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  1. Originally posted by The Zack: Mr. gello you should double-check what color is your skin lol. You dont even know what colour i am. Maybe you should stop your personal and racist attacks. you can be somali and white you know.
  2. Originally posted by Fahiye: Ghello, I am not a city boy. I work in the westend if that makes a difference to you- Mayfair to be precise. Are you feeling little less jelous now brother. Yes! I am brother. Poor me, I guess I’ll have to work extra hours during this blessed month. Life is so unfair, bachelors like Fahiye can blow all top end salaries on champagne and caviar, while I am still on probation for my first office job and I have a young wife and baby boy to support. And he has the audacity to mock me! where is the justice in this world.
  3. NG, My amazing journey in life is universal. I am sure many people can relate to it. Or even appreciate listening to an interesting story of redemption. I didn’t tell you guys about being a child solider. It really gets to me when city slickers like Fahiye try to glamorise their big salary jobs to us commoners.
  4. ^^^ that has all the hallmarks of a private message so make sure it is. We dont need to hear your work schedule in detail. cheers
  5. I couldn’t agree more. I was playing once and the fire alarm rang. Due to the obsessive nature of Health and Safety and political correctness now a day, the mosque leaders disturbed people in their prayers, insisting that they should get out of their prayers.
  6. Aaliyah Thanks for the poignant message. I am trying so hard to provide for my family. I want my son to have the very best. I came here (UK) in my late teens and it was a struggle. I put myself through university but never graduated. Now I work in an office, which is a step up from claiming job seekers allowance. My son is proud of his old man. I can feel it. please ignore those who ridicule you. its ramadan and just say ' i am fasting i am fasting' May Allah have mercy on you this blessed month.
  7. thanks aaliyah. i have a wonderful boy, he is growing so fast. i wish i spent more time with him. always busy with work.
  8. spare a thought for me. i am finishing 6:30. and it takes 1 hour to get home to my lovely wife and boy.
  9. Yesterday I had nice rice with marinated chicken. one date and one drink. I am a on diet this ramadan.
  10. what do you with your lunch break when your fasting. an hour seems like a life time.
  11. The Thailand prime minister is obviously evading tax and wants his money to be cleansed of its filth and the same goes for chelski and the american capitalists are looking for a quick buck or two! These are not wealth funds though! NG, my initial statement was to CL. and her one line Graemlins dismissive answers. she doesnt even know who i am and she is giving me attitude.
  12. Thats exactly what i thought GJ. NG and CL should get ready for the 2010 Paralympics. Has that broken my fast! oops!
  13. I am actually concerned all the huge influx of Sovereign Wealth Funds in Britain now a days. All these fat Arab countries with their petro-dollars are buying up British brands. Its good for football teams as they can buy the stadiums and players but bad for the football league as a whole. The divide between the premiership is astonishing. Teams like spurs and Everton and Aston villa will probably never complete with the so-called 'big four'.
  14. but your black sxb! this is a white person's sense of humour. unless your a bounty or a Coconut.
  15. This is a good opportunity for him, he will feel like a superstar. if he was in the chelsea team he will just be one of many superstars. I think he is after the money as well. I am gutted by bertatov departure from Spurs!
  16. ^^^ shocking or what! how is such a deal possible?
  17. This is the reason why Somaliland is properous and stable. I watching Universal Tv last night and they were saying The Puntland authorities are collaborator to the piracy on Somali waters.
  18. you people have no sense of humour. i guess you must all be suffering from ricketts as you dont have no sense of humour or a funny bone for that matter. Black people eh! never satified!
  20. i would but from who? who runs this forum?
  21. never have i seen this place empty in my short but rich time here. This is a travesty. My first day of ramadan has been partly ruined by the lack of activities. I might have to look for new forum to keep me entertained? any suggestions?
  22. the Olympics are euro-centric. no wonder places like cambridge get more medals than entire nations. This is farce and must be corrected. Somalis boasting about this matter is the real joke. go and represents your nation instead of biggin' up your universities and small town in yorkshire!
  23. I thought somaliland was a land of plenty... free from hunger unlike the rest of the country?