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  1. Holac

    Puntland Election: Gas Is Done For

    This election has very little to do with Farmaajo. He may distribute Qatari money here and there to some candidates, but at the end of the day, Puntlanders have achieved great political maturity over the last 20 years that it is impossible for that region to become subservient to Mogadishu. If the allegations of meddling are true, I have no doubt Farmaajo is wasting his money.
  2. Are you saying he is the lafta-gareen of Puntland? lol
  3. Care is still recruiting new members for his camp.
  4. He is indirectly blaming Farmaajo.
  5. Why do we even have this post? Somali government must demand that this post be eliminated by the UN. This is not a caretaker government.
  6. Holac

    US GOVT says Somalia unsafe for US citizens

    Xaaji strongly believes the warning applies only to the Republic of Koonfuria.
  7. The union influence should slowly be expanding to every inch of Somalia without harming the people and property of Somaliland. This should never be a zero sum game. Anything less than a peaceful integration, is repeating the old mistakes. The Somali people have learned their lesson.
  8. We have failed state in our hands, my friends. This guy was supposed to save Ethiopia from self destruction.
  9. Holac

    US GOVT says Somalia unsafe for US citizens

    Xaaji, when the State Department mentions Somalia, it is talking about the entire country including our beloved Somaliland. For the Yankees, the distinction is not there.
  10. When will the new Somali musicians drop the fake programmed keyboard sounds and go back to the original guitar, trumpet, drums used by talented musicians?
  11. Farmaajo seems to fancy the Ethipia/Ertirea axis more than the Uganda/Brunundi bunch.
  12. @Abtigiishas his hands full. How many wars is he leading? Dalmar, saxiib naga yaree bahasha.
  13. Rooboow is out or is about to be out.
  14. MMA, what happens to Roobow now? Is he going to be sent to Guantanamo? Reer Baydhabo are honest people. Roobow completely forgot that Famaajo and Kheyre will do anything for political survival.
  15. Right on Oodweyne. Spoke like a true Somali nationalist. We must not allow Somali lands be robbed by the marauding Oromos. That tiny accomplishment may unfortunately define Abtigiis's legacy because of the situation the Somalis find themselves in at the moment.
  16. Spot on. Ghuelleh is shrewd calculator waiting for the opportunity to spit on his enemies.
  17. Oodweyne, the speech was a direct attack on the current occupant of that office, Mr. Gaas. It was joy to watch Mr Camey holding nothing back. Gaas is a failure in my opinion.
  18. I am beginning to imagine Abtigiis is playing games with our SOL diplomat Oodweyne who is close with Mr. Bihi's inner circle. Abtigiis must be reading all of Oodweyne's posts and criticism. This is more than fascinating.
  19. This is probably the most difficult period for Somaliland as far as diplomatic outreach/recognition is concerned? I don't think Somaliland ever experienced this before. The Horn is changing.
  20. Yaab. They were playing their Arab games and then Trump surprises them last minute.
  21. Holac

    RIP Awil Dahir Salad

    Who was he?
  22. Gobweyn, Jubbada Hoose, Somalia.