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  1. aero;759501 wrote: This is where your argument goes sour. I am not the one questioning God's existence. I very much know He exist and I am absolutely satisfied to have Him as my Creator and Sustainer. You're the individual with the questions and you're the one trying to prove something hence why I posed my question. Since you're so keen on getting answers out of Theists, I'd like to hear your end and would appreciate it if you answered the question. No, you're the one that's trying to prove God's existence. If you ask me, the way I see it is, you're telling us that you're believing something you have no prove of it's existence. I'm simply putting you and your so-called faith to the test. Can you or can you not prove that your God exists. Can you prove that the so-called stories in your Hadith aren't made up along the generations of the past?
  2. This people are complete morons. LOL Their arguments in defending their God's existence is so pathetic, they should be marched to the guillotine for their idiocy. LMAO One guy is over-obsessed with "Monday" a day of the week, after he couldn't prove the existence of his Allah. LMAO
  3. princesshafsa;759476 wrote: 15:9 We have, without doubt, sent down the Message; and We will assuredly guard it (from corruption). Inna nahnu nazzalna alththikrawa-inna lahu lahafithoona HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, I knew someone was going to use that verse. Anyone can write a verse that says "We will assuredly guard it (from corruption). Heck, if the same verse is found in the Christian Bible, you will definitely deny it's legitimacy. So, what makes you believe that this verse wasn't included in the Quran to make you think it isn't corrupt?
  4. I would have to say that 2011 was an amazing year for me. I've transformed my entire existence. I now see how I was blind ! 2011 I love you !
  5. sharma-arke451;759470 wrote: hahahaha meshaas kaga haay sxb. Then wait for your sense to come back. 1) prove is not a condition for the existance of something. 2) something can exist without a prove 3) failure to prove doesn't outrule the existance of something. Ibashal dude. Ps. I wonder how you believe you dont exist?? Is funny how the one that created you is nowhere to be found. LOL Have you ever asked yourself this, if the Quran was not written by your God nor was it written by your Prophet Muhammad, then...maybe...just maybe could it have been corrupted? According to the Muslims, the Quran was compiled during the time of Osman Ibn Affan and according to Muslims, Osman Ibn Affan wasn't a Prophet so he was not protected like the Prophets nor was your Prophet present during the reign of Osman Ibn Affan. Yes or No? Is it possible that the compilers of the Quran made a mistake? Prove that your God exists. Simple as that !
  6. sharma-arke451;759467 wrote: war ninyahow prove the monday you believe it exists, or else, dacaska imaqashii sxb. be man enough, and roll your psyche. What do you mean prove "Monday"? LMAO Monday isn't something that is alive. It isn't something that I pray to. Monday is a word for a particular day of the week. How do you want me to prove it?
  7. sharma-arke451;759463 wrote: what booby. Silly is the mind that believes in many things it can't prove, yet SINGLE's OUT THE CONCEPT OF GOD FOR TANGIBLE-SEEABLE(ITABSI ITUSI) PROOF. Yes, the Itabsi-Itus is the way forward. I'm not going to spend my entire life believing in a higher power that cannot be proven. You know, when I was young, I remember growing up listening to stories how "Allah" opens the doors to the nearest Heaven and let the rain fall into the Earth. But, as I grew up and learned science, I realized that the stories from childhood were a "bedtime", childish folklore. Now, we know how rain comes and it is definitely not when a "God opens up the Heavens". LOL
  8. sharma-arke451;759461 wrote: it is one thing to question and another to be sincere. You know monday?? Can you really prove it?? Huh? I'm not here to have a silly rebuttals with you, mate.
  9. aero;759458 wrote: Dare I ask, is there any "proof" disproving the existence of God? If so, I'd like to know. Knight of Wisdom, are you familiar with the Founding Fathers of the United States? Prove that God Exists. Prove that the Quran, Bible, Torah, or any Religious text isn't formulated by humans. The Muslims accuse the Christians to have a book that is corrupted, the Christians do the same thing and accuse the Jews and the Muslims. Lol,
  10. sharma-arke451;759456 wrote: Do tell me, what will that mean? I am saying, if i tell you something that exists, and you know it exists, but you can't prove, such thing will refute the argument that, all that exist must be proven, am i right?? Well, speak your mind first and I'll refute what you preach.
