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  1. Narniah;886176 wrote: ^ You do know that he's an old man, but then again most of the people who come here are like our parents age. lol WTF? Are you kidding me? I guess I'll have to choose that atheist guy Apophis. :rolleyes:
  2. lol, what do you mean 'where are the kids?' who said she had any kids. also, her baruko is about to fall off. oop
  3." frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> She also admits she drank alcohol in the video.
  4. Yes, ban all these other stuff and let everyone smoke the herb. Viva Ganja
  5. lmaooooo, dont hate me. hate the game
  6. Alpha Blondy;885494 wrote: LOL@labella, the 2012 pic is not me dee. this was the closest thing to the style i'm currently sporting. gosh, my hair is not like those bantu cockroaches. it actually moves with the air LOOOOOOOOOOL. you clearly said 'this is me' which made me think that pic was actually you. and, as a result of that it also almost gave me a heart attack. lolllllll. anyways, you're aight in my book.
  7. Cambuulo iyo bun;884812 wrote: Hun i hit the gym 4 times a week since 3 years back so im fit. talking about Swag im gonna show you my swag then be the judge allrigt? #swag If you wear that then you're 100% a FOB.
  8. Apobuntu, you're dumb. we have timo jelic. go away.
  9. Xaaji Xunjuf;885104 wrote: How big is the house and did he only ask you and how close are you guys. The house is a mansion. it's hugeeeeeeeeee. And, yes, he only asked me. Btw, we've been friends since middle school.
  10. Alpha Blondy;885196 wrote: this was the last cut i had before i left the WEST. oh i cringe at seeing these pics. this is me in 2012. i'm tryin to look like Maxwell. Are you bantu, bro? Sorry, but no Somali person has this tough hair texture.
  11. Apo, what come on? I dyed my hair light blonde. Is it that hard to fathom? :confused:
  12. Light blonde. Hope that helps.
  13. Che -Guevara;884808 wrote: Feel little disappointed. eyeroll
  14. Thanks, guys. I haven't moved in. I decided not to. Thanks for all your help.
  15. Blondy, did you get dumped recently?
  16. Cambuulo iyo bun, boo hoo. Maybe you should do less eating cambuulo and looking like a soft woman and start hitting the gym more often. Women like a man who is fit, confident and has swag. You probably don't have that so they don't look your way. Plus, women like men who are bad boys or playa playas. They like men who will treat them like shyte and throw them around. Not a miskin, good guy who tries to impress her every minute. Waryaa, rag mahtihid. Hope that helps.
  17. *Blessed;883739 wrote: and settling for a fat xaalimos baggage at 19, bet that wasn't part of your ambitions at 8?! LOL Well, you can't help who you fall in love with. Plus, his wife and him are two different people. Just bc she let herself go doesnt mean he has too. Now, orad get a job.
  18. Apo, you're atheist. Did you forget?
  19. Usually, women who don't have behinds say nikko is 'gross' and 'bad'. Labellavida does nikko on you haters.
  20. Apo, you're not my friend anymore.
  21. *Ibtisam;883422 wrote: ^^^ superficial pleasantries and professional talk with people you live with? err living with strangers soon becomes a strange marriage where you share the dishes and cooking and noise- only thing missing is fighting about who picks up the kids from school. Poster: You said a male friend- how friendly are you willing to be with the male friend for free rent? The world is give and take- if he is giving you a free house to live in WITH him (I have been given free houses to live in for short whiles in various countries by male friends who lived else where or countries) but this friend wants you to live with him- he is expecting something back. Even you can figure that out- naaga dhaa just say you want the house and what ever else that comes with it if not then learn to pay for your way. P.s. I hope it is not the married man P.s.s. You have some interesting "friends" P.s.s.s. IF he is gay then what I said above is wrong, he wants your shoes and dresses, but living with a gay man will have its own challenges. That's a bit harsh, don't you think? Not every gay man is a crossdresser/wants to be a woman.:mad: