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  1. Assallamu allaikum everyone. This is an open letter to all people who are sincerely concerned with the well being of our future. It's truely hard to say that I am so saddened by all the hate and the happiness of our own people towards our misfortunes. Lets all take a pledge today of being WE. Meaning we have to be proud of who we are and where we are from. We have to educate our peers of consiquences of our actions. To be in a different country does not mean to change to who they are. Instead we can cut on the vices that brought us here. And Improve our virtues that we tend to keep as valuable. The strongness of our community lies on the shoulders of the young generation. Lets all unite and pay attention to the need of the young people. How can I sleep when a child needs an Interpretter to talk to her mom? How can I live in this world when I see a parent telling the other to lie that she is single when applying for welfare? Where is this society's focus on when we tend to divorce due to petty stuff that could have been solved through simultaneous dialogue? How could you feel proud when your son/daughter does not know the history, teaching and the laws of the religion? When was the last time you spent your time with your child(as a friend) and vice versa? How do you reward and understand your child vision and dreams? Where is the sense of fulfilment when your child is 18 yrs and hasnt put his/her head down and prayed? How is your child equiped against misfortunes when you havent taughted them to raise their hands and pray? We all are sinners, but how many recognise the sin and pray for forgiveness? The change starts within self and this is where the real journey begins. The pureness of the soul and body is worth fighting for. I urge you all to take the pledge of seriousness, of love and understanding: And vehemently of seeking knowledge.If you see your drunk brother/sister, please kindly HELP them to stop. If you know of your Marijuana/cigaratte smoking brother/sister please kindly HELP them to quit. Help your drug addicted brother/sister to the rehab. Be mindful and exercise the freedom of our mind by stopping 'Jaat' eating. Its beyong doubt that it does more harm than good. Plus has the maximum rating of breaking up families a proof that has a generation of dispute. This fight must be won by our hands my people. The knowledgable person is worth listening than an Intoxicated person always. Each and everyone one of us has a responsibility as our civility is in grave danger. Sense of responsibility should be divided equally among society. No double standard decisions among wrong doings of sexes should be entertained. The act of fairness, love with an ability of kindness should allowed to bloom. College and high school peers should make their concern heard through the many channels of communications. Please do not quit college and schools. Patience is your last line of defense and make sure you dont lose that. Vigorous campaign towards our students achivement should be endosed by our community elders. Elders should pay enough attention to the youth who would make up the adult population one day. Everyone in the community should have a common ground on sensible issues. Tribalistic comments and attitudes should be abolished. Extending hands toward our unfortunate should be priority. Mental health and physical disability issues should be countered. Unity and prosperity lies on our wealth of knowledge. Lets rekindle our spirits and make our bloodline healthier and mind strong with a vision of stability, happiness and love for our community by us. Take a pledge that you would help 7 people in seven days to help them help themselves. P.S. You can send your comments and suggestions to my Thank you~
  2. Dats so pathetic :eek: Murda murda its like franklinville......... Faacin east should be the last thing you do From the cemetery, Vultures increase from scent of your decay Come wit your weak vibes, shtt hatters will sink in decades Wit a Bishop name, you cant make it even in a muslim parade I’m like a Mullaa- school ya wit a gun or just use my pen They effect all the same, all damn result will be full of lead Seashore-h@e Just watch the list of Mc’s I battle, Fu@k they all end up dead Watch them lost their minds n’ see whats left in their head It’s a lil late n’ these pills are putting me to bed But no sweat, I can stay up late till I feel to belch Ur just a Bit@h jigga, n’ am bout to put ya to rest Feelin my lyrical venom strikes fear inducing shakes Makin your back break n your heart palpitate Reconnectin your head wit your severed spine will take More than penicillin and roll duct tape! U thinking cyber kid, like on heat yo beggin for spankin Im coastin, shtt this words fly our so smooth like silk My words are ill, ya’ll know I spit so tilt like a handful of silt Dispersin these flows so laced n’ tight like the’re manufactured for threats VICIoUS rhymes malignant like a rollcoaster of roulette Tah tah, U aint even tryin its like runnin against a camaro Chevrolet Use your gown n’ keep hidin, we all know bout WINONA crest San Diego Jiggas stand sleepin since they came from the 747 jet! HOLLA :mad: © VICIoUS IZ US!
