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  1. turkey waa meeshii ugudanbaysay ee islamka imaaradiisa ay kuburburtay markii loo adeegsaday cilmaaniyo diintoodii gadatay kamaal ataaturky ayuu ahaa ninkii u diiday in masaajida lagu adimo af carabi wuxuu faray dadkii inay ku adimaan af turki sidaan oo kale "dhaara dur" oo macnaheedu yahay allaahu akbar. hadii ay hada diidaan xijaabkii allle faray layaab malahan oo horay ayay cilmaaniyiin u raaceen.
  2. shaxaari must die he took all the ladies and put his back poket what is going on shaxaari leave something for other people who just wanna talk behind the computer lollllllol
  3. people has diffrent idea what interracial marriage is me my self belive that interracial marragiage is an evil thing to do why i said that because i have seen alot of people who marred a white girl then complainig their marrage and saying i wish i marred somalian queen who speaks my language who want take care my kids anyway my opinion for interracial marrage is saty out of it and dont marry any other races except somalian i see u ponyboy u trying to be induced by white/black girls one day u will go back to somalia what u will bring to the table
  4. i like the way u express your opinion i wish everyone can make him self clear let me ask you this you go out with an other races ?
  5. no one is perfect but sometimes i see my self yo know iam cool
  6. shaxaari and qorqode is the same meaning as i saw in somali qaamuus get that?
  7. beleive who you are and show who u are bring what u get on the table ladies behind the wall let's see what u get don't hide any thing or the way u look like if you content me my self i have a trouble looking for what make me fat or gain weight
  8. I hate saying this but i don't like ugly girls with bad attitude na' wat iam saying if they ugly and have good manner and personality thats cool they have some thing to give respect
  9. ka naagaha kadaran yo i mean shiirka my pet peeve is those ladies come to your home and talk too much hey what is wrong with you guys ?danm it
  10. mine is pissing off i hate that when you talk some ladies they act like a hard core hey come on girl it was you, remember that night me and you were alone ? thats my pet peeve [This message has been edited by imam.abdullah (edited 01-28-2002).]
  11. cool topic yo even my self i have trouple my height lol and handsome owe some nigga
  12. what you mean ok ? do you have anything else to say
  13. Originally posted by imam.abdullah: if you fellow the order of God and do what ever you have been told to do. everything would be easy for you and even if you studying the hard thigs. ok yo all people watch out what you doing behind the computers [This message has been edited by imam.abdullah (edited 01-20-2002).]
  14. when we gonna heve islamic government who cares about problems and behave in islamic law i see this is the time yo think about what happned to our beautiful country it turned out like a wild place and getto