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  1. 2 hours ago, Old_Observer said:



    Observer, in the last 30 years, Sudan accepted a large number of Somali students ... educating doctors, engineers and scientists at a high number. Sudan has been great to us. I was delighted to see Erdogan visit Sudan. 


    Duufaan, Somalia can learn a lot from Sudan. Even though Sudanese society is less fractured, Somalia can still use the Sudanese model for development. We have a huge potential for mining. 

  2. Great discussion!


    Ilaahay ha u naxariisto inta dhimatay. For a while I was struggling to understand Villa Somalia's petty political intrigues around "mucaarad" and "mooshin".  The hard rhetoric from government officials seemed misplaced  because "mooshin"  has been the bread and butter of Somalia parliamentarians for a decade. In fact, the MPs start working on their first motion to sack the government the night after presidential elections.  I didn't understand what Kheyre's fixation was all about.   We now know Villa Somalia felt very threatened by the opposition groups. 


    My father used to say that our leaders never "win" when innocent lives are lost and there is bloodshed. He is right. It is a big loss for Farmaajo and his team. 


    We shall see ...



  3. Eyl is an important city with an amazing weather due to its unique geographical locations. I am sure development will follow the completion of the Garowe-Eyl road which is one of the main projects the Puntland government is working on.  




  4. Quote

    A lot has been written about the tragedy inflicting Somalia. Unfortunately, the current problems are not unique. Many countries currently or over the centuries suffered a similar fate. The solution is relatively easy to formulate but difficult to implement. Often, many scholars misinterpret the lessons of history and successful countries by focusing on "colonialism," "tribalism" or the mythical "civil society." A successful solution to the current Somali crisis must depend on creating a government structure that uses the inherent strengths of Somalis: (1) a deep devotion to Islam, (2) a fierce sense of individual liberty and (3) the clan system of providing social services.



    We often assume that the Somali crisis can be explicated through the prism of a singular event or a random trigger. Our propensity to perceive the crisis as either predictable/continuous or a combination of accidents and random events, is driven by our two-dimensional tendency to rationalize things as either orderly developments we can understand, or a completely random enigma / “Ilaahay qadartiis”.  If one truly digs deep into our upheaval, you can’t but realize the societal collapse was a result of a complex mixture of socio-trends, predictable patterns, random and semi-random events. Before the initial triggers in 1990, one could argue there were some underlying socio-political and economic movements that should have been seen as creating or relevant to the collapse, but one should not ignore the myriad other contravening trends including government strategies in place to deter easy collapse of public order. In other words, the spontaneous collapse of the country at that particular period, was driven by a combination of random and predictable events.  


    And that brings me to a possible solution!  Instead of prescribing panacea based on a singular perceived illness, we should instead formulate socio-economic, political and cultural therapy to trigger a healing trend from the current starting point, knowing that the recovery still encompasses random downward trends, setbacks and mini-crisis, as long as the long-term trend achieves the broad positive objective of transforming the country towards a lasting stability.  


    The following graph conveys my message more clearly.