  3. Its friday, Cant believe it!..back to bezzak... Iaint no turnin I’m like the chamelion, unlike color I adopt to pain After this they might need to scoop you wit a spade n a crane No lay-a-way, I just layback and let you kiss my CANE Then I spit at you and make you scream my name And I aint laughin cause you knew its cause you scared Your guard open for a whoppin -you shoudn’t have dared Take my style? NI@@a please, Iam show you some infinite game Teach you a lesson on how to make paper wit a nib of a flame But DON’T fear its like a psycho murderer I blade you from ear to brain If you would be in a board then aint no many white boxes to counter claim Dust your atlas kid and think back to the map I don’t spit poison dart, I jerk off arrows that smash skulls n bone marrows 619 is narrow, up in the 50th I can wreck on ur street like my d!ck wit no Inspector You? Bishop Shakin in boats? Man I got you shook You scared of VICIoUS like am the midwest crook Enough with the chessy corny @ZZ lyrics duke The syphilis you got was a jeck off fluke…hahaha Cant pipe out cuchie even if its placed on a Still goin through puberty n yo aint even seen a ‘fruity’ Don’t take me rude, am not on weakly prozak but I love the juice I think I heard Tick! Tick! Its Checkmate,n' Bishop is about to lose! © VICIoUS IZ US!
  4. This turf is officially RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE. Lets light the bonefire we about to barberque soomeeebody..hahaha. Death wish to the bishop that moves between the knight n’ a king A B C rhymes and a wig that’s a simple thang U must be from Oakland coz your Lines are TOO $HORT geared up n’ voltin, ur fashion its like the 66 route How you gonna claim MC n’ all u wear is gown…hahaha Shtt, bishop evolved from bustin the nuns now he down wit the alter boyz This dose mindya , make your blood marinate your hind I don’t take hides, its like the HE HE, I cut ears n’ wore like necklase Run around your block wit 4 glocks onto my car deck NAS said ‘you a slave to a page in my rhyme book’ I am cut you down wit Axe n’ heavy doses of bayonet Comprehend this meaning of this lyrical text I hang with new rapper coz ur less than nothing Ur level of popularity ranked from lower than half a star to something I am more intelligent than you, Poppin pimples demonstrate the quality of Ur IQ My lines are long and latitude n’ guess what? This line I drop its like the drop top I ride in Houston (Section check this Visit get a plastic to look more like spice girls your sense level like a 40 watt light bulb, dim witted :cool: After jaat night , you wont be hard even if we stuffed viagra through you d!ck! :eek: Get an Encyclopedia, see to both yo’ll am more probmatic like ILLmatic My rhymes are more worryin like mathematical equations When you battle me, its like you phuck yourself, like the art of ma$turbation You should be a vegetarian coz this beef was a MIS-$TEAK! :mad: But I guess you must be breakfast coz am flippin you like pancakes~ © VICIoUS IZ US!
  5. Ok here... My city so wild with Rage and freestyle Pimpin all day like Rap city hosted by Big Tigger n’ AJAY M@thaf@ckers attain sta$h wit no foul play Strickly legal, str8 out no vest n’ no slugs stray No jaat, blunts, Aks and Welfare checks No sippin cris,Tattoes, bling wrist n’ cocaine We here pay bills n’ take girls out wit big CANEs From big crowds to hall of fame We KO every nutsu@ker wit slow kiss VICIolise the essense when my O2 n’ H2O combine in marital Bliss Spit fire when haters tryna touch the flame Its like PROPAIN n’ METHANE Nuclea and a Hydrogen atoms combined, now that’s insane Handlin business from 7am to five pm SKYHIGH N’ VICIoUS collabo Minneapolis we put it on a double Snitches stinkin some Shtt, Ni@@AZ shakin like jelly curls on Rambo Evening crusin , jugglin females like puppets Returnin calls to beauties like rejuvinated pimps Aint no rentals, we roll wit hardknock whips Tricks bendin, flesh burnin , too much licks Phuk broken windows n’ less cosy stairways We do it on the 94 highway Aint to city that can number us close on them comfort basement Big coaches, pool tables and bowls of sharley f@ckin temple Snow plows outside ratllin like a diamond stickin head Moonlight shinin on them ebony mahogany legs While we bonnin she stills yanks n moarns Goin’ so many directions, you don’t know where she’s movin Kinda obsessed, I confess my city non the less will put cancun to the test~ WORD!  VICIoUS IZ US
  6. Aight Aight, nough wit the chit chat. Get your chalks out and we all gonna paint our cities in wax. Soo many fella$ wana be FamoUS so this is ur 15 minutes. Drop somein somein bout your city. And one rule applies- DONT DISS ANOTHER CITY..STRICKLY POSSITIVE .. Lets separate them boyz from men now..Holla :mad:
