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  1. NIN YAABAN "Smart man + smart woman = romance" that i dig! you see what i am saying
  2. AL - AZHAR Mosque was laid foundation on 14 Th of Ramadan 359 H, (971 A.D). it was built in two years nearly, the first prayer was dine on 7 Th of Ramadan 361. H, on 988 A.D it became a university in which taught different sciences, and religious & mental arts> it was named by AL - AZHAR attribution to “Fatimah AZAHRAA” prophet Muhammad’s daughter" (on whom be peace and blessings of Allah) whom Fatimids were attributed. More than one thousand years have elapsed since the foundation of AL - AZHAR which has remained by Allah’s will the impregnable stronghold and mainspring for the sciences of Muslim Jurisprudence and Arabic Language, ever end favoring to propagate them in the various Islamic countries for the maintenance of Islam and the advantage of Muslims. Its role:- AL - AZHAR has successfully stemmed through the preservation of the cultural heritage of Islam, the devoted preoccupation with its study, elucidation and propagation. AL - AZHAR enable to spread here and there the rays of guidance, emanating from the rowans pastilles of AL - AZHAR have been the warring the course atheism, the procession of deviation, the doctrine of subversion, the missionary campaigns, and the rising tide of anarchy and decadence. go to this site if you need to check anything about islam religion. http://www.islamfortoday.com/alazhar.htm
  3. i rather do assembly programming than to decipher this language og_moti. thats some encryptic lingo! lol..brother. i speak spanish but not arabic. i use to live in costa rica then move to san jose about 8 yrs ago. hasta la vista.
  4. lucky, skinny is healthy. do you know how much money americans spend to shed these fat lbs! alot of money. i rather be skinny than be a fat pig. also you study did not mention the state where the fatest people in america live! and that is mn!
  5. Somealien you right sister. ideology is human creation while religion is from a deity creation. d-princess-i think rudy's point is valid. and i think one should not use the koran to specify a selfish specific point which is happening in this specific forum quite frequently. basically, folks are not doing their homework to use the holly koran in the right way, but for selfish reasons.
  6. this was the most useless thread that i came across! dont u know that in africa 60% of women run the businesses while only 40% of men do that! where have been! i hope u were not in the same cave with bin ladan!lol! lately.
  7. oh! i forgot to mention that i was referring to norton anti-virus.
  8. oh! i forgot to mention that i was referring to norton anti-virus.
  9. u dont need to buy anti-virus. just download the demo and u can use it for one yr. then uninstall it and download the next demo. i never paid for it. thats all i do. and it works for me.
  10. u dont need to buy anti-virus. just download the demo and u can use it for one yr. then uninstall it and download the next demo. i never paid for it. thats all i do. and it works for me.
  11. in asia minor, its true that women face alot of abuse. for example, if women ignores a man's advances she could face things like acid thrown on her face etc., but i disagree with the notion that in the nomad culture that some women do not face brutal actions from thier husbands! it has happened in usa and still happening in everywhere from dc to mn. have u heard of the lady who shot her boy friend in dc and then killed herself because she was scorned! what about the mn mall incident where the brother cut his girl friends throat with a knife while she was at work. this one really caused shock waves through the nomad community all over the world. so, my bit her is this, crime knows no color, religion or ethincity! it can happen anywhere any time. so as nomads, we too are human and prone to shamefull actions. may allah protect us all.
  12. "ofcours but the boys in our hood promissed to shack the mans car ...and if that was not enough all of our women have threatened to bit the living crab out of the man if the mayor and the cops dont do anything about ....let me add the cops in our town are white heads full of shit " Please make sure you all stick to the law and you all be rewarded. the case is slam dunk! u here me! but please dont let any nomad interfer with this ******* ! u know why, he can do a counter suit and that will definitely have negative effect on you all! i have been through this and telling u this thru experience. let everyone stay away from him and let your lawyer handle it. you will see how much hes gets forks out! as someone who lived in america quite some time now and got sued for some ****** things, i learned my leason. i will always carry a camera in car just to proof my point in court and keep all my recipts when it comes to land lords! well, actually i am also licensed weapon oner! this is america we need to protect ourselves.
  13. So far so good. i all a know about this man is that he was ex-singer and an anti sayid barre regime. which i 100% agree on that point. but lately, he has been stationed in certain regions of our country. i really have not heard his speechs via bbc or any non-partial forms. cut/paste doesnot really tell the whole truth! so Mr hardraawi needs to establish his forum where he can communicate his ideas to the masses!.
  14. thank u ms msg!lol... u see, u might get a lot of pointers when run into a guy situations. i mean think of it as faq section how to deal with men situation so u can always have solutions like when u get into a sticky sitiuation with a farah! u might remember something u read in the men forum and say, no problems, i know how to resolve this lil problem.
  15. ooh yeh! the good old subject,i.e, LOVE%% culturally, love is incompatible with the nomad live. however, love is a natural thing and crosses all boundaries of culturals, therefore, no, we nomads do experince this phonomania but most of the time, specially with farahs, its a mystical journey! also, to alot of xalimo it a mixture of infatuation and true love most of the time! love situation works best in your true enviroment but in a dispora situations, alot of culture clash exasperates it to level of between a rock and a hard place. follow you heart! only it can guide thru emotions like love/?