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  1. mahad yare;850151 wrote: and the chicken follows the cock. roster that is.
  2. Nin-Yaaban;850149 wrote: Nice post King. and the chicken follows the cock.
  3. God Bless the President of Eastern Republic. :cool::cool:
  4. this can't be normal. anyway, PL progress. :cool:
  5. Somalia;848878 wrote: It was shut down this month, the reasons are unknown. It was funded with $2 million dollars a month, over a half of the intended trainees finished their training and were deployed. Matt Bryden is a pro-Somaliland UN official. He's married to a Somalilander and possess the fake passport of the region. He has many times professed support for the recognition of the region. Read about the controversies here. It looks like some people were uncomfortable with the programme even though it yielded noticeable results. the PMPF found a new more powerful ally. PL's friends are everywhere. PL the powerful. :cool:
  6. no surprise there :cool: PL students are smart.
  7. The-freeman;849936 wrote: You appear to be too simple for me to engage with you any further, goodnight! sorry i have zero sympathy for False Victimization Syndrome!
  8. The-freeman;849931 wrote: Wars do not last forever. You must differentiate between those at top and the ordinary foot soldiers. After WW2 the Nazi leaders were tried and punished accordingly. The foot soldiers ( Wehrmacht regulars) were rehabilitated and reintegrated into society. Shabab regulars are no different. PS: what is it with “ nigga "? would you rather prefer the other N word. nigga is a young people lingo! girl friend it's the 90s you need to get with the time. I say the above as someone who has had few family members killed by this group. complete BS. bytheway, lame. weak. if they killed your family you wouldn't be saying this. you know what you are? someone that suffers from False Victimization Syndrome.
  9. The-freeman;849929 wrote: I agree. We must keep in mind the foot soldiers of shabab are misguided Somali kids. They must be rehabilitate when the war finishes. Yare- don't hate your enemy it clouds your judgement. enemy? no nigga they have committed crimes against humanity; hence they need to pay and pay with their blood. i'm sorry you feel these terrorist deserve forgiveness, but tell that to the countless mothers who were forced to bury their children because of these monsters. it's shame though don't you think? you wouldn't be this easy on them if they killed your brother or father. and people wonder why this useless country fails to govern itself. no rights or justice for the victims. disgraceful. :mad:
  10. OdaySomali;849922 wrote: Toy soldiers. Waa iska xoollo la hogaaminaayo oo marba dhan loo dareerinaayo. let me inform che and madeey they have a new recruit/supporter.
  11. OdaySomali;849921 wrote: Kuwan isku sheega "Al-shabaab" ha la ogaado inay yihiin dad Soomaali ah oo inaga oo kale ah . Waa iska ayaan darro inay wretched Somalis spilling the blood of other wretched Somalis - whether they call eachother terrorists, "islamists" or traitors. i disagree. i never killed or amputated an innocent person's hand or other extremities. however, there's a famous american saying, "Sticks and stones may break my bones / But words will never hurt me"
  12. Paradoxically he himself was a very keen supporter of the UIC and its military wing al-shabaab, and later became its spokesperson in the EU
  13. war anaga wax maqalney. 20 sano ka badan baan maqleeney "daring to dream". war ilen dadkaan xurdo kama daalan miyaa? smh. :mad: waryaa xin hadey aad xurdo kujirtid illaa 20 sano ka badan, labo wax baa suro taged ah; adoo coma kujirah mise the green leaf baad wali kadaalin. any who, i wish for the best.