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  1. Macallinka;887585 wrote: dhanka bidix kasoo bilaaw: (Shabeelada dhexe, Sanaag, Hiiraan, Waqooyi galbeed, Bari, Awdal, Bakool, Togdheer, Gedo, Shabeelada hoose, Sool, Nugaal) nice picture, never have seen one like this on the net. Bal intee kasoo xadey ?
  2. Some expertise for your questions, in my opinion there is other ways you can show gestures without shaking hands
  3. To get all that oil going they would need the ocean water, no regular water can get that much oil. Now this is next stage dry up the oceans for oil
  4. One less warlord for Somalia , Whatever good or bad he has done now he has to face his almighty Allah
  5. Interesting , I wonder if the one reporting the news has any prove ? And the one posting it has any integrity ?
  6. Jacpher;889166 wrote: So you're saying Keydmedia = SOL :D I don't see anyone in here that's cycling old footage of the civil war in attempt to re-write history. Yes let's be honest and show us the 'more damaging material here'. this video is similar to what fadhi kudirir in SOL argue about. enormous times there was history lessons being taught in SOL, this is visual.I am not fan of old wounds of somali past presented here and I don't advocate . Truly, why allow clan bashing in SOL and protest about videos from the past ? stay tune, I will dig you enough threads for your entertainment
  7. xiinfaniin;889090 wrote: This is a great question indeed? The thing is Ethiopia has always been opposed to the resurgence of south Somalia. During the Arta period , Ethiopia aborted an effort led by Abdullaahi Yusuf to establish a new federal state in the south, with Kismayo being the capital. In that effort, the vision was to include Bay and Bakool regions into the new state. Ethiopia used Adan Saransoor , Indhacadde and Hiiraale to abort the whole thing. The question is whom will Ethiopia use this time to sabotage the Jubba project? This time however Ethiopia does no longer enjoy the diplomatic support with respect to Somalia's direction. In contrast the Kenya's are pushing ras community to hold thier interest , correct me if I am wrong. As much you said Ethiopia wanted Indhacade ,hiiraale and Adan saransoor to lead jubboooyinka. As long we are being used by the enemy what are we good for ? President was clear on this yet people of opposite clan of the president showed thier opposition to the point where they wanted to Impeach the president. Walee Somali waligeed ummad meel gaari umma eka
  8. Fiqikhayre;889151 wrote: The Implementation is paid by the European Union. Lol, no comments, ilaah umada somaliyeed cilmi uyeelo
  9. Jacpher;889159 wrote: ^These are old footage of that ugly civil war. I don't get what someone is trying to gain re-writing that ugly chapter in our history. Why is Oba trashing SOL with Keydmedia offensive editing of old civil war videos in here? What's going on? Don't you know SOL is a respected site? War don't post every garbage here. With all respect I see more damaging material here than this video daily, how is this video any different. Let's be honest here.
  10. Muqdisho (RBC) Danjiraha dawlada Ethiopia u jooga magaalada Muqdisho Cabdicasiis Aadan oo maanta ka hadlay hambalyo ay dawlada Ethiopia u dirtay ansixintii golaha wasiirada ee dawlada Soomaaliya oo shalay baarlamaanka uu ku ansixiyey cod aqlabiyad ah ayaa dhanka ka hadlay doorka urur goboleedka IGAD ee arimaha Soomaaliya. Danjire Cabdicasiis ayaa sheegay in xukuumadda Ethiopia ay soo dhoweyneyso in golihii ugu horeeyay ee wasiirada ee Soomaaliya oo ka kooban 10 xubnood ay helaan aqlabiyada baarlamaanka, isagoo danjiruhu sheegay in dawlada Ethiopia ay la shaqeyn doonto xukuumadda cusub ee Soomaaliya. “Aad baan u soo dhoweyneynaa uguna farxeynaa in xukuumada cusub ee Soomaaliya ay hesho ansixinta baarlamaanka, anagu haddaan nahay xukuumadda iyo shacabka Ethiopia diyaar ayaan u nahay sii wadista xiriirka saaxiibtinimo iyo kan derisnimo ee aan la leenahay Soomaaliya” ayuu yiri danjiraha Ethiopia u jooga Muqdisho. IGAD iyo maamul u sameynta gobolada Jubbooyinka Danjiraha Ethiopia oo la weydiiyey sida uu u arko in Urur Goboleedka IGAD ay qeyb ka yihiin qorshe maamul loogu sameynayo gobolada Jubbooyinka iyo khilaafka ka taagan arintaasi ayaa wuxuu yiri; “ IGAD waxaa xubin ka ah Soomaaliya, way jirtaa in dawladaha IGAD oo ay Ethiopiana ku jirto ay taageero iyo gacan siinayaan dawlada Soomaaliya, laakiin IGAD awood uma laha inay farageliso arimaha gudaha ee dalka Soomaaliya” . Danjiraha oo sii hadlay ayaa raaciyey “ Maamul u sameynta Kismaayo waxaa yeelanaya dawlada federaalka ee Soomaaliyeed, dawlada Soomaaliyeed iyadaa arimaheeda gudaha u madax bannaan, IGAD waa ay ku taagereysaa ”. Hadalka danjiraha Ethiopia ayaa ah kii ugu horeeyay oo masuul ka tirsan dawlada Ethiopia uu si rasmi ah uga hadlo arimaha gobolada Jubbooyinka iyo dadaalada maamul u sameynta deegaankaasi oo ay isku khilaafsan yihiin dawlada federaalka ee madaxweyne Xasan Sheekh hogaamiyo iyo masuuliyiinta ururka Raskambooni oo ay wehliyaan beelaha deegaankaasi ka soo jeeda oo wada qorshe maamul loogu sameynayo gobolada Jubbooyinka. maxaa ethiopia kaso qaleysiiyey bal meeshan
  11. It's Somalia, we built and we destroy it over night. Mogadishu it won't be like it used to be in the 1980s but we will gradually see advancement , if another civil war doesn't disturb the little peace we gain so far.