  7. Am workin on half brain n' I still beat ya. You still come back for more A$$ woppin. I am used 2 street cats wit 20 lives anyway!..Feel this treat ya like a right..hahaha Y'alls just humorous clowning changing urself from gay to a Mexican maid Like stars in the sky, my game is numerous like space And you think theres no one here worth it? You must be covered with Mase Y'all not heard it? Cut your ears off ma credit card from Cha$e Your vocal chords is sh!t, therefore you neck’s gonna get slit Cuz im a hit, never can quit, the best of the best, flat out SHIZNIT! It benifits to listen 2 it When I spit, cuz I just might screw you over like a drill bit This's my crime that I commit Who can die wit grace? Youd just be waste, never able to take the bass I place from here to outter space I put it down for those around in my race You a Rhyme buster in this game? Den I must be the new blood wit twice the fame Im the newest fire, the biggest flame When I proclaim shame to your name When you just startin, I ve already left and came Id waste you witout needin to take my aim Bring so much pain to your brain, feels like an OD on cocaine till aint nuttin remains Never mess wit wut you cant contain Cuz wit, my games all insane :mad: Youve done nuttin I see I hope you dont claim to be a tight mc Da only tighness yo feel will be ur finger in you’re a$$’ol…lol Cuz ya raps is unseen Dont f@ckin play on me and how I lay my scheme Wanna know wut else is simple? How I put my 9 to ya mother f@ckin temple Put another hole in ya face, addin another demple like Shirley f@ckin Temple WHen I Rhyme IM all bout it bout it The whole d@mn place gets surrounded and crowded ANd aint NO D@mn thang you can do about it! And when I finish you off wit my rhymes and the peeps all clappin for my bad a$$ rappin You just sittin SCRATCHIN, ya head, "how'd it happen??" All wit me can do to you when I catch you nappin When you listen to my words it strikes fear, like acid pourin in ya ear Wishin I hadnt said wut you would hear Ill cut off your hands wit my machette knife Scarrin you forever cuz I killed your LOVE LIFE …hahahaha Sextion notice ur camoflage of a f@ckin G.O.A.T tryna be a Marabou Stork Anyone could tell u was runnin from Malakul mawt Do you know wut thats like? Havin to fight for rights to walk down the street at night? Didnt think so, so dont talk when you dont know wut you sayin ya wouldnt be street if I paved you you wouldnt know ya roots if I slaved you facts are if spike lee didnt direct sh!t you in the hood couldnt connect sh!t when I spit respect it or ima let the ebonics-rip I spit so sick it's like my tongues infected ya juss pissed off I read ya weakness n didnt respect it This is my ways, I aint playin And now you in a war wit not trace of any treaties ma gully seen more action , kid ya actin Now tell me whats my M@thaF@ckin Name.... VICIoUS is US
  8. Man! Did I VisioliZe a copy n' paste // somewhere..I know I seen that somewhere lol..Its aight..You can't think str8 regardless foe..hahaha Landfill rapper spittin garbage disaster Ma Vortex Engine gonna outline yo like corvette battle me n ya next screen names gon-b strippin like colgate Son you can't rap-at-all I'll beat the shit out of you til ya ass-is-raw Smash ya face with a mace Then pull on your head til I rip ya torso off ya waist pumpin slugs while I take dis TWINS baseball bat n sock ya mind cuz ya body rockin da pine casket ya destination I just cocked the nine Ima come at you like a d.u.i walkin the line crooked n talkin rewind find dat impossible but of me infront right content ya It’s not even ova yet n ya already chalkin ya lines like ya'd name ya self OHHPAIN n people will follow ok, my boy propaine dub got people, holla holla ya raps like sluts takin three inductions at once, hard to swalla ya flow allright but ya come soft, like rue paul in a pink impala braids in ya hair n a fresh manucure screamin balla balla endin ya life wont be a task Im da real Malis prodigy fulfillin prophecy VICIoUS vs WHO: Ima win without even givin it all of me ya toddla to me up in dis posts like ya lovin sodomy n ya minds so pu$$y afta I drop heat on ya brain ya call a gynochologist to perform the ladotomy nigga ya must be smokin chronic cuz I neva seen a thug wid lee nails n a bonet ya about as thug as SISQO, a @itch hoe wid blonde hair n a pinto thinkin ya the sh*t though I speak n ya sit hoe I dont hit yo? this battles like i'm poppin quarters down ya throat! :mad: Now bend n' get a kick off this site! VICIoUS is US! P.S. Where the crows who usually like to comment??? :confused:
