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  1. Asalaamu Aleykum Wr Wb Prettyboy, I'm already depressed! Plz bro, stay pretty n have mercy on my soul. Salaam =========@========= "Aan Ooyayee Albaabka ii Xira"
  2. *****eykumu Salaam Waraxmatulaahi Wabarakaatuh! Adigana sidoo kale bro. Salaam
  3. Asalaamu Aleykum Wr Wb Scorpion_Sista, A sequel sounds good, well done my dear. SomaliaOnline_President, Let us dream with Scorpion, 'll ya! Salaam ===================@==================== Oh! How I Would Love To Fall In Love N To Be Loved In Return! :cool:
  4. Asalaamu Aleykum Wr Wb on that aspect surely doesn't need any education. faarax can handle that for as certain. That OTHER ASPECT indeed is easy for faarax. LooooL @ MMA! Sure u don't wanna do more research on that one??!!! U know just to make sure P.S. Pardon me, couldn't resist Salaam
  5. Asalaamu Caleykum Wr Wb Great article sis. Tolerance and Kindness is the best approach indeed. May Allah reward you for your effort.
  6. Salaamaat, Ooooooooops! wlc aboard I meant!
  7. Asalaamu Caleykum Wr Wb Originally posted by Shiish i jiid ama aan ku jiido LooooooooL! Reasonable indeed WLC Abroad Walaal.
  8. Salaam All Simply captivating :cool: Yet, can't help but to feel skeptical
  9. woooooow! Nomadman, sxb arintaada waaba baxare bal marka hore su'aal.... Ka warran hadii ilmaha ugu horeeya ay noqdaan gabadh?
  10. Aslaamu Caleykum Wr Wb Isbisiino noooooh! Haaheey! Allaheey ka Allah Isbatoore anni, specially markii fiirisid meeshiin ka imaanay, ma jiro noooh wax la dhahaayo "innocent til...." Iyaa, aaqiro NAAR gal waaye-dee :eek: loool let's talk about movies.... Drama or Comedy?
  11. woooow, what an article! Strong N Profound :cool: It really made me feel very special N more proud to have my hijab on. Intta welli aanan xirana Allah ha soo hanuuniyo as Kool_kat said. Ameen Xafsa, good choice as always. Thanks 4 sharing.
  12. Danaty, Buubto N Jamal-11 Very moving poems indeed. Thnx 4 sharing I like to present a poem written by a friend, hope u guys 'll like it. Here it comes...... World without peace, i ask it's origin start at home, a poverty-stricken nation promises from local leaders rule the region no peace but cause starving population Hearing mothers cry, while their children die always on their knees praying, and keep askin' why too much blood, few to survive few to arrive home safe, and searchin' love Once's life home- became an image as brutal society run by worlords now that am here, u think i feel save and comfy innocent life has been taken, silence became my-freind daily Twelve years and deep without election still strugglin' with lack of education U.N to rescue, "may i help u" and their dedication we fought for no reason-- with bombs and tanks no matter the season Notable, when i see a little girl without a vision no hope, but blind and feel blackness she was chosen to be here, not in the darkness Why not unite and see together the light one path, one law, no battle, but one sight let the peace bell ring.......
  13. Asalaamu Caleykum Wr Wb Blossom, qalbi N gacmo furn ku soo dhawoow Gacalo. Aad ayaad ugu mahadsan tahay sida sharafta leh ee aad u wergelisay walaalkeen, midki qaata Allah ha ka dhigo insha'allah. Mood-kaa wacan baan kugu ogahay Ubaxeeeeeeeey
  14. Asalaamu Caleykum Waraxmatulaahi Wabarakaatuh Oh Yaa Illaahi! this's a very disturbing news walaahi N it's the last thing our beloved country needs. My knowledge's very limited when it comes to politics, stil I couldn't help but to acknowledge this matter. One thing's 4 sure, if ur own causing u harm what do u expect from a foreigner? The agony's the feeling of helplessness where one should know what to do in order to help....Let's pray N hope 4 the best
  15. oooooops! JaneDoe, it looks like we posted @ the same time...let me do this one more time oh! Kenny G 4 me no Q about it Mine stil stands.... Fadumo Qasim or Asha Abdow
  16. Hassan Adam Samatar ofcourse, waxaanba iloobi karin siduu u amaanay hablaheena now let me c.... Aay Fadumo Qasim mise the wonderful Asha Abdow? I bet none of ya know who the second one s let alone listening to her songs, wait a minute, except maybe 4 MMA...definitely
  17. Asalaamu Caleykum Waraxmatulaahi Wabarakaatuh First of all wlc to somaliaonline with open arms Mizz Ish, I'm sure u 'll feel home as every nomad in this wonderful site of ours, thnx to the Admin. N the Nomad family Second jazakulahu kheyrun 4 enlighten us, May Allah reward u 4 ur effort Keep ur head up sis N don't let the lil remarks here N there ever discourage ya...wlc again
  18. Walee waad la heshay Nomadman.... LooL @ Hall of Fame! May I barrow some
  19. HAVE U EVER BEEN IN LOVE Have u ever been in love You could touch the moonlight When your heart is shooting stars Your're holding heaven in your arms Have u ever been in love? Have u ever walked on air, ever Flet like you were dreamin' When you never thought it could But it really feels that good Have u ever been in love? The time I spent waiting for something That was heaven sent When you find it don't let go I know....... Have u ever said a prayer And found that it was answered All my hope has been restored I ain't looking anymore Have u ever been... Some place that you ain't leavin' Somewhere you gonna stay When you finally found the meanin' Have u ever felt this way? Have u ever been in love You could touch the moonlight You can even reach the stars doesn't matter near or far Have u ever been in love? So in love ps: Simply Mesmerizing CELINE DION :cool:
  20. MaandeeQ


    Asalaamu Caleykum Waraxmatulahi Wabarakaatuh Ofcourse, we all know that polygamy s permitted in Islam. However, as sis Indhadeeq pointed out, Allaahu Qafuurul Raxiim gave women the choice of whether to accepted or ask to be released Bil Macruuf. Honestly, I rather live my life without a man instead of sharing him with another woman, simply coz I know I don't have the ability to handle it. Even Allah said in his Kitaabih Al-Kariim.... Laa Yukallifu Allaahu Nafssun Illaa Wasacahaa Sadaqa Allaahu Allcadiim
  21. Asalaamu Caleykum Wr Wb Anigaa kuu soo diray nooh Kamila! Mac ay kugu tahay U better tell u know WHO to watch out :mad:
  22. Asalaamu Caleykum Wr Wb Hawaii with my parents ofcourse, hey, I'm not gonna miss this chance coz of them Paris, since I never been there Ice skating coz I' m very good @ it Choclate Chip Cookies...I can't stand Oreo Subxanulah! do I have to? :eek: Oh! well, if u insist (Laa Qadaru-Laah)..... Shot as long I'll die right away! loool If u could time travel, would u want to go into the.....Future OR Past.......N Why?
  23. Asalamu Caleykum Wr Wb CARTAN, the feeling s mutual my bro
  24. Asalaamu Caleykum Wr Wb Lakkadooow; lakkadnimadii maa kuu goynoyso see camal! Shaqsii N Thunder I completely understand ur disappointment 4 not been able to be part of Jamal-11 N Kamila's wedding....BUT if I, MaandeeQ, could 4give them 4 what they did, I'm sure u both 'll 2, N blv me I know what I'm talking about so do the NEW-LY-WED :mad: :mad: Thank God I said WIIL N CAANO looong time ago