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  1. Originally posted by XAAMAR_101: you people getting somali current situation all wrong .woooooooooow Max'ed Dheere welcomed TFG , He did it for his interest we see today. lets be honest truth full . He then joind Four stooges in Xammer to prevent the parliment meeting . why does max'ed Dhere care about tFg business when his not in it . Abdulahi Yusuf said from day one that we should all forgive each other and we should work for the better . Abdulahi Yusuf proofed that , the meeting was held in Baydhawa a nuetrol province bettween ****** and ******* .we see all of the Parlimet members Accept for the warlord wether it be Musa suuddi or Barre hirrle or cattoo . We see today parliment is meetting normaly and everything is going well . by the way dum *** ma'ed Dhere dont speak for Abgal , thats WHY abdulahi yusuf dont REALY CARE ABOUT THIS LOOSER . DONT GET ME wrong i'm not *****tan nor am i doorod .I'm proud Abgal. A warlord's are running around no qabil should defend. we see this in xaamer where the warlord lost , If you realy look how atomshper of leaders, somalia situation is getting on its feet slowly i dont meant capturing citys and towns . i mean tribes trusting each other, taking any tribe dispute to the parliment IS SLOW PROGRESS BUT IS BETTER THEN NO PROGRESS . lets support and forgget about this looser called Maxed Dheera who chance to be somali heroe of 20 century.
  2. THe men is in his Town sxbyaal he fough for it and pacified it , This his second time being named for Governor of xamar. his known xamar for his leadership and good governacy/Taughness!!!!!! Good example what he did in jowhar sheekoo waa dhaamaatee dawlade diid will be tammed in xamaar.......
  3. I dont want to scare them too much!!!!! Picture will haunt them
  4. Geel Jiire its in our somali blood billiliqoo waa caadi!!!! dontworry about small billiqo i 'm bringing back the somali Nation . What are you doin !!!!!!!
  5. This what it was all about !!!! Profiteers could have done this long time ago and safe city . NO that that city is in ruin and many lifes have been lost they want to contribute soldiers and join TFG arm force???????
  6. Boqolaal ka tirsan Ciidamadda boliiska iyo Melleterigga ayaa guud ahaan la dhigay wadooyinka Magaaladda Muqdisho iyadoo tiradii ugu badneedna ay ka hoowlgalayaan Isgooysyadda iyo Suuqa Bakaaro. Ciidamadda Boliiska ee hoowlgalada sameeynayaa waxaa horkacaya Saraakiil boliis oo u badan beesha Sacad ********** kuwaas oo la moodo in qaab qabiil lagu soo xulay si loo dejiyo xiisado iyo shaki badan oo xalay ilaa shalay hareeeyay Muqdisho. Ciidamadda Boliiska ee hoowlgalada fulinayo waxaa wada jir u hogaaminaya Cabdi Xasan Cawaale Qaybdiid oo ah taliyaha Boliiska Soomaaliyeed iyo Cali Siciid Xasan Wadaad oo ah Taliyaha boliiska gobolka Banaadir waxayna labadoodaba u dhasheen beesha Sacad **********. Ciidamada dhinaca Melleteriga ee gaaf wareegaya hareeraha Magaaladana waxaa hogaaminaya Abaanduul ku xigeenka Ciidanka xooga dalka Soomaaliyeed Korneyl Axmed Cabdille Seed { Axmed Jooyo} oo u dhashay Beesha Sacad. Arrimahaan ayaa la rumaysan yahay inay soo baxeen kadib markii Beesha ********** ku andacootay inaan la aqbali karin hoowlgal uu hogaaminayo Salaad Cali Jeelle oo bililiqeeystay Xarunta Shirkadda Hormuud Telecom Huriwaa iyo Warshadda Coca Cola,inuu baaro Suuqa Bakaaro. Cabdi Qaybdiid iyo Ganacsatadda Suuqa Bakaaro ayaa kulan gaara oo ay yeesheen waxay isku raaceen in Ciidamadda Boliiska lagu daro laba boqol Maleeshiyo oo ay soo xusheen ganacsatada si baaris hubeed loogu sameeyo goobaha ganacsiga Muqdisho gaar ahaan Suuqa Bakaaro,waxaa kale oo ganacsatada iyo dowlada Cabdilahi Yusuf ay isku afgarteen in hubka ganacsatada oo dhan la sharciyeeyo.
  7. As we know the battle for Muqadishu is over thanks to Allah . I hope and wish that be last conflict amongs somalis . Today is espcial day for all somalis and will be day we all remmember . We have one administration from Bossaso to Rasskambooni for first time since about 16 years fairly . We can not affort loose this chance ......... so therefor i purpose that we all put our different aside and lets stop wishing for more battle etc we been through alot . For those who oppose TFG can be helpfull and relevent by sharing with us ideas , Plans , action that they would prefer . If and buts are done . ITs time we rebuild our country and reconcile the people - its diasapor somali who should show good Role modals . I hope the Asmare Camp give there ambitions to plung somalia into more chao's for sake of somali people and reconcile with their somali brothers , time to fight over seats are done. ITs time To Reconcile TFG /Asmare Camp / Somaliland
  8. Max'ed Dheera did great job securing shabeel and Jowhar . He was also first warlord to welcom the TFG and gave them safe enviroment to work . This is second time he was named for this position therefore many people see him fit for the position . Ma'ed dheera has long history in Muqadishu in past 16 years and is not known for checkpoint and etc . Ma'ed dheera has great influence in city both military and civil support . His kins are largest inhabits in city and surrounding area , TFG is moving in the right direction ,
  9. TFG started a military policy and non apeasing method to pacify Muqadishu which brough success in controling the city , They should continue let be known to rest of unknown opposition whether its outside or inside that any resistance to dawlade will be dealt with By any means necessary . Furthermore mistake that happent before should not be repeated , For example not moving into entire muqadishu after the fall of the Icu . There should be no revenge or specific target like - wealth that belongs to Resistance fighters. Those that oppose the TFG should atleast gave it chance to work - Ethopians will leave inshallah we need administration - we need proper functional schools , hospitals , Port / airports . i hope the TFG dont spoil this chance , Its not time dance yet .
  10. Can The TFG manage the city or they goin to let victory fool them again , The war had to end it was causing to many lifes and was damaging the city. TFG must act quick and establish new administration for Muqadishu , restore the police station . Reconcile the city population.
  11. Norhtern what kind Question are you asking??? Emperror is being pertect by Teigreyn Troops why would he bite the hands thats feeding him.... As abbow yusuf said We are from Yemen NOt somalia
  12. Empror salasi Inshallah The Ethopians will leave , Abdulahi Yusufwill have to find place in Ethopia. Sxb Tigreyn had the help of American b52 Jets and $$$ Plus somali spys From Puntland :mad: they have much larger army then residents of Muqadishu ./ we will never surrender Like Cade Muse and beg for Tigreyn security .lol lol
  13. Those 1000 innocent civilians died in honour , They will never be Forgoton lets stop mourning sxbyal .... The end will justifie there cause . This not qabil war / This war is againts Ethopian aggression and there tool /sell outs . The struggle againts Ethopia will never be forgoton / this event will be marked in somali history
  14. Ecomomist you make me laugh sxb there about 20 000 Tigreyn troops fighing sxb ... that should tell you all .... Transional warlords are also are limited to a certain number of blocks in Mog . Tell Cade Muse to go beg for more security