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  1. IT is unbilevebl to broke out war aginast the nigherbohring countries Puntland and Somaliland. It seems the conflict is almost the same conflect Between Pakistan And India Fighting over (Kashmiir)But who will decided who ithink the sool and sun people can decided which side they want to be. and this is what i found when i visited one of the sites of the net somali delegates have threatened to withdraw from the Eldoret peace talks if the international community fails to stop attacks by Somaliland troops on the Puntland State. The over 500 participants, led by Puntland Vice-President, Mohamed Abdi Hashi and the State Minister for Peace and Religion, Awad Ahmed Ashareh, appealed to the international community to immediately call for a cease-fire or they pull out of the conference. Reports indicate at least 30 people are feared dead and thousand others critically wounded in Las Anood city of Puntland State following fresh attacks by the Somali land invaders. "It has been reported that Somali land President Dahir Riyale Kahim has ordered his troops to attack Puntland from the Sool region," said Hashi. Addressing an International news conference at an Eldoret hotel at the weekend, the 20 factional leaders said they had called for a cease-fire in the entire Republic of Somalia following the signing of a peace accord in Eldoret on October 27 and could not understand why the cessation of hostilities has not been implemented by the international community. "Instead of attending the ongoing Somalia national reconciliation conference in Eldoret, the Somali land administration have instead chosen to engage in acts of hostilities and provocation with its neighbouring regions, particularly with Punt land State," said Hash. He further said Las Anode city was tense following the escalation of violence that may engulf the entire region and beyond. "The administration of Punt land State urge the leadership of Somali-land to immediately withdraw its invading army units, otherwise it will have to shoulder responsibilities for the killing of Punt land people," said Ashareh. looooooooooool caming up what the somalilanders woret. i will bring to you the lets news in every minute 24/7
  2. Inaan Lilaahi Wa inaa Ileeyhi Raajicuun Ilaahoo Noo Naxariiso. (Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin Amiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiin) If this is ture, which i ask Allah not to make it true My alaah for give him what he has done. Even though there was alot avidness that he committed in the past 10 years. recently there was also another case that alot somalis was talking about that he gave to the eithopian 15 somalian (culamaaul Diin) that he cliam that there were Alqaacida membars. ( so to get a name alot war world leader would do such thing to get a recognize. And i think all of you might know alot Asxaabi Rasuulilaah SCW lost their life t o protect our leligious. Even our prophet SCW lost his teeth. (And remembar we are African's we are not Arabs) :confused: (The Arabas we share onlyreligion) May alaah for give as all of us.
  3. Aslaamu Calaykum Warax matulaahi Wabarkaatuhu Ramadaan Wanaagsan. girl-from-ur-dreams, thanks for respondoing and i will expect other nomads to do the same lets hear our ideas. We are the future our homeland. If we can't solve our problem no one will slove for as. I belive that. Who will agree my ideas that all war world leaders to be killed all of them in kenya because they are the once who distroyed ourland. Let me mentoin those who are waiting that we will get a peace for those in Kenya. I don't think so. If incase one of these warworlds to be elected as the future president. the country will be the some as it is know. Nothing will change. We have no land No name And no freedom: IN the world We are refugee all over the world. we lost our freedom for (Qabiil And Qurun) ( we lost our loyalty and our dignity Peace out stay safe and remembar where you from.
  4. Asalaamu Calaykum Warax Matulaahi Wabarakaatuhu Bacda salaan let me ask you 3 Questions 1 who do you think will became the future somalain Presedent? 2 Do you think Somalia Will be united in 2003? 3 Let me ask you this, can somebody tell me why we hate each other? This is all your opinion Q?
  5. Aslaaamu Calaykum Bacada Salaan I got lost in the topic are we talking about palastinian or Somaliand owns land in palastain so how i did not get one part of the topic. No offence my people. Let focus our own problem in Somalia even forget Africa just our area in the east Africa we have ou own problem every day alot people days for no reason in every city in somalia and the The killers are talking in Kenya the way they should finish the rest of our people. (Ilaah Ayaan Kabaryeeynaa Sidii U roon Dadkeena iyo Wadan keena Xornimadiisa) Wasalaamu Calaykum Warax Matulaahi Wabarakaatuhu.
  6. Asalaamu Calaykum Warax Matukaahi Wabarakaatuhu Bacda salaas Ramadaan Wanaagsan. Nice topic But all of you remembar i am putting all the workless to the Arab Nation They have power today if you look at one way they can controll the whole world with oil. But still they don't care all this incent people deing. look at pakistan they are the one who agrees with verything with U.S at same time the people of pakistan are nothing. So what i am saying is that we as Muslin are sleeping espicial those people who have power as Without govenment and killing as each other with (QAbiil And Qurun) Wabilaahi Towfiiq. USam BINU ladin IS back
  7. loooooooooool god one sis remamber i always came late and read the intesrting things lol i could't stop loughting when i got to this sentens(Wears a shirt that covers his stomach) lol loooooooool hey what about the women's about that age what ? code:
  8. I am real proud all of my somlian brothers and sister th wonderfull topic that they are using at the same time i am the last one who always cames last. If i go back to the topic i real fell bad those ppl who conseder their self as Arab so let me say one thing we are not Arab...... common ppl wake up we are Africans and we have to be prourd of who we are
  9. let me say one short answer we are not arab we real conseder ourself africans and we have to be proud of who we are and where we came from :confused: