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  1. I went from being the proudest Somali you could ever meet just a year ago to now wondering whether soomaalinimo is a curse and whether we r doomed as a people. Yesterday I woke up to news of the savage murder of Saado Cali AUN, and today I read about the sexual jihadi escapades of brainwashed ajanabi worshipping Somali girls. Tollaayay Tollayyyy...Ya Allah, please change the miserable condition of my people before the truly good Somalis give up hope completely and resign themselves to this fate.
  2. Mustafe, your failing to see any value in galbeedi's informative and nuanced posts says more about you and your shortcomings than it does about him. Raggu markay arrimo kaa wayn ka hadlayaan waa la dhiidhiibsada ninyahow.
  3. This is a picture of Warancadde at Gambadhe, one of the far eastern bases of the Somaliland army. Kalshaale.com doing what they do best. SMH.
  4. IsseRiyole;991684 wrote: It seems to me A Legit LTR, the question is why is he selected in the first place? Qoslaye wants someone to steal True Somali Assets, i said it again True Somali Assets, and this dude is the perfect weapon to accomplish. Waxanoo miidhan baa iska nool oo soomaali kula sheeganaya.
  5. IsseRiyole;991684 wrote: It seems to me A Legit LTR, the question is why is he selected in the first place? Qoslaye wants someone to steal True Somali Assets, i said it again True Somali Assets, and this dude is the perfect weapon to accomplish. Waxanoo miidhan baa iska nool oo soomaali kula sheeganaya.
  6. Nin-Yaaban;991688 wrote: Its probably the other way around. English has existed much longer than Somali, probably hundred yrs longer. And we only came into contact with the English at the end of WW2 until 1960's. I don't think that's long enuff for them to learn Somali, incorporate it into their language, and then spread it in much of the rest of the world -- including the U.S and Australia. Also, Light = Leeyr (Nal). What's your proof for that statement? English is relatively new, with the most recent form of the language which would be intelligible to modern speakers dating back only to approx 1500 a.d. Old English (approx 500 a.d.-1000 a.d.) and Middle English (approx 1000a.d.-1500 a.d.) are so different from current English that they can essentially be deemed different languages. I doubt a current Somali nomad and a nomad from the 14 century would find themselves in a situation of mutual unintelligibility. We haven't had the waves of foreign immigration it would take to fundamentally change the structure and vocabulary of Somali, which was the case in England with the Normandy invasion in 1066 a.d. and the subsequent introduction of thousands of loan words from French into English.
  7. OdaySomali;990167 wrote: Bump! X-mas is around the corner. And once again there will be the question of X-mas parties. This time I am attending a X-mas party. I suppose people change in their attitudes. looool, what made u change your attitude?
  8. Wing Wizard;990019 wrote: To be honest, the present day Hijab is overrated, much like the polygamy, the diyah and many other traits we, men, use to oppress our sisters. This could be partly because of a) our assumption that anything from the Arabian Gulf is deen; or b) pure masculine arrogance. Somalis were Muslims for many centuries and our girls were wearing go' and garbasaar, and even those who weren't wearing go' and garbasaar were better Muslim girls than the Arab traditionalist women influenced by the ego centered Pan Wahabist men. Another Kaafir. You'll feel at home on SOL, unfortunately.
  9. Guje;990009 wrote: I want to write a psycho-analysis of I - clan , why they talk and act the way they do. i hope the admin is cool with it. Do it. I'd be interested to read it.
  10. Waaryaada, Xaaijiga iyo Buurahdeer soo kuwa seefta galka kala soo baxay, hayaay!!...Koonfurians-kiina kala carar, oo afkii baa juuqda gabay. Meesha wax baa ka dhacay looool.
  11. Khatar cadiim weeye threadkani. Keep it coming man, and like Mahiigaan said add other places and regions.
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;989719 wrote: Yeah why not sol is the most popular somali website and most read by foreigners. Do you have a problem with somaliland topics if u don't like them ur not forced to comment on it. Why don't u make khatumo topics since our khatumo nationalist libaan wen to shirki lol loool @ Liibaan went to shirkii. Liibaan iyo Aaliyahba la waa' (the two biggest supporters of Khaatumo). SOL Khaatumo threads ayay la ciirciiri jirtay haddase SL baa u saraysa.
  13. Kaluun don't listen these fools. Keep the threads coming, I personally find them interesting.
  14. Wadani


    Safferz;989651 wrote: Like I said, any point Apo may have had was lost in his crude and insensitive wording and his decision to attack Guje, rather than express sympathy and suggest a different perspective on the world. Depression is NOT a normal emotional state, occasional sadness is part of a healthy range of emotions, but chronic depression is a mental illness that requires intervention. And I absolutely will validate someone's feelings, hear them out and suggest they get the help they need if they are depressed and/or suicidal. +10000
  15. Safferz;989631 wrote: I interviewed him once, and it's amazing how sharp and lucid his mind still is at his age. He also personally knew my great, great, great grandfather, which was hilarious to me (I'm guessing when he was young, he may have seen him in old age) U did? Goorma?
  16. Alpha Blondy;989621 wrote: such hypocracy. sand-dweller supremo Abdi Warabe is alleged to be on the wrong side of a century lakinse he's a complete failure. :cool: ;) Haaji Cabdi Waraabe is the main pillar of peace in the northern Somali regions. This man has led a pious and peaceful life, and even forgave the killer of his own father after being sent by his clan with a rifle and a group of youth to get revenge. He not only forgave him but is now married to that mans daughter. He said in an interview that he never missed a prayer and has never committed zina in his entire 100 some odd years on this earth. He was also a proponent of education during the colonial era and was even sentenced to death at one point by the Sand-dweller Suldaan of the time who was a bitter enemy of the British, and who believed they would use these schools to prosetylize Somali children. Also, he has never taken part in clan wars or any camel raids, and said the only battles he's taken part in were defensive and to reclaim looted camels. Odaygu waa cajaaib wallahi.
  17. Haatu;989611 wrote: Yep. His politics might be iffy but the man has been blessed with cultural and linguistic knowledge. I enjoy his podcasts. Yes he is very knowledgeable, but the man and his friend Aw Faarax Jaamac have done a great crime against the Somali people with their hisotrical revisionism. As for Mandela, the man was 95...how can anyone be sad by his passing. He's done his work here on this earth and led a long long life.
  18. Haatu;989602 wrote: Koox wiilal ah iyo dhowr gabdhood Faarax Idaaja's VOA program eh? lol.
  19. Che -Guevara;989272 wrote: Somaliland or any other Somali entity does not have the resources or man to wage a long sustained conflict should if the tribes in any region decided to oppose their presence in any unified. One might be few battles, but they will eventually lose the war. I think we need to define what economic developments are, if you are suggesting foreign aid as means of development, then there is not much Somaliland can offer. Khaatumo can setup its own shop and vie for aid much like Somaliland, Puntland, and what ever land . then why hasn't it?
  20. Che -Guevara;989257 wrote: lol@big boy waad ismahadiseey Wadani Quick question, what economic benefits does Somaliland offer ? Not much, but it could definitely improve the eastern Sool and Sanaag regions which have for the most part missed out on the small but steady development taking place in the other regions. As for the claim that Somaliland is the big boy of the region i'm basing this on objective measures. Compared to Puntland we have stronger and better developed political insitutions, our military is bigger, better armed and more ogranized, and our state budget is much larger. Correct me if i'm wrong.
  21. Haatu;989225 wrote: That's a man under the barrel of a gun, this is a man who is saying this of his free will. Not the same. loooool. D-block xitaa marka loo tanaasulo way ku sii madax adeegayaan delusions-kooda. I told you we're all the same as Somalis and ur protesting. Kolkaa ma waxaad leedahay waad naga gobsantahay haddaad C@gdheer tihiin. Adeer dhiidhiibso yaanan taarikh kaa xishoodsiisa la soo kala bixine.