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  1. Holac

    Ethiopia's new consul general to Puntland

    Let us welcome our friend OO to Puntland.
  2. I total agree with Tillamook. All this posturing for a second term is nothing short of a comedy. Farmaajo is better off not wasting Somali people's time on useless stunts.
  3. That is a huge win for the rebel Colonel. Unbelievable.
  4. Holac

    Another day, another reality dawns

    @Oodweynewas very sure this project will become a game changer and DP world was very serious. Today, we see nothing other than a rebranded existing infrastructure.
  5. Galbeedi, Tillamook is a reasonable guy. This time he's fallen for the bait. Not good. Anyways, Deni is spending heavy here to legitimize himself after buying the election with 30 million dollars financed partially by Damjadiid bankrollers. I can assure you that he will get his money back, including the money he is spending today to charter fly all the unscrupulous characters from their bunkers, by taxing the hell out of old ladies selling candy in Bosaso markets. It is amazing how Puntland has fallen on hard times.
  6. A failed state wasting money it doesn't have.
  7. @Abtigiisis fighting for his political life. He can be gone any minute.
  8. Thanks OO. Sadly, Somali life has no worth. Just like all other investigations, this is another fake one.
  9. Holac

    An Ethiopian column destroyed near Baydhabo

    Bay and Bakool people are dad sharaf leh. One day the people there will get the strength to completely overrun the occupying enemy.
  10. When is the action coming?
  11. Holac

    Is Puntland dead?

    With so many blows, the latest being buylection of Deni, I am just asking the question laga wada xishoonayo.
  12. Holac

    Is Puntland dead?

    Galbeedi waa xalaal-quute xasuus iyo xarbi badan, xog badanna haya. Xumaan ka foq ninkaasi.
  13. Holac

    Is Puntland dead?

    Xaaji, piracy is a crime. Don't call me a criminal. Tillamook, you are still in the xishood mode. The question still stands.
  14. Holac

    Dance in lower juba

  15. Holac

    Qirasho cusub

    Brave and honest
  16. Kurds are the most wrongly indoctrinated ethnic group in the Middle East.
  17. Holac

    On behalf of Abtigiis

    Abtigiis, where are you?
  18. Give the man a chance. He could leave great legacy behind unlike others before him.
  19. Holac

    Villa Somalia is happy, only Madoobe left

    Damjadiid vs Nolol iyo Nabad. The battle for survival is on.
  20. Holac

    Morning Thread

    Shaking off some cold. Work is going crazy. I feel bless though as I have a trip to Mexico almost planned. What is going on in your world?