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  1. lady fatime is cool ...i like that name [This message has been edited by kashulty (edited 03-29-2002).]
  2. one luv to all mN peeps and somalian people everywhere.
  3. one luv to all mN peeps and somalian people everywhere.
  4. one luv to all mN peeps and somalian people everywhere.
  5. one luv to all mN peeps and somalian people everywhere.
  6. thanx my people, and i know it is kind of late, but happy eid an may allah bless u in the coming eids as well. one
  7. Waa salaamantihiin~ First of all, i want to say although i seen this debate get a lil heated from time to time, It is truly one of the good ones i seen on somali websites, so who eva started and participated in it so far, much probs to ya'all. Second i be honest wit ya'all, I havent read all tha replies ( lazy of me ) and i dont want to jump in out of nowhere, but i beleive i have sum idea of what you guys are debating about, and i would like to share what my view is on the subject ..that is if you dont. I will keep it as short as possible.... What i Know...Basics. (plez correct me if i am wrong on this" --Mr jibril an who eva on his side, are saying that Somali girls need to change the "Kibir" and nonsense that is not needed and learn how to interact with guys on at least "human level". --Some of the Ladies or maybe all are saying, We are somali, this is our culture, if you dont want us go find sum other girls, and besides you are saying this because you got dumped by a somali girl...an so on. this is at least the two i can clearly point out. Okey..what i am see'ing here guys is first of all...sum of you getting the topic of the debate wrong ....point is..the debate isnt on "wether somali girls are bad or not, clearly i see everybody saying Somali girls are Queens, however, the debate is on "HOw our queens Act, if they can ease up or not...u see" i hope that is st8 cuz many are just mixing the two. Moving on, Although this topic is being debated, i dont think (opinion) it is being debated throughly, meaning there isnt anyone addressin the pros',cons and why's properly. Example. If the girls actin this way...at least talk about why they do that...why it is good or bad, what are sum alternative or possible solutions. coming back. J's Opinion- Somali girls dont know how to act, if you approach them or get involved wit them they act too arrogant and sassy. They need to change behaving that way in order to better interact with their somali brothas. Or else the conclusion will be somali guys ending up with a nonsomali, who will better communicate wit them. simple* (jay u can correct me on this). -- My Opinion-Yes U are right, Our sistaz do act that way, and is mostly how we are raised. " Hadaadan wax isku falin, yaa wax kugu falaaya". kind of like meaning if u dont make urself expensive " or qaali" no one will value you. (sorry about the somali interpretation, i know it is kind of weak). Furthermore, Even sum of the guys are wit it, They like girls who have the "kibir" no doubt, it is Weird and it is our CULTURE>. But, The problem is, Mark my words, HOW YOU MAKE YOURSELF EXPENSIVE ladies!!!!! at least my opinion. TRUE- our sistaz should carry themselves (queen-like) and pick themselves from the ground and show us that there is NO other women like them in the whole wide world. WRONG- They shouldnt neglect and step on their brothaz on the way, while not giving them at least the chance to communicate wit them or address a friendly fashion or Treat them how they suppose to be treated. Example, if a brotha give yu compliment, or smile and approaches you, Watch your action!, and treat him as if he was your brotha, same goes fo tha guys, as ur sista. ( i know many of ya'all prolly would aggree but wont really do it, it is ok) ok, now u know where i stand, let me suggest a possible solution to this. SOLUTION- Girls, we are your brothas, your fathers, maybe in the future your sons. You have to try understanding us, because if you dont , we will be your other half that you will always be missing. I know sum brothas might be This and That, but it is you that can make us strong, So dont let us down and at least show us You there. Meaning, it doesnt hurt if u are nice to a brotha, I promise you he will respect you to the fullest, even if things dont work out or click baliiv me . it is all personality we talking here, nobody sayin sleep around and hug up on any brotha u see. So, if u aint that type of sista that is constanly trippin, disregard this, and if you are memba we luv ya, that's why we askin ya to chill.. Okey if i write more i think, I can turn this in as of my Essay papers..lol, so ama just Leave ya'all wit Peace, Love and Happiness. Soomali hanoolato! one
  8. "if you aint got luv, then what you got?" quote by kashulty remember that. [This message has been edited by kashulty (edited 03-12-2002).]
  9. do the math. Yow i travel around the world with so many faces,admired an luved by all kinds of races u see me hidden behind most of ya agendas involved in all tha cases.an if u roll wit me i could take you to the best of places...who a(M) i? i am the one that made your father lie your mother cry, and ask yourself why? u cant have me...n(O) I am the reason you get up in the morning, the reason your life is so boring, yet you consider me the joy of life. can you blame me. (N)ow I could be your enemy or your best friend, tommorow a complete stranger, Hurt you at your worse times when you need me the most, kick you out and disrespect you, yet you still come back and hold me against your heart. u n(E)ed me Where ever you go, where ever you are, i am just another form of chain. another form of pain. you can use me as a weapon. or you can use me as a sheild. But once i get to your head..it is over for (Y)ou ... *love
  10. This here is tha creative corna, What is on ya mind?...write it in ya own style. ------------------ [This message has been edited by kashulty (edited 02-08-2002).]