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  1. After watching the video, listening to the voice of the presenter, I couldn't help but think about the article on how to become a dictator HOW TO BECOME A DICTATOR RULE #5 Create and defeat a common enemy. Dictatorships feed on wars and other external threats because these justify their existence. To attract support, the ruler must be perceived as a defender. Democratic rulers find this tactic more difficult to adopt because most wars are unpopular with voters. This is actually from Phychology Today website. “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” — Winston Churchill
  2. Smart move that allows him to govern longer and survive attacks from the Amhara.
  3. It is very obvious Mr. Bihi was desperate for any opportunity to meet with Abiy.
  4. AOC under fire for giving her boyfriend a congressional email account to look at her calendar | Daily Mail Online WWW.DAILYMAIL.CO.UK The congressional newcomer was forced to defend her actions on Twitter after a picture of Riley Roberts' official House email address went viral.
  5. Holac

    Dear Mogadishu,

    Too many of these roam around Mogadishu. Somali Wild Dog
  6. Holac

    Ilham Omar

  7. Why don't the Oromos like the term Galla, I wonder.
  8. Holac

    Ilham Omar

    I said it before. She is going to continue. This is the beginning. There is no point in sitting behind the rows silent and irrelevant. You might as well use the limelight while you have it and create a name for yourself. For the President of the United States to be uttering her name and attacking her rounds up the cruel irony. The little refugee Somali girl is that powerful because she refused to stay quiet or be dismissed. Well done Ilhan!!!!
  9. It is getting bad for Mr. Bihi. He has a legitimacy problem.
  10. The only areas surveyed through actual exploration is in Puntland and Somaliland. All other claims are based on pure conjecture.
  11. Holac

    Where’s Farmaajo?

    They actually placed him in the last row. Amhara and their Oromos asxaan ma leh.
  12. Holac

    This Ilhan woman is confused.

    Ilhan Omar is brilliant. Everyone in the world knows the name of this Somali refugee. She calculated her tweets, never going all the way, but saying just enough to generate debatable contraversy about a topic that means something to her as a Muslim. She knows exactly what she is doing. She is creating a name for herself as a politician willing to push the limits. If the media heads attack her viciously, she can easily flip the chairs on them and cry Islamaphobia and racism. He is not very easy to attack. She is not afraid. I do have to admit that she likes the media and wants to be seen as a fiesty muslim, black, immigrant woman. She wants to stay relevent. Don't fall for the shallow defeatist talking points from the media. She actually acomplished her goals with the veiled tweets. The beauty of all is that, she is not done yet. She will say something "borderline contraversial" again just to create another contraversy. It may be a different subject, but it will blow up in the media again. I love it. Remember Rashida's "impeach the motherf***" comment against Trump? She became instant household name.
  13. It is shameful. I don't believe cagjar will say or do anything. He is busy plotting his next survival move.
  14. Holac

    Look at Main Targets of the New Admin in Kililka

    Stunning statement. Abtigiis guy is a total Amhar wannabe. For him to belittle the long term aspirations of millions of Somalis from all clans, Abtigiis demonstrated to all of us that he is nothing more than a dabadhilif puppet unable to understand the struggles of Somali galbeed. What a world we live in.
  15. Instead of tackling corruption, Farmaajo's government perfected the art of qawda magashii using social media reps. It is all a façade. Let us build a party with Galbeedi and get rid of these scumbags.
  16. Holac

    Sheikh Mohamed released from Saudi Jail

    They kept him longer than their own princes. He should immediately leave SA and go back to Addis.
  17. Where did Abtigiis live before he went to Jigjiga? I don't think he lived in Europe or America. The Kilil is very complicated. Only Illey-like personality can succeed governing it. It is slowly becoming a failed state and the Oromo horders are waiting in the wings to take advantage when it falls.
  18. Holac

    Farmaajo with his Somali body guards

    When I see these men in sweaty suits and dark sunglasses, I am reminded of Kim Jong-un's men.
  19. Museveni, the tyrant dictator, is a symbol of African failure himself. He failed his country the longest by denying the Ugandan people basic freedom for more than 30 years, while his family steals the country's wealth. He needs to look at himself in the mirror.
  20. Holac

    Another secessionist dream shattered

    As long as it doesn't pass through Oromo land, there is no difference between having it go through Somaliland or Djibouti.