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  1. Horta the guy is not homeless as per say, the media needs to portray it as such to sell the story, he lives in a hostel where is awaiting to be housed, which is a common process everyone who wants social housing goes through in this country, and he works as a chef as was stated in the story, so technically he is your average londernor. Blondy i don't doupt his herosim at all, what he did is noble and was righly lauded by the media, but we ( as in the Somali comm ) need to milk it too much.
  2. ^There is a hero in all of us don't u know. why are u lot milking this issue too much.
  3. I am not privy to the ins and outs of Somaliland politics but i am in Boroma at the moment so i guess i can my two Land shillings to this topic. The agreed version of todays event is that the Ethopians came to collect the three said prisoners, a 4X4 rammed the car carrying the prisoners and one prisoner escaped by foot. Thereafter the mayhem began and a crowd gathered and police fired into the air for several hours untill the last Adaan for Jummah prater, after Salaad the town was calm and tonight there is a heavy police and militray presence in the town.
  4. I was there when it crash landed, at first us folks waiting for relatives were led to beleive it was the expected Jubba airways that had the problems, so after it landed safely we all said alxumdullilah only then did we see the small plane circling the airport. When it landed the joke among Hargeisa folks was 'Ruushkii baa fuuley' and the best one 'Zaad baa tyre loogu diray '
  5. Wasalaam. Juxa, the same reason why some struggle to speak Somali when they can speak English fine.
  6. i will ******* anyday to any ******* person. the word 'Koonfur' should be censured as well.
  7. Qalda*n cannot be an cay workd these days, is commonly used to identitify a dilect, is just like saying 'scouser' or brummie.
  8. Salaamu claykum What a weekend huuh, Juxa u can't even do a simple canjeero , dagan celis nooca cunto karis aad u baahantahay.
  9. I think it also depends on the sport too, i would support England/Britsh teams in all other sports ( Go Murray !!! ) including Atheletics ( again African rule applies here unless Mo Farah has a chance ) In Cricket and Rubgy i support England ahead of South Africa ) I think the lack of support for the England team stems from the image of the average England supporter, white, loudish and way over confident attitude and of course the media created hype that sorrounds, maybe Somalis in Italy, Germany etc may also not cheer for their adopted nations as they are exposed to the real attitudes of their fans.
  10. No one should feel duty bound to cheer England, the Irish, Scots and Welsh nationals openly despise England and cheer on whomever is playing against them so why do we feel the need to cheer for them. Also this business of they gave us future, jobs, ceyr talk so we should support them is sick, if u like Egnland support them if not then support whomever u like other than the Italians of course, i hate kuwaas. I will support England depending on whom they play, i supported Algeria over England and will do the same if ever they play another African team or any team with more black players other than Brazil.
  11. ^ i guess you can do all your ignoring from where you are, bur right here am afriad we have toput up with all of it, the hype, then the commentry dudes ( Lawro is soooo annoying )and then the aftermath. But i still hope they do well from now on but i will not mourn should the Germans knock them out.
  12. Norf u are overdoing with your Ingriss support, am sure had u been here u would have wanted them out, they are annoying when they win that i just can't bring myself to suuport them. Even though i want them to do well their fans just put me off. We watched it @ work yesterday and some were suprised how much i was willing the Slovenians to score, mind u few others also wanted the Solovenians to score. Ghana cannot score so i can't see how they will get passed the Americans who are never seemed to give up, but if they do Ghana will have a great chance to get as far as the Semis.
  13. As it stands, South Africa need 2 more goals, either from themselves or Uruguay.
  14. I could happen for South Africa still We need the Forlac & Co. to get one more, the Frech to conceed one more and we did it.
  15. What Islamic adivice starts with 'dear sisters do not listen to your mothers ... " The advice stems from a lot of assumptions of how parents might react, everyone situation is different and hence u cannot give a generalistic advise like that. As Malika has said already one needs to perfect the art of giving Da'wa before dishing out advice as u can see from the reaction of most the message was not clear.
  16. They did it, well at least they spoilt it for England. one two three Viva Algeria!!!!!! Blackstock Road is rocking, Allahu waclum what they would have done had they won.
  18. lool @ 'Goal Algeria' u getting ahead of yourself. It was a difinite goal the ref panicked and there so many pushes on the US players, If anything it was a penalty to US. For England's sake it was a bad result. Now am off to Blackstock Road to watch it with the mad Algerians and if it gets ugly i already planned my scape route to the mosque
  19. is it on the BBC i wonder damn work computers everything is blocked
  20. i feEl maseer that i am missing all these games.
  21. No is a general topic. Now i hope the South Africans can beat them as well, he may not even have 11 players to chose from by then
  22. I think they moved to embrass the coach, anyway i think the coach racists, he selected all the white French players that could kick a ball and the the Blacks and the left the Algerians at home.
  23. Rober Eearle sold his tickets to a beer comapany. Brazil were slow to start, but they showed they still have the quality to do well in this world cup, from what we saw in the Ivory v Porturgal game i think they will win the group rather easilly and whoever cannot beat NK will miss out from this group.
  24. Can someone just wave the Somaliland flag so this topic can come to an end. Remember Maryan Mursal waved it for you guys,