  12. Xaaji Xunjuf;888793 wrote: Apophis you are correct he can call it his home because of his tribe, but he is still a foreign official. People behind the Jubbaland project Axmed Madoobe leader of the raskambooni movement Yusuf Haaji Kenyas defense minister Barre ilyaas advisor of the Kenyan prime Minister raila odinga Farax macalin Kenyas deputy parliament speaker Gandi former Somali defense minister Maxbuub the general secretary of IGAD Kenya really has big supports to take over down south.
  13. Watch the rockets and grenades turn the city into war zone again. I guess turkey knows what it's doing in Somalia. Their economy is huge and giving few constructions materials and aids, wont stabilize their economy
  14. you know what they say ? nothing is free in this world. Chinese help you they take your resources. In my opinion I welcome anyone helping the Somali people in all regions with caution.
  15. NAIROBI, Kenya -- The website's headlines trumpet al-Shabab's imminent demise and describe an American jihadist fretting over insurgent infighting. At first glance it appears to be a sleek, Horn of Africa news site. But the site – sabahionline.com – is run by the U.S. military. The site, and another one like it that centers on northwest Africa, is part of a propaganda effort by the U.S. military's Africa Command aimed at countering extremists in two of Africa's most dangerous regions – Somalia and the Maghreb. Omar Faruk Osman, the secretary general of the National Union of Somali Journalists, said Sabahi is the first website he's seen devoted to countering the militants' message. "We have seen portal services by al-Shabab for hate and for propaganda, for spreading violence. We are used to seeing that. In contrast we have not seen such news sites before. So it is something completely unique," Osman said. But although he had noticed prominent articles on the site, which is advertising heavily on other websites, he had not realized it was bankrolled by U.S. military. The U.S. military and State Department, a partner on the project, say the goal of the sites is to counter propaganda from extremists "by offering accurate, balanced and forward-looking coverage of developments in the region." "The Internet is a big place, and we are one of many websites out there. Our site aims to provide a moderate voice in contrast to the numerous violent extremist websites," Africom, as the Stuttgart, Germany-based Africa Command is known, said in a written statement. Al-Shabab and other militants have for years used websites to trade bomb-making skills, to show off gruesome attack videos and to recruit fighters. The U.S. funded websites – which are available in languages like Swahili, Arabic and Somali – rely on freelance writers in the region. Recent headlines on sabahionline.com show a breadth of seemingly even-handed news. "Death toll in ambush on Kenyan police rises to 31," one headline said. "Ugandan commander visits troops in Somalia," another reads. Web ads for the site appear on occasion on mainstream websites such as YouTube, and they show a clear anti-terror slant. Ads showing men on the ground blindfolded or Somalia's best known American jihadi, Omar Hammami, entice web users to click. They then access a headline like: "Somalis reject al-Zawahiri's call for violence," referring to the leader of al-Qaida. The site, which launched in February, is slowly attracting readers. The military said that Sabahi averages about 4,000 unique visitors and up to 10,000 articles read per day. The site clearly says under the "About" section that it is run by the U.S. military, but many readers may not go to that link. Abdirashid Hashi, a Somalia analyst for the International Crisis Group, said he has read articles on Sabahi, mostly because of advertisements on other Somali websites, but he also didn't realize it was funded by the U.S. He said he has no issues with the U.S. government running a news site. "I don't think they hide it. That's up there. There's an information war going on, so I don't have any problem with that," Hashi said. Osman said the articles on Sabahi are accurate and professional. But he said he feared that militants could attack writers who work for the site. Eighteen Somalis who work with media outlets have been killed this year, often in targeted killings. Somali writers "can lose their life for working for this kind of a news outlet because of the extremists who target any critical voice or news service," Osman said. "The other issue is professionalism, because if someone is intimidated and is threatened all the time then he or she is reduced to self-censorship. He or she would be afraid if he files some important news that he would be targeted." The military said there are nine writers who work for Sabahi from Kenya, Tanzania, Djibouti and Somalia. The other site – magharebia.com – concentrates on Libya, Algeria, Morocco and Mauritania. Africom says the websites are part of a larger project that costs $3 million to pay for reporting, editing, translating, publishing, IT costs and overhead. It believes the project is paying dividends. "The fact that we have seen an increase in website traffic is good news alone. The website's readers provide a significant number of comments on a regular basis, which often reflect their growing frustration and anger with extremist organizations in the region. Those comments are one indicator of a positive effect," Africom said. Seth Jones, the associate director of the International Security and Defense Policy Center at the Rand Corporation think tank in Washington, said a significant part of the struggle with extremist groups like al-Shabab is ideological and is a battle for the hearts and minds of local populations. "Based on this reality, the U.S. and other governments should be involved in countering extremist messages on websites and other forms of social media. After all, every Arab government provides substantial money to television, radio, print media, and Internet sites," Jones said. "They key question for the United States is gauging whether locals view these kinds of news sites as legitimate sources of information and read them. If not, it's worth asking: Is the United States getting a bang for its buck?" ___ This is really interesting
  16. Admin;888643 wrote: No it wasn't your local computer. It was an issue on our end. Our apologies. I wonder sometimes if the admin has second account and takes part of the fadhi ku dirir. At the end of the day we Somali people , we take sides even if we are the authority.