  11. aero;759455 wrote: Islam is strict only if you make it out to be one. You have to look at Islam or any other faith for that matter from a holistic point-of-view. Of course you can nitpick things here and there and end up complaining about it but have you ever delve into the core teachings of the faith to see what it really offers? Yes, I have. I've been adhering to Islam for over 3 decades. I know inside out what Islam is all about and I can proudly say without any contradictions that Islam is indeed very strict. It's teachings are controlled by very few, and those elite control the entire 1.5 billion other Muslims, they're way of life and they're way of thinking. A so-called Shiekh from Saudi Arabia would pass a "Fatwa" and he expects to have Brazilians to Chinese Muslims across the World to follow it. Islam is like the Soviet Union. It's encompasses a large percentage of the world's population and land, with an small elite that rules it with an iron fist. No disrespect to the Muslims.
  12. sharma-arke451;759453 wrote: What if i tell you something you believe it exists and yet you cannot prove What would that be?
  13. sharma-arke451;759450 wrote: So, do you mean, for anything to exist, it must be proved?? Yes ! Without the ability to prove the existence of God, would be suffice for me to completely reject any faith based on a higher deity.
  14. sharma-arke451;759444 wrote: by the way, is that another faith? What do you believe in?? I'm Anti-Religion. I believe in Free Mind, the ability to think for yourself and not be controlled, emotionally, psychologically and physically by people who uphold to scriptures that are supposedly from God or written centuries ago. Not a single human being can prove the existence of God or it's so-called Messengers. Religion isn't based on providing considerable empirical evidence to support that particular belief, but rather the mere "believe" that whatsoever is on that piece of paper is the "truth".
  15. sharma-arke451;759440 wrote: does it mean you ain't one of the adherents of islam?? Yeah. I recently left Islam for Atheism. I already told my family and they seem divided about my choice.
  16. Bluelicious;759433 wrote: They have the right to make rules and fight against alcholism in a muslim dominating country. We aren't christians who consume alcohol we should follow the rules set by God. Ps why are you avoiding me for the past couple of days, is there something if there is speak up i'm no mind reader! LOL, no. I'm just occupied with other things. Sorry, didn't meant to make you think I was avoiding you. As for "following the rules set by God", would that contradict your stay in Western Countries, where Alcohol and Non-Islamic way of life is the norm? I don't under you Muslims. You want to have everything your way miya? In a Muslim country, a non-Muslim cannot have the right to practice they way they wish to practice their life, but a Muslim should have a right in a Non-Muslim country?
  17. Johnny B, may I ask what is your perspective on religion?
  18. Xaaji Xunjuf;759420 wrote: Lol no its a It's a french supermarket chain called Casino not an actual Casino but they do have Casino's in Djibouti by the way Lol oh okay. Why not just call it a "Supermarket"? Leave the Casino signature for the Casinos.
  19. Good job. Finally, a Casino in the heart of a Muslim country. This is indeed FREEDOM !
  20. Never seen anything more strict than Islam and it's "way of life" concept. Nonetheless, I respect Islam and it's adherents (some that is).
  21. Horta, is there a prove that God exists? Is there a prove that a man by the name Muhammad once lived on Earth and he claimed to be a Prophet? Religion is based on believing the unknown. If you ask me, that isn't good enough to throw away all that I can do, to believe the unknown.
  22. Xaaji Xunjuf;759405 wrote: what about the self sufficiency in Somaliland . You had me there. LOL For the past 20 years, the British Government and the EU has been giving the SNM hundreds of millions of dollars in Aid. You are a Militia on Life-Support.
  23. Xaaji Xunjuf;759397 wrote: Knight of wisdom step by step yesterday it was gumeez than yagoori than adhicadeyee than laascaanood than gambadhe Rome was not build ine one day , the wars against the Garowe Clan enclave in sool in 2003 2004 back then the Somaliland national army was facing an army who had their bases in Somalia a neighboring country. This is not the case any more the garowe Clan enclave was removed from large parts of the sool region including the capital. they don't form a threat any more not at all and Faroole said it him self that he does not want war with Somaliland. Knight of wisdom winning a war is very easy with your Military might but winning the peace is another thing Somaliland is doing good so far now winning the peace President Siilanyo is sending the peace proposal to the garaad clan lots of Diplomacy taking place the widhwidh conference this the khatumo conference next month. This is now a Somaliland issue internal issues with in Somaliland and between Somalilanders. There are no external factors any more the last thing the Somaliland government wants is a popular up rise but this is unlikely because of the open Political Contests in Somaliland. And people are given the space to breath now with the ssc party being formed in Hargeysa keyse abdi yusuf defending ssc interest in hargeysa against accusations from the Kulmiye party Chairman. There is a long way to go but we are heading towards the right direction Somaliland in peace and harmony. Wa bilahi tawfiiq. LMAO, okay.