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  1. The miseducation of Apophis. He needs to learn alot about the land of the Somalis.
  2. Farmaajo needs to be very carful here. Sometimes the government should know its limits. Madoobe can't be removed through civil war destruction.
  3. I haven't seen Galbeedi for days. Soo noqo adoo nabada Galbeedi.
  4. Kenya is the new scam capital of Africa. The Kikuyas are picking up the game so fast, the country will be unrecognizeable very soon. Turks being conned by gold scammers in Kenya - World News WWW.HURRIYETDAILYNEWS.COM Turks are among the many foreign nationals being deceived by gold scamming syndicates in Kenya, the Turkish embassy in Nairobi said on Sept. 20.
  5. What is "team Abiy" doing wrong?
  6. This is now making sense. The UAE menace is running out of steam.
  7. I like the Djibouti-Borama-Jigjiga road. Do we know when that will start? Galbeedi knows a lot of things average SOLer doesn’t know. I personally always appreciate his take on issues.
  8. Pretty sad to see people like Dauvd peddling falsehood to become relevant on useless social media circles. Sharing government with another Somali is far more beneficial for the average Gabiley Somali than becoming subservient to Oromo hordes.
  9. What is the reason for cancellation again? I didn't get it.
  10. This is quite sophisticated. Man, how do the Saudis deal with the ragtag Houthis. Aramco IPO is in peril.
  11. Kenyans are spreading propaganda and fear. Somali population is growing, but so are the other communities. As Somalis become wealthy, they too will have less kids.
  12. Somaliland is facing troubling instability lately and Puntland is taking full advantage of this. Mr. Bihi has no one to blame but himself.
  13. MMA, you are always hard on OO. Old_Observer is a very thoughtful supporter of the independence of the Somali race no matter where they call home. He is almost always right on matters relating to Somali politics.
  14. Any information on this? It sounds straight from the movies.
  15. This could be a game changer in the grand scheme of power play. Qatar | UAE | Saudi Arabi chess game.
  16. @Miskiin-Macruuf-Aqiyaarwhat do you think about the latest Ethiopian fiasco?
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    We need a plan. Sidaan si maaha.
  18. I agree with Galbeedi. This is ridiculous.
  19. Alshabab invested early in having agents everywhere. They have an army of inactive members dormant and waiting to strike any moment. These inactive members are in academia, government, school, business, military. They gather information, monitor activities and when it is the right time, the killer explodes. Who goes first? It is either random or scheduled. It can be both. They will call the inactive member suddenly and tell the person he/she must kill or be killed. Poor terrorist then decides might as well die "going to Jannah" than become dead "kafir". The Somali nation needs to be saved. This will never end. We need a real plan to clean up the mess.
  20. I wouldn't be surprised if the Somali community is also targeted by these extremists.
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    That is a very startling information you posted Xamaraawi. I don't know what to say either. I read the whole twitter thread from the Journalist and it is very disturbing what our country is going through right now. May Allah save the nation.
  22. No one else moves except him.
  23. Saaxil looks nice in that picture. Are you sure it is not some other country? Somaliland is mostly semi-desert.