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  1. Ambassador James C. Swan is a Senior Advisor in ASG’s Africa practice, drawing on his long career as a diplomat working in and with countries facing complex political transitions to help the firm’s clients navigate in overseas markets. Previously, Ambassador Swan served as U.S. Ambassador to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), where he guided a team of more than 125 diplomats, military personnel, and development professionals – along with more than 400 Congolese staff – during a period of intense U.S. diplomacy that saw the defeat of the M23 rebel group, increased international support for governance and stabilization programs, and a negotiated political settlement that averted a violent conflict at the end of the DRC President’s constitutional mandate. Ambassador Swan also served as U.S. Special Representative for Somalia. During his tenure, the U.S. government formally recognized the Somali government for the first time in more than 20 years. Previously, he was Ambassador to Djibouti, where he led a significant increase in U.S. military cooperation with Djibouti while also expanding U.S. support to the health, education, and governance sectors. In addition to his postings overseas, Ambassador Swan served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs in Washington, DC, where he managed U.S. policies and programs in 23 central and east African countries. He also was Director of African Analysis in the State Department’s Bureau of Intelligence and Research. In this role, he served as principal liaison on African issues between the U.S. Department of State and the intelligence community. Earlier in his career, Ambassador Swan held assignments as Deputy Chief of Mission in Kinshasa, DRC and Brazzaville, Republic of Congo; Desk Officer for Congo/Zaire; Political Officer in Somalia, Cameroon, and Nicaragua; and Consular Officer in Haiti. Before joining the Foreign Service, he worked as a Management Analyst in the Office for Civil Rights at the U.S. Department of Education. Ambassador Swan holds a B.Sc. degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University’s School of Advanced International Studies, and a Master’s in Security Studies from the National War College. He speaks fluent French. He is based in Nairobi, Kenya.
  2. I think Farmaajo doesn't have Gooni's genes.
  3. Ethiopian ka ku Nool Jigjiga Oo Diiday Inay Canshuurta Bixiyaan Dadka itoobiyaanka ah een somaalida ahayn ayaa gabi ahaanba ku gacansaydhay inay bixiyaan lacagta canshuurta ah ama dakhliga dawlada iyagoo ku andacoonaya in hantidoodii la dhacay dawladuna ayna mag dhaw siinin. Dadka ethopianka ah ee jigjiga kunool ayaad moodaa inay dhacdadii 4 August. U noqotay ID ay ku meel maraan oo siiyay xuquuq dheeraada oyna haysanin shacabka somaalida ah ee ku dhaqan magaalada jigjiga. Sida inaan xataa la baadhin, xaafadahooda gaadiidkooda, iyo ganacsigooda toona, waxaa kale ood dareemaysaa inayna wax xushmad ah u haynin hayada amniga ee dawlada. ganacsatada axmaarada u badan ee jigjiga ka shaqaysata waxay ka ganacsadaan noocayada kala duwan ee kootarabaanka oo waxay alaabta kasoo gaataan wajaale oo canshuur kama bixiyaan liisamo ganacsina malaha isla markaana ma ogola dakhliga iska caadiga ah ee muwaadin kasta laga qaado inay bixiyaan. Waxaa intaa dheer intii isbadalku dhacay waxay aad usoo galiyaan dalka iyo deegaankaba hubka sharci darada ah Drugs- / daraagiska sida khamrada xashiishada iwm, taas oo saamayn wayn kule amniga iyo mustaqbalka dhalinyarada deegaankaba, waana arinta keentay inay sare u kacdo danbiyada madaniga ah, sida tuugada, jaynaa guruubyada, dhalintaas oo u badan kuwa balwadu qafaalatay ee waxbarashada ka baxaayoobay.
  4. Now that is how you perform Umrah like a boss.
  5. Galbeedi never rambles saxib. His thoughts are always organized.
  6. lol@malnourished. Sarcasm noted.
  7. I must admit, Mr. Madoobe is looking presidential there for a minute.
  8. lol. If you are trying to sniff tribal lineage, waad wareeri saxiib. You didn't answer the question. Gabadhu ma reerkaa, as in your family? BTW, Mr. Alba is a talented black man. Let us stop glorifying whiteness.
  9. I have not seen Apophis write in Somali. I know Haatu is a true Kenyan Somali.
  10. Saudi Arabia's Mohammed bin Salman spent £354million on 'fake' Leonardo Da Vinci The Salvator Mundi was purchased by a buyer acting on behalf of The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, it is believed The Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia is thought to have splashed out $450million (£354m) on what could be a fake Leonardo da Vinci painting. In November 2017 The Salvator Mundi was sold as one of fewer than 20 known works of the Italian master. It was later revealed that the buyer was Prince Badr bin Abdullah al Saud, a minor Saudi royal thought to be acting on behalf of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman. Ben Lewis, an art historian who has written a book about the painting, suggested the royal suddenly upped his offer from $370million to $400million because he thought the Qatari royal family was outbidding him. It would later come to light that Chinese billionaire Liu Yiqian was actually the one providing competition. Worse was to come for the royal family. Since it was included in a major da Vinci exhibition at London's National Gallery in 2011, questions have been raised about the painting's origins. The damage left by over-painting and restoration attempts meant the painting was hard to analyse. Rumours began to swirl about its provenance in the months before the auction, leading the two billionaire bidders to raise the price to a historical high in the race to get their hands on a genuine da Vinci. Many art historians remained unconvinced however, arguing the lack of warping around the orb in Christ's hand was uncharacteristic of an artist of da Vinci's callibre. When the Louvre Abu Dhabi cancelled plans to display the painting just two weeks before the exhibition was due to start, many took that as an admission that the painting was not the work of the master, but his pupil. Now its owners have been dealt another blow. Curators at the Louvre in Paris have privately decided to label the painting "from the workshop" of da Vinci. The move would massively devalue the world's most expensive painting, with experts suggesting it would fetch about $1.5 million (£1.18m) if auctioned again. Mr Lewis told a crowd at the Hay Festival: "My inside sources at the Louvre, various sources, tell me that not many Louvre curators think this is an autograph [real] Leonardo da Vinci and if they did exhibit it, they really want to exhibit it as 'workshop'. "So it is very unlikely it will be shown because the owner of this picture cannot possibly lend it to the Louvre Paris and see it exhibited as ‘Leonardo workshop’ - its value will go down to somewhere north of $1.5m. "If a picture cannot show it's face, that is really damning for the art world. It is almost like it has become the Saudi's latest political prisoner."
  11. Mpesa is the Kikuya way of dominating business?
  12. Somaliland Hawalas are Somali businesses and they need to thrive and excel. I pray the Kikuya dogs don't target these important Somali businesses.
  13. Is the new Abtigiis appointed Governor from Puntland tribes? I wonder if the new Governor has anything to do with the capture of this dabodhilif prison ward?
  14. Tigrays are still the power elites. OO knows the truth. Abiye has become a total puppet as expected and the Amharas are furious he has not turned against the Tigray elites.
  15. Thanks for the clarification. I didn't know that.
  16. I think Deni seems a decent guy with genuine intentions to help the country. Farmaajo and his friends are the troublemakers this time.
  17. No SOLer would ever offer advice on this kind of topic. You are out of luck lady. It is a different crowd.
  18. Mona is a national hero. I am sending her my Ramadan blessings. Guulayso walaal!!
  19. This was probably a silly game played by a silly intern working at the ministry. Sounds like that socking stunt few years ago.