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  1. Apophis;861384 wrote: They overstretched themselves and spent a significant portion of their best fighters in the absurd 2011 Mogadisho offensive. The remaining best are being pulled back to protect their most prized assets and leaders. I wouldn't be surprised if those "trained fighters" the Somali websites write about are nothing more than Quranic school children being pressed into front-line service (aka meat shields). Overstretching is what Amisom is doing now and that is shabaabs plan
  2. oba hiloowlow;861380 wrote: Abdi they are weak al shabaab sanad ay xamar ka maqantahay and yet waxba ma suubin, do u remember when AY captured xamar the muqawamada started attack within a month, marka raggan awood maleh Thats how ignorent people think, maybe thats part of the shababs strategy not to fight now?!
  3. very smart move by shabaab, they are litrely playing chess with them. I dont know why pro Amisom forces are celebrating? victory can only come when you subdue your enemy by killing and capturing them not by taking land. From the day shabab started vocating their threnches few hundret meters from vila somalia till now amisom have not maneched to kill and capture a significant number of shabab, maybe 30?60?120? fighters in the last 12month. They have lost very few fighters in the last 12month, but in the same 12 month they have incresed their fighting forces with atleast 6000 fighters if you dont belive me write " shabaab tababar" in google and you will find this headlines evry month Maleeshiyaad ka tirsan Xarakada Al-Shabaab oo tababar loo soo gabagabeeyay.. ,Sabti 18 August 2012 Al Shabaab oo 200-Dagaalyahan Tababar Ugu Soo Xiray Degmada Afgoye.., 3 apr 2012 Ciidamadi ugu badnaa oo tababar soo dhameyta xarakada Al Shabaab ... 16 May 2012 Al-Shabaab oo boqolaal ciidamo ah tababar ugu soo gebagebeeyay degmada Buulo Burde.. 1 jul 2012 Al Shabab oo dagaalhanayo cusub tababar ugu soo xiray degmada celbuur... 7 feb 2012 Xarakadda Shabaab oo tababar u soo gabagabeysay boqolaal askar... 3 jan 2012
  4. I pray to Alla they never find Oil in somalia, any one who knows the trobles that folows with having oil would not be excited about this, having oil when you are weakest country in the world is a dumb idea, one warship with 10 aircraft is enough to subdue us and take our oil with the help of a puppet goverment. Ilahey ayan kabarya in aan weligeed lagahelin shidaal dhul soomaaliyeed, inkaar kadaran dunida masoomarin.
  5. Where is Sh Shariif? is it Susana Rays of USA who decides for somalia or Sh Shariif? Waxaad mooda shekh shariif inu noqday sid C/lahi Yusuf nin ku xiran ciidamo shisheeyo madama usan laheyn awood ay dowladiisa ku hirgasho, Sh Sharifow ogow in ay dabaabad Amxaaro socodsiin weysay dowladi C/lahi Yusuf taadana in aysan waxba ka duwanyen hadaad isku haleysid ciidamo shisheeyey. Shabelle: NAIROBI Dowladda Maraykanka ayaa waxaa ay ka codsatay dowladda Nigeria in ay dadajiso ciidamadeeda ay u dirayso wadanka Soomaaliya si ay ugu biiraan ciidamada midowga Africa ee jooga Soomaaliya. Wakiila Maraykanka ee QM Susana Rays ayaa waxaa ay ugu baaqday dowladda Nigeria in ay soo dadajiso dadaalkeeda ay ciidamada nabad ilaalinta ugu soo dirayaan dalka Soomaaliya sida ay sheegtay Wakaaladda wararka ee wadanka Nigeria NAN. Dowladda Nigeria waxaa ay waday qorshe ay hal guuto oo ciidan ay ugu soo diraysay Soomaaliya si ay uga mid noqdaan ciidamada Midowga Africa ee ku sugan Soomaaliya. Haweenayda Maraykanka u qaabilsan QM Susana Rays oo booqtay xoghayaha joogtada ah ee Nigeria u qaabilsan QM maalintii jimcaha aheeyd ayaa waxaa ay u sheegtay in looga baahanyahay Nigeria in ay sii wado balan qaadkeeda ay ciidamo ugu dirayso Soomaaliya. “Waxaan Rabnaa in aan ogaano sababta dib u dhigga ku keentay howlgalka Nigeria ee wadanka Soomaaliya”ayay tiri Susana Rays oo ah Wakiilka Maraykanka ee QM. Susana ayaa sidoo kale sheegtay in wadamo faraban iyo midowga Africa ay kala hadashay in ciidamada Wadanka Nigeria ay tagaan wadanka Soomaaliya si qeyb ay uga noqdaan ciidamada midow Africa ee jooga Soomaaliya. QM ayaa ka doodaysa 1-da bisha June ee soo socota arimo la xariira sidii loo qalabeyn lahaa ciidamada Nigeria ee haatan loo soo dirayo Soomaaliya islamarkaana loogu dhamaystiri lahaa qalabka ay u baahanyihiin. Nigeria ayaa horay u sheegtay in ciidamadeedu ay diyaar u yihiin in ay u soo dhaqaaqaan Soomaaliya balse ay jiraan arimo muhiim ah oo dhinaca farsamada ah oo loo baahanyahay in la fuliyo ka hor inta aysan Soomaaliya u soo dhaqaaqin.
  6. Ethiopia says withdrawal from Somalia "irreversible" Wednesday, December 24, 2008 ADDIS ABABA, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- Ethiopia's decision to withdraw its troops from Somalia is "irreversible," said Foreign Ministry spokesman Wahide Belay on Wednesday. The decision had got approval of the lower House of People's Representatives, Wahide told journalists. "The Ethiopian army, that successfully discharged its mission in Somalia, will be withdrawn," he stressed. Ethiopia will continue to support the activities aimed at ensuring peace and stability in Somalia, after it pulls its troops out of the Horn of Africa nation by the end of the year, said Wahide. "As the current chairmanship of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), a member of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union (AU), an active participant in the UN and international forums, Ethiopia will continue exerting efforts to help ensure peace and stability in Somalia," said the spokesman. Ethiopia's Foreign Ministry announced last month that the country would pull its troops out of Somalia by the end of the year. The announcement of Ethiopia's withdrawal has caused panic among the AU Mission in Somalia (AMISOM), whose peacekeepers are to take over security duties but will need more preparation time. Currently, the piracy at south Red Sea and along the Gulf of Aden has become a major international threat, he said, adding that resolving problems on land of Somalia is the solution. However, Wahide said Ethiopia alone cannot continue to shoulder the responsibility. "The responsibility should have been the burden for the international community to share," he added. Source: Xinhua, Dec 24, 2008
  7. Uganda asked to withdraw troops from Somalia Posted: 12/26/2008 1:14:00 PM Shabelle: SOMALIA KAMPALA ( Sh. M. Network)-The Shadow minister for Defense, Hussein Kyanjo has said Uganda needs to withdraw its troops from Somalia because of the confusion over the Somali transitional government. Kyanjo says the African Union Peace Keeping forces were invited by the interim government headed by Yusuf Abdhulai which government seems to have lost control of the war torn country. This follows a decision by Yusuf to sack all his cabinet members and Prime Minister Nuru Hassan Hussein. But the Somali Parliament rejected Yusuf’s move and declared Nuru Hassan Hussein as the rightful leader of the interim government. Kyanjo who is also the MP for Makindye West says the conflict between the two groups are likely to cause conflicting loyalties for Uganda and Burundian peace keepers who are in Somalia on behalf of the African Union. This comes at a time when the mandate of the AU peacekeeping mission in Somalia has expired, although AU foreign ministers meeting in Addis Ababa this week agreed to extend the mandate of AU peace keepers by two months. The AU ministers appealed to Uganda and Burundi, the only countries to answer a call to send troops to the war torn Somalia to send more troops to cover the gap left by withdrawing Ethiopian troops. The UN Security Council which was expected to send peace keeping troops to Somalia recently said they would not send peace keepers, saying there was no peace to keep in Somalia because the different clan factions have not shown strong evidence of wanting an end to the factional fighting. Shabelle Media Network
  8. BAIDOA (Sh M. Network)-Some Somali parliamentarians have left from Baidoa to northern Somali regions for security grounds, Two planes took some legislators from Baidoa airport to Puntland and Somaliland regions. The parliamentarians said they feared for their security and decided to leave Baidoa, the seat of the transitional parliament. They had closed door meeting with Somali president Abdulahi Yusuf Ahmed in the state house of Baidoa before their departure Somali MP Mohamed Osman Maye was the first MP who was killed outside a mosque in the town of Baido on 9 September 2008. The deputy minister for the reconciliation, Ismail Hassan Timir has been assassinated in Baido last night (Saturday) The Ethiopian troops who are protecting the transitional government are expected to withdraw from Somalia, which leaves the parliamentarians in a dangerous place. Shabelle Media Network
  9. Security guards of president Yusuf leave Mogadishu Posted: 12/28/2008 3:11:00 PM MOGADIHSU (Sh. M. Network)-The Security guards of the ineffectual Somali President Abdullahi Yusuf Ahmed have left from Mogadishu to Puntlnad regions, witnesses said on Sunday. A special plane took 120 of security guards with their families and other soldiers loyal to the incompetent president of Somalia Abdulahi Yusuf from Aden Adde international airport in Mogadishu to their home towns in north eastern Somalia. The departure of the soldiers comes as media reports speculating that President Yusuf will step down, under U.S. pressure. But the Somali president has not addressed a full parliament yet and his final decision remains unknown. Somali President Abdulahi Yusuf took thousands of soldiers from Puntland to protect him in Mogadishu and work as federal troops. The Ethiopian government has announced plans to withdraw from Somalia in the coming weeks, after failing to stop the advance of Islamists across the country's southern regions.
  10. The most famous must be his writing of the famous song "Landcruiser gado so bari(beg)galley" waxa heestan lug dhaliilayey siyad bare, landcruser ayuu asaga iyo asxaabtisa gadanaayen adunkana galey ayey ka baryaayen. Abwan Cabdi wuxu siyaad barre ubaxshay kacaandiid. Suganta uu abwanka bari hore qoray oo hes lagadhigay wax kamid ah "Ma doonayaan Inaynu dowlad ahaano!! Ayaan doonaynin? Kuwii dhiiggeena Durduuran jiray Kuwii danahooda sameysan jiray Kuwii Soomali Dulleysan jiray Aynu dillo aynu dagaalle Ka digtoonaada dadkaa Dadka yagow... waxkalo kamid aha hesti uu qoray kadib marki ladilay saxibkiis C/raxmaan Caydiid, asaguna dhaawac ah mesha loogtagay inu dhinto(c/llahi yusuf aya lugu tuhsanyahay inu kadambeyey) "Maxaan hog abeeso galay Maxaan halaqyo ugu tagey Maxay miciyo I heleen Maxaan waabay hirqaday Maxaan geerida ka haray..." Abwan cabdi muxumed wuxu katagay suugan badan uu qoray xornimda kahor ila 2005, waxaadna ka heleysa sugaantas buugisa HILIN HAYAAN
  11. Halkaan ka dhageyso Fariinta Amiirka>>> Sh Mukhtaar C/Raxmaan Abu Zubeyr Source>>Amiirka Mujaahidiinta Al Shabaab oo lagu dhawaaqay. Waxan umaleyna shekhu wa rer Bari/Waqooyi
  12. The man is getting delusional, he wants to fight the entire somali society, he even accuses the WFP for supporting muqawamada lol. Things are abviously not going well, now evry one is the enemy. Khubad Xasaasi ah oo C/Laahi Yuusuf ka jeediyey Baydhabo - Nov 20, 2007 "...tan kale, TACLIINTA YAA INOO HAYA? Tacliinta ma wadaadada xakuma mase Wasaaradda? Wasaaradda ayaa xukunta (miyaad leedihiin)? Manhaj-kee ayaa laga dhigaa Iskuulada, yaa leh Ducaaloow?. Malcaamadaha Qur'aanka, Dugsiyada Hoose iyo Kuwa Dhexe, Dugsiyada Sare, Jaamacadaha, waxaa haysta Al-Islaax iyo Al-Itixaad iyo Alfatuud iyo magaciisii ayaa haysta oo wasaaraddii meel ay haysato ma leh. ...nimanku (Wadaadadu) waxay wax ku yihiin wax allaale wixii dalku lahaa, ama tacliin, ama diin, ama masjid, ama Xawaalad, ama dhaqaale, ama isgaarsiin (Telecommunication), ama ganacsi, ama fatuud, ayey gacanta ku haystaane aan gacantooda ka wareejino... C/Laahi Yuusuf Wadaadadu waxay haystaan Masjiddadii, waxay haystaan Waxbarashadii iyo arrimihii bulshada, waxay haystaan xataa Caafimaadkii, waxay haystaan ganacsigii, waxay haystaan Isgaarsiintii (Telecommunication), waxay haystaan Xawaaladahii. Wax Alla wax aan haynaa ma jirto'e(ma hada ayu taas ogaaday?lol), wadaadada sidii laga yeeli lahaa saakay halaga taliyo. Ma wadaadada ayaa dalka u dawlad ah mase inaga dalka u dawlad ah. Qorshaha maku soo darteen sidii nimankaas loogala wareegi lahaa waxaas oo adduun ah, HAA (ayey ku jawaabeen kuwii fadhiyey goobta), maku soo darteen (HAA.. mar labaad)... Waayahay'e anigu nin ayaan ahay gacan ayaan idinka siinayaaye, nimanka col ayaan nahay'e, ma i maqleysaan, nimanka aan iska celino, nimanku waxay wax ku yihiin wax allaale wixii dalku lahaa, ama tacliin, ama diin, ama masjid, ama Xawaalad, ama dhaqaale, ama isgaarsiin (Telecommunication), ama ganacsi, ama fatuud, ayey gacanta ku haystaane aan gacantooda ka wareejino, haddaad rabtaan in ay Soomaaliya noqoto Soomaaliya. " http://somalitalk.com/2007/nov/yuusuf.html
  13. Thats the same news i got from my sister when her childrens Grandfather called her from Qabridahare Zone asking for help, he said people live under harsh conditions even if you have money their is no place to to buy things all the stores are closed becouse of Melezenawis blockade.
  14. Its obvious the amxaro are in truble, why are they talking to terorist? i see a asign of defeat on the part of xabashis and their dabadhilifs.
  15. I see adesperate man who lost his hope on the fake Mele Zenawi government. You can dream how much you wont but atleast ina amxaar(c/llahi Yusuf) have acknowledged that things are not improving and inshallah with the help of Allah it will be worse for Amxaro and dabadhilifs.
  16. Its not a secret shekh shariif said jun 22 “Goor aan fogeyn waxaan cadowga dalka heysta ku dhufan doonaa dhirbaaxooyin ku qasbi doona inuu dalka ka baxo howshaasna meel fiican ayey mareysaa” http://www.qaranimo.com/2007/july/news_july_22_07_2.htm
  17. This only show how worthless the amxaros where, for seven days they couldn't brake throw the defenses of shabab fighters. Alxamdulillah the mujahidin are now stronger than ever as shekh sharif said recently the preparation for the big blow is almost finished. Whats is happening now is nothing compared to what is to come inshallah.
  18. This is a daily event for muqdisho residents, the city is run by gangs(somali and xabshi). Their crimes have recently increased more sens things are still not going as they wanted.
  19. Waraysi:- Mid ka mid ah musaliintii masjidka abii hureyra oo maanta 38 ka mid ahi la soo daayay Beerdhiga 23.07.2007 23:54 Musaliintii laga qabtay masjidka abii hureyra 05/07/2007 ayaa maanta galabtii 38- ka mid ahi la soo daayay ka dib markii ay ku xirnaayeen mudo 18 bari ah xabsi ku yaala dhulka hoostiisa. Mid ka mid ah musaliintii la soo daayay ayaa beerdhiga uga waramay sidii loola dhaqmay intii ay xabsiga ku jireen iyo waliba dadka xabsiga ku jira intaba. Musaliga laga qabtay masjida abii hureyra xiligii ay ku tukanayeen salaadii duhur ayaa waraysi dheer oo ay shabakada beerdhiga la yeelatay waxa ay ka cudur daaranaysaa in uu sida uu yahay ay idinku soo gudbin karin, balse qeyb yar oo ka mid ah ayaa ahayd sidan:- Beerdhiga:- xagee la idinka ka xeeyay? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- waxaa nalaga ka xeyay masjidka abii hureyra xili aan ku tukanay salaadii duhur ilaa salaadii casar. Beerdhiga:- maxaa la idin ku qaaday? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- dhowr baabuur ayaa nalagu qaaday qaar waxa la saaray baabuur dhayna ah kuwa xamuulka ah, qaar waxa la saaray xaajiyad, qaar waxa la saaray cabdi bilayaal, qaar waxa la saaray basas, baabuurtana waxay ahayeen kuwo la soo qafaashay. Beerdhiga: tiradiinu marka la idin sii qaadayay meeqaad ku qiyaastay? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- waxa aan ku qiyaasay 150-160 qofood inta u dhaxaysa. Beerdhiga:- xagee la idin geeyay? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- ma kala aqaano, laakiin waxa nala geeyay meel lalahaa xarunta danbi baarista xisbiga oo madaxtooyada agteeda ah. Beerdhiga:- xabsi noocee ah ayaa la idin galiyay? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- waxa nala galiyay xabsi ku yaala dhulka hoostiisa oo waligii aan la nadiifinin musqusha marka aad gasho kaadidaadii ay kaaga soo horeynayso qolka aad ku jirto, Beerdhiga: ka waran cuntada ma la idin siin jiray, hadiise la idin siin jiray maxaad cuneyseen? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- cuntada waxay kala ahayd subixii waxa lagu siinayaa hal xabo oo canjeero caadi ah oo aan wax kale la soconin, duhurkiina dad dhan 18 qof ayaa hal saxan oo bariis ah la soo dhexdhigayaa, cashadiina waa canbuulo(digir) waxaana laga yaabaa in ay kaa soo gaarto hal sacab oo aad mar qaadato. Beerdhiga:- ka waran salaada ma la idiin ogolaa in aad tukataan? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- salaada waxan ku tukanaynay xabsiga gudihiisa, waxaana ka jirtay biyo la’aan, 24 saac waxa aad leedahay nus litar biyo ah oo la rabo in aad u isticmaasho musqul cabitaan intaba marka dadka waxay iskaga gabagabeysanyeen(booreysi) darbiyada xabsiga inta biyaha ahna way cabayeen,laakiin marka aan dhahno wayso na siiya waxay na oranayaan hadaan wayso idin siinayno oo aad ku tukanaysaan awalba masaajida idinkama soo kaxeysaneen. Beerdhiga:- wax jirdil ah ma la idiin geystay intii aad xabsiga ku jirteen? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- dadka qaar baa jirdil loo geysanayay, habeenkii marka la gaaro qiyaastii 11:00 habeenimo ayaa labo nin oo itoobiyaan ah waxay xabsiga la soo galayaan fayl ay magacyo ku qoran yihiin ka dibna dadka ay rabaan in ay jirdilaan ayay ka xeysanayaan marka way soo jirdilayaan waxayna soo celinayaan iyaga oo bara laati ah. Beerdhiga:- maxay marka ku dhufanayaan ama ay jir dilka u adeegsanayaan? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- jug iyo wax kasta ayay ku dhufanayaan mararka qaar qoryaha ay wataan ayay feeraha iyo madaxa kaga garaacayaan sidoo kale meel dheer ayay dhahayaan qabso ka dibna uu qofka dhabar dhabar u soo dhacayo, mar mar waxay dhahayaan dhagaha qabso adiga oo foorara markaas ayay dhabarka budad kaga garaacayaan, qofka oo aan fadhi iyo jiif qaban karin iyo hadal toona ayaa lagu soo tuurayaa xabsiga dhexdiisa. Beerdhiga:- dadka inta badan jir dilka loo geysanyay da’dee ayay u badnaayeen? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- inta badan dhalin yarada ayaa lala baxayay oo iyaga oo la soo jir dilay la soo celinayay, laakiin odayaasha qaarkood waa la soo cabsiin jiray. Beerdhiga:- yaa dadka danbiyadooda baaraya ma itoobiyaanbaa mise waa soomaali? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- itoobiyaan kaliya ayaa baaraya soomaalida way u turjumaysay, waxaana la jooga kuwa dadka u kala yaqaana oo ku sheegayo waxa aad ahaan jirtay. Beerdhiga:- xabsiga wax dumar ah ma idin kula jireen? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- haa laakiin isku meel maana joogin waxaana xabsiga nagula jiray nin isaga iyo xaaskiisii laga soo kaxeeyay guryahoodii oo caruurtii meel cidla ah looga soo tagay. Beerdhiga:- xabsiga wax caruur ah ma ku jireen? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- haa wiil 7 sano jir ah ayaa ku jiray. Beerdhiga: maxaa isaga lagu soo xiray wiilka yarka ah? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- waxaa lagu soo xiray qarax magaalada ka dhacay meel agteeda ah ayuu ka cararay oo miis meesha ku yaalo galay ka dibna waxa soo qabsaday ciidamadii meelahaas marayay. Beerdhiga:-intiina maanta la soo daayay meeqa ayaad dhantihiin? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- anagu waxaan dhanahay intii maanta la soo daayay 38 qofood. Beerdhiga:- maxaabiistii kale xagee iyaga la geeyay ama lagu reebay? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- horta maxaabiista waxaa loo qeybiyay saddex qeybood, qeyb aniga aan ku jiro oo 38 ahayd waa nala soo daayay qeyb kale oo 23 ahna khamiistii hadda la soo dhaafay (20/07/2007) ayaa galabnimadeedii inta baabuur cabdi bilayaal ah oo fara badan iyo caasiyaal lagu qaaday. Beerdhiga:- xagee loo sii qaaday? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- ma garanayno meel loo sii qaaday. Beerdhiga:- sideed ku ogaatay in baabuurta noocaas ah lagu qaaday maadaama aad sheegtay in aad ku jirtay xasbi dhulka hoostiisa ku yaala? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- mid ka mid ah raga la sii qaaday ayaa inta loo yeeray oo uu mooday in la siidaynayo ayuu alaab uu watay yiri ii sii ilaaliya, ka dibna waxa lagu soo yiri wax alaab ah haday meesha kaa yaalaan soo qaado,markaasuu nagu soo laabtay oo noo sheegay in aan la sii daynin ee lala tagayo oo baabuurtaas la saaranayo, waxaana waliba dadkaas lala tagay ku jiray wiil 24-kii saacba 3mar kolba qalalayay (suuxayay) oo afka xunbo ka keenayay, marka aan soo bixinana ay nagu dhahayeen ku celiya halkiisa wax dawo ah lama siinayee. Beerdhiga:- dadka xabsiga laga soo daayay wax culimo ah ma ku jireen oo caan ah? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- haa hal nin baan ka garanayaa waana “sheekh maxamed yaasiin” Beerdhiga:- su’aalaha la idin waydiinayay maxaa ka mid ahaa? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- way badnaayeen maalintii saddex mar oo kale ayaa wax lagu waydiin oo waliba kuwii hore oo kale ah, waxayna ku weydiinayaan oo kale maxkamadihii ma la soo shaqeysay, haa hadaad tiraahdo magacyo ayaa lagu weydiin oo lagu dhihi hebal ma taqaanaa, mar mar waxa ay ku weydiinayaan quraanka ma taqaanaa, haa hadaad dhahdo waxay ku leeyihiin ma tajwiid baad ku taqaanaa mise caadi, hadaad labadaba sheegto oo aad haa tiraahdo, waxaa lagu leeyahay macalin qur’aan miyaad ahayd mise qof caadi ah, hadii aad tiraahdo macalin qur’aan baan ahaa waxa lagu leeyahay ilmaha jihaadka ma bari jirtay, waxay kaloo ku waydiinayaan salaadaha shanta wakhti masjidka ma ku tukataa, sidoo kale waxa ay ku waydiinayaan qaadka ma cuntaa iyo sigaarka.qabiilka ayaa lagu weydiin,qabiilkii aad sheegatana nin baa laguu keeni jaajuus u ah Beerdhiga:- wax sawiro ah ma la idinka qaaday? Musaliga laga ka xeystay masjidka abii hureyra:- haa qiyaastii qof waliba waxa laga qaaday 6 sawir oo mar laga sawirayo soo jeed marna labada dhinac(dhabanada) mar sii jeed mar kor daba inta la fuulo ayaa la soo sawirayaa, waxay sawirada qaadayaan duhurkii iyo galabtii, sidoo kale marka lagu galinayo xabsiga iyo marka lagu soo bixinayo kor ayaa lagaa sawirayaa idinka oo 10 qof oo kale ah. http://www.beerdhiga.com
  20. This stuff will make the victory easier as they will support the mujahidin against this Amxaro Goverment the same way they supported them against the worlords.
  21. Originally posted by The Duke: ^^^What hot air, Kismayu is no problemand will be dealt with in a time of the old man's cjoosing, jsut like how he dealt with the clan courts, and the looters Inc before them. As for Abdi2005 welcome back adeer, your new prediction is what? That the farts in Kismayu will turn into a flood? Mogadishu today is TFG command centre and the enemies of the Somali state are running for cover in Asmara. Keep talking people. Marka waxad leedahay xaniinyo amxaaro aya lageeyna Kismaayo? tabcaan dheh. We know how his poor militias where dealt with . As for Muqdisho evry ting is going according to the plan, the mujahidin own the city under the night. Even your mighty Amxaro cant stop it.
  22. Madaxweyne Yuusuf mar wax laga weydiiyay goorta ay ciidamada Itoobiya dalka ka baxayaan ayuu si deg deg ah ugu jaaabay oo uu yiri waxa ay baxayaan marka xalka Muqdisho wax iska badalaan . “Goorma ayaad jeclaan laheyd in ay baxaan , waxaan kuu sheegayaa in dalka inta uu sidaan yahay in aysan baxeyn ciidamada Itoobiya , anaga ayaa u yeeranay marka howsha nabad soo celinta u dhamaato ayay baxayaan”sidaa waxaa yiri maadxweyne Yuusuf. Tabcaan dheh, "markakey xaalka Muqdisho wax iska badalaan"? , ya ninkan usheega inu hadaba sii raadsado meeshu ku gambanlahay. Tabcaan lagaso eryay Kismaayo maxow ka filanya muqdisho maalintey amxarada iskaga hululan mesha?
  23. Dagaal culus oo ka qarxay magaalada Kismaayo Click here to find shabelle news in English Kismaayo 23, April.07 ( Sh.M.Network) Dagaalo culus oo la isku adeegsanayo hubka nuucyadiisa kala duwan ayaa ka qarxay magaalada Kismaayo ee xarunta gobolka J/hoose. Sida uu ku soo waramayo wariyaha shabelle ee magaalada Kismaayo Max'ed Axmed, Daryanka madaafiicda iyo hoobiyeyaasha ayaa si weyn looga maqlayaa gudaha magaalada, iyadoo wali aan la garaneyn cidda dagaalkaan uu u dhaxeeyo. Dagaalkaan ayaa ah mid aad u culus, lamana garanayo sababta keentay in uu qarxo, hasayeeshee waxa uu ku soo beegmay xilli xalay magaalada Kismaayo iska horimaad uu ku dhex maray ciidamo ka wada tirsan dowladda oo ka soo kala jeeda Beelo ku hardamaya gacan ku heynta magaalada Kismaayo. Wixii ku soo kordha kala soco warar keena dambe. Click here to find shabelle news in English http://shabelle.net/2007/April/n11369.htm
  24. Now the street begers are looters and occupiers? you should be ashamed for yousing this mans poverty as another tool for your propaganda. before its was lower shabelle and now street beger what will you use tomorrow to support your uncle cabdullahi Amxaar?
  25. Its good general realized the truth, Gabre asking for ceasefire what a shame.