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  1. Aaliyyah;869282 wrote: What does that even mean?? an institution that has outlived its usefulness? care to elaborate on that?.. It's an expression of the belief that marriage has no moral or practical relevance in modern society. It says that marriage has only normative value in today's society, and so it's 'an institution that has outlived its usefulness'. In simpler terms: Che is a hippie! Hehe!
  2. Garnaqsi


    NGONGE;868468 wrote: “xita hadaan diiday, maxa danbiga aniga la ii saari laha? Adiga maxay kuu qabsan waayeen?” “anigu waan rogi laha” Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I love this answer. A deep issue in moral philosophy is raised in here. :cool:
  3. Che are you the first Somali scientologist? Rich *******!
  4. Ms MoOns -- Cool! Congrats! :]
  5. beiousBlueli;869225 wrote: Don't you feel awkward when you say something like that? Most men don't appreciate such thing coming from another man. I think you have gone on a completely different context now. How many male journalists have you seen describe Cristiano Ronaldo as handsome/attractive? How many male writers have described Oscar Wilde or George Best as such? A prime minister was described as attractive here and anyone who thinks that shouldn't be done by a man has something insecure about their sexuality.
  6. Mooge;868988 wrote: loool@attractive. how do you know ninyoow? loool. let us say it is better to let the ladies be the judge when it comes to the looks of other men. Bootylicious is a lovely woman and she can make that judgement. You can say another man is attractive unless you have issues with your own sexuality.
  7. Garnaqsi;826541 wrote: On a personal note, I consider Alexander Grothendieck the greatest genius alive! Word is that a proof the so-called abc conjecture (along with proofs of many other conjectures including Szpiro's conjecture and Vojta's conjecture) has been published by a Japanese mathematician using a type of algebraic geometry that Grothendieck invented! Respect to the Japanese guy -- this stuff is pretty hard to use at all let alone utilise it to such a degree. I heard the proof runs in more than 500 dense pages. So much for the genius of Alexander Grothendieck. The guy pisses all over Newton and Einstein and makes their work look like child's play and Coofle was proposing Imām ash-Shafi'i for comparison! Such injustice!
  8. Apophis;868102 wrote: That's the law and we follow it closely :cool: LOL @ and we follow it closely.
  9. Apophis;867877 wrote: Hardly "bodies raining down on London". Sounds something that The Daily Mail would write after finding out the story. They make careers out of creating terrifying headlines prophesying end of the world. I've been watching a new satirical comedy the other night where a reporter called Dale Maily wears a Kevlar flak jacket to one of those occupy movements and sends out a live report where he takes things to gargantuan proportions warning of hippies overtaking the world and thanks the security guards for keeping the world save from the hippies. I think it's called The Revolution Will Be Televised - it's on iplayer/BBC3. It's all too funny and absurd. You should check it out if you get bored.
  10. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;846966 wrote: Qamriga ayaa ka wada xun but somehow gaalada qamri caadi ayee ka dhigeen. Not true. Smoking is far more dangerous than drinking.
  11. Naxar Nugaaleed;864403 wrote: Perhaps it's op's foult but the discussion has turned a problem in Somalia to personal issues. In my opinion, if may join the fray for a moment, it's always better to have fewer children no matter where you are. Your super mom or super dad as much as some like to think so. With fewer children, you can concrete all your energy in raising one or two, inabling your children to better chance to compete for schools and jobs. You have ten kids, let's be honest, Waa iskoris. Who gonna be able to fare better, a kid whose parents who went every after school activity, was tutored and sent to summer reading camps or a kid whose didn't even have the time let alone the money for any of that. You can buy car for two kids, but ten? You can set up savings for two but not ten. That's that, what we are saying in Somalia is different, you have ten kids because your almost sure half if not more will survive. there is strong correlation between societal development and a decrease in children, we are no where near that. The focus should be schools, basic health services and infrastructure for now. Listen to Naxar here, guys. He makes so much sense.
  12. Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaar;864153 wrote: We were 22 siblings. That could explain lots of things.
  13. Bluelicious;864108 wrote: I like their videos too they are educational. You are a Jessie J fan are you? Big time! I'm into mainstream music these days. My friends think I'm losing my taste.
  14. When the sale comes first and the truth comes second just stop for a minute and smile! Good video, though. I like the other videos in that channel as well. Many thanks.
  15. LOL @ the OP dragging atheists into this then complaining. Apophis;863587 wrote: lol "objection, that's hearsay!!" Oh, brilliant!
  16. Indeed! :D :D (Half-season, though). Although, I have to say I was having chills the whole time Walt was at Jesse's place!
  17. Somalia;863650 wrote: Korean Movie called Old Boy. Hong Kong Movie called Internal Affairs Brazilian Movie called City of God Brazilian Movie called Elite Squad Danish Trilogy called Pusher French Movie called A Prophet Anyway, I could go on and on but those you want to check out, thank me later. :eek: Pusher and Elite Squad are the only two I haven't seen! :cool:
  18. Best dance/club song of 2011... Best dance/club song of 2012...
  19. N.O.R.F;861222 wrote: As long as he hasn't changed from another team like just about every Arsenal and Chelsea fan its fine. What!? It was my impression that glory hunters either support Man United or Liverpool, and largely the former. How many Man United/Liverpool supporters also support X team in Italy, and Y team in Spain? These two enjoy the largest international fanbase in English football, who almost always support multiple clubs. Changing from one club to another doesn't happen with local fans (fan loyalty is really big thing in English football) but probably does happen with international fans, and so what you said is probably more true of Liverpool fans than Chelsea or Arsenal fans (and more true of Manchester United and Real Madrid than other clubs).
  20. I once had an Indian classmate called Harshit.