  17. Partially Facebook and twitter to blame with people constantly wasting thier time , most of all the Internet .
  18. Lascaanood waa magalo qurux badan walee, ladhacey. What beautiful landscape , one of the best cities in somalia.
  19. Rahima;887879 wrote: This is why a greater Somalia will never work so long as we have federalism built on clan (as interpreted by Somalis) politics. Truthful saying. How can you make better system for somalia when is built under qabyalad.
  20. Gheelle.T;887517 wrote: Dowladdu mar haddasho oo wax un tiraahdo. Aamusnaantan ayaa arrintan Juba sii waalaysa ma istiri. dad dowladaan ka waaashey, waxbey soo wadaan bal aan aragno.
  21. Abwaan;887469 wrote: Waryaa Abtigiis siyaasadda Soomaaliya waad ku khafiiftay ee dhibkaaga nagala bax. Kilinka 5aad iyo Ileygaaga ceyrceyrso. Usheeg walaaalkeyn somaliyeed, he has gobal ka weyn jubboooyinka that's need addressing. Walaahi kismaayo will be another kilinkii 5 . ummadeena dhibka heysto waa been Iska dhaadhicaan. This goverment is weak and I disagree with everything but don't you think he has to do his job by protecting Somali interest before Kenya . He spoke of saying this Somali problem , let the Somali people have dialogue , people in jubboooyinka don't need to have kenya goverment ,but they should have parliament members to do the job for them Was the whole reason elders picked best of your clans, Wixii dhacay in the passed should not be repeated only more suffering
  22. Vsabba;887447 wrote: Lool Waar waalawashay:) ma'qabiil dantiisaa garan waayey kenya'na so wadatay mantay madaxweyne qaran logu impeach garaynayaa....(Abtigiis illahay hakuu naxaristo) Kusoo dhawow somaliya, qofkasta qabiilkiisa wax kasto ka horaaye.
  23. Abtigiis;887412 wrote: Yaab on who?! Are you blaming us for welcoming the new President thinking we got the real thing? A wish, which evidently was more from desperation! Adeer, we don't hate the man for who he is. I know it has become a fad to push Chimera's simplistic clan association line againt anyone with legitimate concerns about Somalia's leadership, but we will not be silenced when Hassan Sheikh is openly saying dad xaqoodi laga qaatay for 22 years oo masaakiin ah ayaan Kismayo ugu hiilinayaa, while the tears of benadiri and D-block masaakin who lost everything in Muqdisho are non-issue. The thing is no one is taking him seriously now and he lost credibility in the eyes of many; which is sad because it means we have lost another four years! Xinnfanin told me to write and think this way. Does that help, dear Mario? I congratulate you for figuring this out! While whole D block lived as Top players in Somalia when the late dictator was in power. Veterans of H block of Somalia Ethiopia war and many innocent H people , got killed and thrown out from thier homes so rich folks of the H block can rebuilt it.This is the ugly truth , let's don't blame reer habel or reer habel. Both parties had thier hands full with dirt one point. It's unfortunate . but it's not excuse to have friend as Kenya be your sidekick and discredited your goverment. This goverment has not even one time said we against maamul ka usameyna kismaayo. All was said was kismaayo is under the goverment of Somalia and maamul ka will be decided by the people of kismaayo . Don't get confused. I bet of this was abdi weli or D block president nothing negative would have come out of you. So all you have to is not try to let Kenya decide your shots, let the people that represent you in the weak parliament do its job.
  24. Apophis;887406 wrote: Politics is fluidic and the face you see before the election will most definitely not be the same as the one after and thus it is right, for any right thinking person, to adjust their views after the fact accordingly. Many people are doing that. We are discrediting goverment that was chosen fairly. It's clearly grown man being munipilated by emotions more than facts.