  9. Lets keep waxin, see who da DON is...Am still makin paper while yo work on reapers..Get a lil somein somein I am the subliminal hit man that will make ya fan club minimal as sh!t man like the seam of old navy pants, I flex they split man damn get a grip STAN I aint no Eminem so stop writtin me like sick fan up in my room dreamin it was tainted wid clits..damn prey to GAWD n ya get off from the demon a stand up demandin ya to man up cuz ya “jokes” remind me of top 40 radio stations played out ya need to pawn ya style or atleast trade out challenged me but sincerly asked me to spit first Koward ya sh!ts dust! straight beggin for VICIoUS curse sift through my sh!t @itch, ya tryin to eat it but ya lookin anerexic so what with ya stats.who beat who? ya still a whack new jack requiestin me to bless ya phuk ya feelings ni@@a best step large if ya wanna contest dis beat ya eyes into the back of head to give ya hine sight @itch slap ya wid a left hook directin ya brain to get ya mind right phuk lyrics lets let the nines fight so I can authentisize ya casket with PROPAIN KODAC pic incripted on ya pine to show how easily ya a$$ was mine sounding like highschool girls BAKED ya rhymes in home economics class cuz you @ITCH MADE ripped by the tongue like a switch blade . you just a British kid tryin to be down with ebonics a$$ its like sluts that tickle Malis when ya blows hits left right jabbin n’ movin ya leave ya self open n I ma expose it ya opened this post n’ ya can be GAWD damm sure ima close sh!t :mad: VICIoUS is US!
  10. Eyo whats the emergency number for 911!!! I am actin blind to the white towel expressed by more malicious dan de sleeper cell! U come back at me Now do I need class, do I need brass should I be fast or should I swing first or last should I aim for the heart or just put a foot in ya a$$ hahah f**K all that, i'll just unplug ya computer screen n laugh ouch~~ you just got Smacked! but don't seem to face reality try to battle me, but you can't rattle me I take you down and make your @itch straddle me you don't know me- only by my name but it's all the same, I decimate the fame send you back from whence you came, come in flocks with glocks and professional aim from words to letters, killin vendettas with berettas leave you with a stitch, stole your @itch before i even met her you talk about your sins, while your @itch slips my dick in, finish, slap on a new rubber and begin again she testifies b4 you realize that you lose, I WIN! U r weaker dan the weakest link! Goodbye VICIoUS is US
  11. Malis' on a Row, 11 Yrs still tears~ ??? Barreta at? Sextion pass me the oiler foe... First saw ya claim n I gave a phuk now I give a phuk less n’ still VICIoUS I dont stress they all know da best Ima murda ya rhymes one word at a time is like I inserted ya rhyme n left my brain perverted wid lines I talk and converted ya nines to desciples of mine ANOKA? ya blinded , this MPLS finest switch sides ya ***** die I visit heavens n pimp hell combine like entities Da make angels envy me flow wid vengance- spit n’ rips swells da clerk a demons, neon lights dimmin on propain I despurse mark 10s beatins I lerk dark creepin merk heathins ya hurtin I clip ya lungs rips 4 fun comense breathin callin out names, " gameless " ya aint seein I speak and ya lyric heedin, want ma milli-vanity couldnt step up if I doubled yo wit prozak n' penicillin! ya mans Da me got ya fans STANsin me shits insanity how ya contemptin stand to me quotin out ya a$$ cuchie sh!t flops hot air..Hahaha I speak n brass Soms ya brain like blonde da glodie locks glock cocks n I drop ya fasta dan rocks on blocks when cops flock mans is like ya fannin me Its Tijuana’s border, now dats the right format My face a Doormat, wellcomes ya wit da middle finger apart Lol… it cant be touched slippery devils, flow cant be clutched ya words hurt like being water ballooned wid sherbert merk-words keep up ya search-bra , ya thesauras cant purp-verbs like GAWDS brain.. got rhymes runnin through GAWD veins I got Malis in da mainframe ,I bleed n da main vein raps ya name 2 shame I dont play dame, I split verbs to merk words that shames game It's like ya mangled ya brain cuz ya got it twisted ya couldnt reach 'blessed' uplifted if I fisted NAS rips through ya clit-kid couldnt grip rap knoweldge if I super glued THE SOURCE 2 ya palms n split ya wig wid D-XL GAWD checks ya"A$$" fell I speak wid brass shells till I hear da last bell my pens wanted in 50 states for rape-in fakes n murderin kids ya flurtin wid VICIoUS I ma murda ya in put my KODAC pic up in ya sig-kid. standin on top of ya skull smillin" look what VICIoUS-did" Now am washin ma hands wit some propain blood~ VICIoUS is US