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    Ladif, your q does not make sense! If translated it basically asks 'why a young girl who is a guest was fingered'. Apology for to the faint-hearted. But care to explain your googaa. Here is one: Waax dhaliin oo dhalaan badaan.
  2. Bloom, walaal Congrats on your new post. Life in Dubai is less expensive than that of the UK/Europe. If you intend to work there for the long term ie more than 10 years than perhaps you should consider purchasing a property unless your employer intends to pay for your rent. Property in UAE is well below market value in comparison to existing markets ie UK. Although not essential it would be beneficial to learn Arabic. Having a UK passport will open few more doors for you compare to Asian/African one. Transport is improving with the tram lines under construction and taxi fares are reasonable. Lakiin expect rush hour traffic which is unpleasant under such temperature particularly June-August period. I have been to Dubai 3 times and each time the local were very friednly and helpful. The Job market is currently booming due to investment pouring into the country and regeneration. There is a flux of Somali from Europe and America migrating to UAE hence social life is bound to be lively. I too insha Alah hope to move and work there.
  3. What can I say, the brother totally impressed.
  4. Born in the month of Muharram, Tuesday. I much prefer this Islamic date. Shukran Aisha.
  5. Teardrop


    Really? He must have had a small part cos he definitely did not grab my attention in Gladiator. Although, I did find that movie quite dull.
  6. Not sure about the rest but my vote for... goes to: Best citizen : Nur Most knowledgeable : Nur Most Eloquent : Nur Best poster : Nur Most helpful : Nur
  7. Teardrop


    Yeb that's him. Although I have never seen him act before. Lakiin he did superb work.
  8. What pleasure does one gain from smoking shisha? Does it realise a 'happy' hormone?
  9. Teardrop


    I too saw Blood Diamond and I absolutely loved it. The way the story unfolded was a masterpiece. I though the supporting actor was great and very sexy.
  10. The more colour the better, I would say. Why wear dull clothes such as black and grey norm colour worn by Somali men. It's good to mix colours rather than wear a black suit with white/blue shirt. Bright colour appropriately matched indicate a dearing and creative individual.
  11. LOL. That's so hilarious. At least the boy knows his stuff and just cos he can shake much better than many girls let alone guys it does not make him gay. Perhaps he prefers niiko to break dancing.