his trip to the States, the attainment of US recognition. The 'historic visit to London' and continued in that vain. He then spoke of the Prophet making agreements with non-Muslims and compared him to President Hassan. That was the Friday sermon, a feeble Imam trembling, fluffing his words praising the President and praying God protect and empower him in every other line, and so forth. I was a supporter of President Hassan, but the little guy with the Napoleonic complex is a dictator already after just 3-4 months. Ministers who want to see him on urgent state business are sent away and told to make an appointment 2 days in advance. This is just one small sample of his 'Presidential style'. Even Sharif, who was criticised a lot in his tenure hardly operated in this manner. There is hardly a plan and agenda for governance over the next 4 years, outside of fluffly proposals in NGO lingo. May God help Somalia.
  11. xabad;917598 wrote: indeed, when you just think things are getting better and old wounds are healed and bang you're witness raw unadultered 90's clan arguments. guys lets move on. I concur, but the obvious question has to be asked: Why are these sentiments resurfacing now as opposed to during Sharif's presidency?
  12. This elder generation of Somali's are a complete joke. They despised the deceased dictator Siyad Barre, yet all of them are carbon copies of his style. The Somalia idea of protocol once again is a joke. The way a leader stands on a podium looking the fool, the entire government arrives to greet them at the airport -- this could be Hargeisa, Garowe or Mogadishu, yet the story is always the same. Embarrassing.
  13. Different decades? Yes. Different realities? Well, of course the capital was held hostage by Moor-yaans. If anything, had the US intervention succeeded, I'm certain we'd have had a stable government by 1995. Btw, this forum censors the word Moor-yaan? Hilarious.
  14. uchi;909440 wrote: What are you saying? The Somali president was one of those skinnies? From what i see in that picture, there is only one skinny. Was he? I don't know. :cool: I'm just highlighting the irrationality of the Somali people. They rejected and fought a non-interventionist US, and then embraced an expansive US force, with drones etc....
  15. The irony is that in '93 when the US came to Somalia with more or less the same intentions as in the last few years, certain groups raised arms and fought the Americans in the streets of Xamar. A pointless battle in which over a thousand Somali's died as opposed to the eighteen US soldiers who were killed. Here we are exactly 10 years later, and folks are celebrating the 'honour' of President Hassan being met by President Obama in the Roosevelt room. Talk about confused.
  16. @Abwan: This government isn't starting from ground zero, some foundations have already been laid over the last three years, in particular the last 12 months and roadmap process.
  17. Xaaji Xunjuf;885097 wrote: Why so angry i just posted news from one of Puntlands own websites. Dr Osman even post news from and called it Puntlands most reliable news website. Dont attack me i am just the messenger. Angry? No sir. It's an example of an insult being targeted towards a complete stranger without due cause, a form of behaviour that I'm certain you're very familiar with. :cool: Having worked closely with the last Premier's (Sharmarke, Farmaajo and Abdiweli), I can categorically state that by far Abdiweli was the best Prime Minister Somalia has had in recent history, possibly ever. That is the standard opinion across the board for all who have spent time working at the heart of the government. Find a person who has worked with Abdiweli with a bad thing to say about him, and I'm ready to pay out. The nation should be grateful for his work in ending the transition, drafting a constitution, the first step in a state and society being a 'rule of law' based society, and for setting up a fair mechanism to select the leaders of the 'Federal Government of Somalia', thus ensuring the elimination of the two Sharif's from the political scene. If you had a clue of just how hard the man worked, minimum 20 hour days for 13 months, you'd pipe down and keep those imbecilic thoughts to yourself.
  18. Is there any viable reason behind this handicap (Xaanshi Xunuf's) irrational hatred of Dr Abdiweli?
  19. Sakiin couldn't get anywhere near a deal like this from Farmaajo, Abdiweli or any of the other candidates. If a man is so desperate for a seat he will sell our collective futures and hopes for a few votes, then my dear old chap -- that is considered a high crime of treason in most circles. .... well except in Jerusalem perhaps.
  20. The latest news is the two Sharif's have made a devil's deal. The aim is to bring back Sharif Ahmed In power. The agreement is as follows: 1. Sheikh Sharif Gives Sharif Hassan, AKA Sakiin $5 Million and has already paid an advance of $3 million with the remainder to be handed over after the election after Sakiin delivers all the supporters he has to give Shiekh Sharif the presidency. 2. Sheikh Sharif further promised Sakiin that he will be made the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance (or appoint a nominee of his choice), giving Sakiin untold access to the fortunes of the nation. 3. He further promises that he will then work with him to oust the newly elected Speaker of the Parliament, honourable Jawaari in six months time. 4. They have agreed that they will share of the nomination of the ministers, and force the handpicked Prime Minister to appoint ministers of their choice, thus saddling the nation with a toothless, corrupt cabinet for 4 YEARS! It is worth noting that this finance is from the government coffers, by the warlords, and those supposed "businessmen" that see the chaos, anarchy and Lack of governance as being good for business. They of course do not wish to conform to the norms of business and pay their dues (tax) to the nation they have been bleeding for so long. The question All of us have to ask ourselves is; What will happen if this devil's pact succeeds? How far back are we going to end up, given the success we have had the past year. What can we do to stop this men from getting their grubby hands on our nation again? If the Sharif's succeed on Monday will the last person to leave Somalia please turn out the lights.
  21. Chimera, I wanted to drop you an email. How to go about it?
  22. Thanks for the feedback guys. The one thing that impresses me about Abdiweli is his ability to get on with all types of different characters. Every single government since Adde were engulfed in a conflict between president and prime minister, except this one since he replaced Farmaajo.
  23. ^^ Incidentally I was reading something by Chris Hedges literally moments before I stumbled on this, and there was a quote by Chomsky where he expresses gratitude to the high-heavens that no 'charismatic leader' has come forward in recent years, for they often turn into a Chairman Mao, a Joseph McCarthy....... I'm personally not sure whether I agree with that assessment in its entirety, the case with Gamal Abdel Nasser, Mabuto, Castro and so forth lays credibility to the theory but the exception then for me would be: LEE KUAN YEW!! How I wish Somalia had it's very own Lee Kuan post-independence. Abwaan;851465 wrote: Abdiweli did some good things in this tough period and deserves a respect for that. I think he was not strong or honest enough to deal with Farole's nonesense like both Omar Abdirashid and Farmaajo did. I also think that one of his problems is the clan issue. Some people who work with the government or are somehow connected to the TFG accused him and even stated that the only other individuals who are not from his immediate sub-clan that has worked at his office were Eng. Yariisoow who recently left his post and AUN Faisal H. Elmi who was killed after he got injured during the Mogadishu Theatre suicide attack back in April this year. He has the right to become a candidate and he is surely better than many that are running but I would not vote for him to be a president for Somalia. I was under the impression that Abdiweli challenges Faroole too often, and that Faroole is now the biggest obstacle for Abdiweli in the upcoming elections? :confused: