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  1. I am not afraid of Cockroach and I'm a woman.
  2. Never go in business with friends or family. It's better for you to build a business relationship with a colleague or something who knows more about Business.
  3. oba hiloowlow;913650 wrote: hey idol how u doin? Hi hilowle. How are you? were you banned from snet?
  4. This is the longest running topping ever.
  5. idol


    Howdy folks. It's wonderful day today. There's fresh snow on the ground. I just had a cup of hot chocolate. How's your day so far?
  6. Hiloowle hi darling lool.
  7. Howdy folks. Hope all is well. Menace count down your days in this site. I already informed my clans men.
  8. idol

    Welcome me.

    Somalia;835631 wrote: If I was you, I'd rewrite your comment before the admin sees it ..... I did Thank you
  9. idol

    Welcome me.

    Stop ruining my thread.
  10. idol

    Who's who?

    Naxar Nugaaleed;835388 wrote: A much deserved thank you to the Admin, please keep up the good work. Hater alert. Long live the king.
  11. idol

    Who's who?

    Aaliyah, KingofKings was my big brother. I'm deeply saddened by his banishment.
  12. Was he permanently banned? This is not fair.
  13. Hold up now, We are not talking about my relatives, people think we are Greeks, with our beautiful features.