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  1. The statement "There is no God but Allah and Mohammed(pbuh) is His messenger" is not the correct translation of the arabic term La ilaha ilalah muhamadan rasululah Correct translation is "None has the right to be worshipped except Allaah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allaah." This site: http://www.salafipublications.com/sps/ Describes the basics of tawheed.
  2. I think there is a lot of confusion here. First of all islam is not about picking and choosing to suit ones desires. Prophet Muhammad(peace be upon him) said the ummah will be broken into 73 sects and only one will go jannah and 72 in the fire. Prophet(peace be upon him) further said the saved sect are those who are upon his sunnah and the sunnah of his companions Clearly from this understanding it is clear that sufis have diverted away from the manhaj of the Prophet(peace be upon him) and his companions when they do grave worshipping and calling upon their dead imams or saints. The Prophet(peace be upon him) and Allah warned of this shirk and other forms of associations. As for one holding on to Hanafi, Shaafi, Malaki and Hanbali, then they should know that none of these great shiekhs asked their followers to hold on to their methods infact all of them said clearly in their books that their way is that of the Prophet(peace be upon him) and his companions and if their work proves to be wrong then go back to the Quran and Sunnah and reject their mistakes. So from this it is clear that they didnt ask their students and followers to blindly follow their way. The Prophet(peace be upon him) never said for us to follow everything that these imams said. So what is the correct manhaj? It is that of the Prophet(peace be upon him) and his companions and that is the manhaj of salafu salih.
  3. ^^ Victory is always with Allah and our trust is with Him the majestic. Let the TFG claim victory at the expence of occupation but inshallah the shababs will will drive them and the kaffirs out of the lands they occupy
  4. May the victory of Allah be with you and those that want to establish shariah. As the enemies of Allah, amongsts the kafiroon and the munafiquun gather around plotting against you and Allah, may Allah instill patience and steadfastness in your hearts. Umar Ibn Khattab(radiyallahu-anhu) once gave an advice to Saad Ibn Waqqas ........... UMAR IBN AL-KHATTAB'S ADVICE TO SAAD "Causes of Victory" Umar bin Al Khattab sent an army under Sa'ad bin Abi Waqqas for the conquest of Persia. Umar wrote him a convention as follows: I command you and your army to fear Allah at all times because piety is the best weapon against the enemy and the best strategy in the battle. And I command you and your soldiers to fear disobedience to Allah more than you fear the enemy. If an army fears sins more than the enemy, Allah brings them victory. Muslim victory is the outcome of the disbelievers' disobedience of Allah. There is no power except with Allah for they always outnumber us and have better weapons and tools. If we become equal in disobedience, they will conquer us due to more power; and unless we defeat them by righteousness, we cannot defeat them by power. You must learn that you have some angels with you to protect you and your deeds. So be careful and do not commit any sins while you are fighting in the way of Allah. And never say our enemy is worse than us and that they cannot win even if we commit sins. Many nations have suffered at the hands of others who were less faithful as the magian who won over the Children of Israel when they committed sins. You have to ask Allah victory over your own selves in the same way you ask victory over the enemy. Ask it from Allah for us and you. (Ibn Katheer in Al Bidayah wan -Nihayah)
  5. peacenow use ur head if ur a professional ikhwan. Why do u generalize and insult a whole region.
  6. peacenow then dont you understand the love muslim brothers and sisters have for eachother. Allah has sent deen of islam in arabic, His Messenger Muhammad ibn Abdullah(peace be upon him) who is the best of His creation as an arab. His wives and most of his companions were all arabs. We love them for islam and all good that comes from them.
  7. Lets not get confused mate. It was Geedi who said Baidao was surrounded not the UIC, so the noise today came from Geedi. Your smear tactics on the courts wont help TFG cause
  8. General Duke keep your dreams going mate. Nearly 3 years and Yusuf has yet to hold a city in Somalia under his control. It took the UIC less than 6months to hold the most important cities in the country and its expansion continues. Arrogance wont move the TFG further by an inch.
  9. Duke Barre Hirrale tasted Jihad, and if TFG dnt play their cards wisely soon, they too will taste it. Sabr soon we will find out what the TFG is really made up of.
  10. We will see soon the fate of TFG inshallah,
  11. "the TFG has yet to release its war on anyone" What happend to TFG Defence minister Barre Hirrale in Kismayo and thumping he got when he tried to retake it. Was he not the defence minister of TFG or am I mistaken? "M Geedi is the legitimate leader of Somalia and has more support in Mogadishu than IndaCade , Xasan Dahir or any of their lackeys." Geedi has support in Mogadishu? Is this a joke. show me your sources. Because I can show you sources that over 70% of his selected MPs have left him. Never mind Mogadishu, he is even hated within the TFG. As for IndaCade , Xasan Dahir, fact is they are the leaders Mogadishu follow and so does, Kismayo and all other cities that call for their assistance. What has Geedi done besides calling his fellow Somalis as members of Alqaeda and lead by bin Laden so that America and others can throw rockets at them. Shame on him and others that call him the leader of Somalia
  12. General Duke you doubt the UIC even if munafiq Geedi admits himself the situation the TFG is in a number of western media before you even enter forums in this same site. Saxib who controls the Moqadishu, Kismayo, Burhakaba, Dinsoor, and all the small places surrounding these cities. Yet you doubt the UIC cannot take Baidao. Geedi just few weeks ago arrogantly said he can step inside xamar, my challange to him is try to step out of Baidao
  13. General Duke TFG regime's time is ending soon inshallah and soon will your endless propaganda.
  14. Time for the puppet TFG regime is ending quicker than expected. May Allah bring a final defeat on the kaafirs and the munafiqs