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  1. Looking at the other candidates, Gas has better chance returning, I have zero contacts just my guess. One day to go
  2. Cadnaan that is politics 101 blame nabad iyo nolol they sound very respectable lol don’t be hater
  3. Puntalnd at cross roads, Ali isse looks like an opportunist, being financed by centerlist Farmaajo and co and supported disgruntled/failed politicians. he has no interest other then to dismantle.
  4. Haha hammer them, too good opportunity to mis, Farmaajo and co what a failure, they achieved the unthinkable, dreamlanders sounding sane lol
  5. something off about farmaajo? Faulty reasoning, shares ceydiid’s mentality, attacking and blaming the one feeding them, UN cannot not stay Silent, especially under UN management (Money) Someone tell him Hayesom works for UN not a country. UN can be influenced sometimes but stays neutral.
  6. Samafal if true, a sorry state for Somalia and puntland. He does or try to push forward with the least help.
  7. how is he going to establish that? Borrowing other muscles? deluded Looting and dictatorship don't work for Somalis anymore I guess.
  8. Waw Waa shidantahay may the best dressed win
  9. UAE and Djibouti trade/investment totally one sided, for these reasons Dubai World to recover the seized assets minimal, a bit surprised they rejected compensation but understandable the lose is existential treat China with the deepest pockets determined to eliminate the middle man, Djibouti was totally neglected by Dubai World it was fastest growing deep port, Dubai world can't do much here. the politics side is all noise it will die down soon as usual the Arabs wake up too late and get emotional and start drawing money all over the place with no plans, if they invested Djibouti as the shipping volume started to grow rabidly China will never taken over, what did the shallow Badawien do? divert shipping lines to Jabel Ali and play half smart.
  10. He seems to me a man with own convictions not afraid to voice it.
  11. Talaabo being exposed by OO this dude you want replace with Iley isn’t the same dude who was sitting sheepishly next to a grinning ugly badawien? Signing off knowing it’s Consequences for all Somalis. Now He is the new Somali saviour?
  12. I’m with OO here, Djibouti can sit tight. Nothing but a simple commercial dispute, Dubai can seize assets belonging to Djibouti in Dubai and still subject court ruling.
  13. Galbeedi Lets keep what Abdi iley build but get rid him same time? with whom some uncle? typical deficient logic all the accusation against I heard so far, was not for nepotism, but his fight against his own tribe? mainly the religious wahabist and ONLF(one tribe liberation front) the ONLF who failed last time they had the opportunity to lead and opened the Iley's appointment? Everyone going Abdi Ileys worked with the Tigrey rulers ok what's was the alternative? Fought them? the undisputed Somalis fared much better under the Tigrey rule since Absiniyi colonised Somalia lands. Compared the short time the Oroma's ascended to Power vs 25 years of Tigrey rule? think about the Oroma's having same power as the last Tigrey rulers? nightmare sax?
  14. OO lets not beat around the bush , you want Somalia and Ethiopia to be a good neighbours? for your comprehension, I will give you a little scenario Somalia signs a deal with the renegade Killinka and a Foreign Oil company, Somalia agrees to develop her side of the country for the oil shipment and its rewarded 20% of the oil produced, all these deals engineered behind Ethiopia's wish and blessing, is that a friendly? the internal struggles of Somalia has nothing to do this Topic don't muddy the Topic.
  15. OO You may not agree with me that is fine, confidence have nothing to do the issue at hand implies a lack of comprehension on your part and inability to stay current to the topic, Ethiopia's rulers backstabbing Somalia? Somalia foreign policy should work on achieving a weaker Ethiopia from now on, We don't want nor need Egyptian help, We won't stop Egypt or other countries meddling in your affairs next upraising as we have done in the past , We may as well help them hasten. 7 Million Somalis living In Ethiopia can build own county free from Addis ababa. confidence?
  16. Whats to be worried a bunch of Cannon fodders? a tribal war, fighting in someone's territory will mean certain death.
  17. contradicting themselves in one sentence, The pay must a good one . the agreement nothing but a daytime robbery. Ethiopia and the tribal Separatist wishful thinking with moneyed but useless and directionless UAE. one thing is clear Ethiopia remains No 1 Enemy regardless our good will. next Ethiopian uprising unlike the last one Somalia should let Egyptians do their dirty work.
  18. No No No wishes the dark old days of family feuds in Somali-land again, God forbid, breaking up your enclave after all the hard work done is huge setback for Somalia as a whole. just exposing how groundless is the fear tactics employed the separatist zealots.
  19. hiding behind the Somali-land Guulwade eh You maybe old but observer? I expected you to address the questions. Some of us may not be as old as you but we try to read the history objectively.
  20. Waw Policing the internet right! what a beacon of Democracy Somali-land is. I always wondered why the reasonable secessionist suddenly drop out/disappeared. Somaliland Guulwade on march. History lesson It was done before why not again, last time your current president was Hargeysa's main War lord the west Burco and Sanaag community capital was Yigoori, They traded through Boosaaso port and flew through Bosaaso and Galkacyo without anyone molesting or hindering them.
  21. haha who will give them the marching orders? your elected representative are busy setting up private companies in free trade zones. Recognitions is blinding you to the facts on the ground, This signing no more then geopolitics and theatre DP publicity traded multinational company there is no benefit for them for the current disputes, they will just wait and boost to their investors the concession they hold.
  22. Suldaanka lol Mark my words DP will not develop Berbera many years to come, that is if.