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  1. ...has anyone noticed that Vice President Cheney's quail-hunting tactics are eerily similar to those he used to justify invading Iraq? But, giving him the benefit of the doubt, there is reliable intelligence that there were birds in the area.
  2. I hate the scripted obligatory small-talk conversations that made up 80% of interaction at this company I worked at last summer... On Monday, it's about how was your weekend (you give one of several of the standard answers). On Tuesday, it's how are you. On Wednesday, it's about looking forward to the weekend. on Thursday, it's about what a LONG week it's been and how you're looking forward to the weekend. On Friday, it's what are your weekend plans. And at least fifteen times a day, every day, it's how are you. Kill. Me. Now.
  3. I think its dangerous to use capitalist rules in your personal relationships. We're given messages from birth telling us we are our possessions, and people with better cars, better houses, higher-paying jobs, etc., are better people. This is why I hate terms like "the marriage market" and "exchange theory" in relationships; economics has colonized the language of love like it has everything else. Yes, often we treat our potential partners as just another asset or demonstration of worth, like a car or the latest fashion. And this creates a nasty "trade in, trade up" mentality in relationships. There is a book I saw somewhere but haven't read - "Consuming the Romantic Utopia" that I want to get my hands on, as it supposedly talks about some of these concepts.
  4. emotionally unstable "Castro what would i do with a broken mirror? Trying to repair it will only lead to a cut finger. Get my drift?" I think everyone has a list of acceptable/unacceptable things, but it all goes out the window when there's chemistry. Maybe there's something here...ha ha ha
  5. The beginning is so exciting. I love the butterflies, the ****** giddy way you feel when you think about the person, the faster heartbeat when you hear from them, the nervousness and sweaty palms feeling when you are together. Discovering their innermost self, exploring new feelings within yourself. I am truly at my best at the beginning of a relationship. I've had and also have been with people who have had some bad experiences regarding love (or the notion that it could be love). It's so sad that any prospective new relationship must endure all past mistakes! Of course, hopefully, some of our past brings great, wonderful experience to newbies. Tell me/us your stories. Spare no detail.
  6. Wow, a Seattle thread! Dropping in to say hello. It seems there is a fair amount of Seattle representation on SOL... Hmmm. Might be time for a face to face. I specially wanna see Wordetta. lol
  7. 5 Places Where I'd Like to Live 1. New York City 2. Sydney 3. London 4. Bermuda 5. Los Angeles
  8. "Umm....I'm a giant.....5"11 Alxamdulilaah! " Green Giant....ha ha ha....i love that commercial... Wordette...stop day dreaming. Five Questions I Was Asked While Walking Only Eight Blocks This Afternoon in pioneer square seattle... - "Can you spare any change today?" - "God bless you, spare change?" - "Spare change?" - "HAVE YOU GOT A MINUTE TO TALK ABOUT CLEAN WATER?" - "Spare any change today, sir?"
  9. Make a list of five things about you. Examples: Five things you have done. Five things you have never done. Five jobs you have held. Five insecurities. Five people you have loved/love/crush on.Five things that have happened to you. Five cars you have owned. Five places you have lived. Five reasons you won't contribute to this thread. List anything from the mundane to the sublime.
  10. The ability of others to force one to remain in the social class of their parents is relatively small in this country (though still present regarding getting into clubs, society pages and other emotional absurdities of 'class consciousness'). It is larger in Somalia but will be shrinking there over times as well.
  11. Is it purely economic? Is it a matter of values? How big a factor is education? Is it the people with whom you associate? Let's try and get this idea hashed out. ...From my point of view, education is a major factor in determining social class. Though not perfect as a guage by any means, those I meet with PhDs tend to be higher in class than those who don't. Yes, there are exceptions, but it works by and large. Education seems to be a part.