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    Concur, I really hope this will be the end of warmongering and cool headed and rational thinking returns to our people, but fear it won’t be the case yet.
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    Human wave attack baa nagu dhacay , we underestimated ciilka dadka Ku gadhoodhay. Rag waad Ka adkaan kartaa laakiin bulsho dhan oo gurigooda jooga lagama adkaan Karo. Waan Ku faraxsanahay in muddo dheer oo Sool Clan wax naga tirsanayey ay maanta si wacan nooga adkaadeen. As a HJ Guushan Anigu uma arko qiyaame noo dumay, if we honour it. Waxan u arkaa nolol cusub oo noo bilaaban tay anaka iyo Sool Clan . Mid Ku dhisan sinaaan iyo walaaltinimo. Sidii awalba noo caadada ahayd, after every war halays waso. Saacada laga bilaabo qalasad baan isu dhiibaya faraxsan Anagu qab baanu Ku dagaalana haduu doono kibirba ha ahaadee , mar hadii goojacade nalaka saaray general bootaana la qabtay. Qabkaasi naguma jiro hada. Sool clan deserved this victory. Congratulations baan leeyahay. Wixii lasii wadwadaa waa dagaal saqajaan .
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    Now that Muuse & Co. have been defeated, let us sit down, as Somalis, as we have always done, agree to live in harmony, and work for a common good. No vengeance, no point scoring!
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    LOL. Agreed! reeraha ood wadaaga ah ee HJ, Dhulos, HY and Wsangeli need lasting peace. Their regions were deprived of development and social progress. Let's work for peace, a lasting peace. And let's remember, the solution lies in Burco, Las Caanood, and Ceerigaabo, not in Hargeysa, Garowe and Xamar. Local solutions for local problems.
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    Biggest dhuumasho is on. Tacsi weyn maxee u taalaa, waa idiin digay, kibir waa lagu kufaa.
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    This is in Hargeisa few days back, women market traders standing up and pleading for peace and bring stop the fighting. May Allah listen to the pleads of the poor and bring this conflict to an definite end, once and for all inshallah.
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    Taliye Qodhob ( Abaanduulka SSC) & Taliye Cabdi Madoobe speak to the public. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=689947176311296 https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=253686900919643
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    https://www.youtube.com/live/JsWAFZw8j5s?feature=shared Everyone calling for change of leadership (isbadal maamul), seems nobody trust SL being able to lead a peaceful and political path.
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    Some of the tanks Muse Bihi forces fled from. Some of the
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    SL must choose a political path, both with SSC and on the elections, as further conflict will lead to further erosion and crumpling of the state and social fibres. And for SSC also there are great risks ahead as it will tested in devising real political strategising coupled with military manoeuvring, putting up defensive strategies while returning civilians and civil life to Las Anod and other places and prevent militias from internal strives. Not an easy task ahead.
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    Indeed, one should count the blessings and beware of hubris and pride for that comes before downfall, for that is the lesson here. But somehow one tends to forget the lessons of the past and repeat the same mistakes.
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    Agreed, and happy you came to your senses. Ceeb maha ina xaqiiqda laga hadlo, qadarkuna wa ka ilaahay.
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    I too do hope so, and the way Garaado & SSC Leadership are thinking, there is a good possibility, a new page and era in our history shall commence, but then again, as you said, in our recent history, we have become known to have made all the wrong choices.
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    You are trolling and being highly offensive. Somali Bantu community do live in Somaliland and have even an Ugaas here to represent the community. https://m.facebook.com/100064507817727/videos/jaaliyada-qowmiyada-bantu-jareer-weyne-ee-ku-sugan-somaliland-gaar-ahaan-magaala/1051152478281096/ https://www.somaliaonline.com/community/topic/63901-bantu-traditional-leader-visits-somaliland/
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    Galbeedi, It's over! Time for reer Awdal to decide their future!
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    Baafin labadii isku camiri jirtay oo musqula isku soo xiray, gambanaayo maanta.
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    Cawaale flying high at Gooja cadde, and other SSC territories.
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    Every dog has a day 100 years sida maanta nalooka adkaaday weligeed nalookama adkaan.
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    Faysal Cabdi Bootaan taken as a PoW. And his 2nd in Command is also in custody.
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    Latest, Faisal Abdi Botan captured. This is a big blow for Somaliland and we might be seeing the end of what we know as Somaliland.
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    They retreated to the area north of Goojacade and between Xudun. Somaliland forces advantage was the positions it had in Maraaga and Goojacade overseeing the city once that was lost, it was easy to overrun them because the Khaatumo forces + plus allied Hiil walal that attacked this morning were more numerous. Right now fighting is happening in Adhicadeeye too, it was a multi front operation. We shall see where it ends.
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    It failed quickly than expected. Somaliland army did not offer any meaningful resistance. And had zero coordination.Crazy Biixi waited and waited but finally he forces collapsed. Somaliland army is done.
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    Many POWS ba la keenay Las Anod some injured badly. Dagaalka uu sheegayo gamechanger mar hore dhacay xalayto ila saka. Saka was a surprise attack it took Somaliland forces by surprise intay hurdeen.
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    why every POW is saying they are HY?
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    Somaliland forces are only good at bombarding the city from Goojacade but aside from that they have no military advantage over the Khaatumo forces face to face as seen in this morning.
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    The high ranking Garhejis Officer who recently fled Goojacade, and handed himself to SSC has provided a treasure trove of intelligence, which was very useful today Anyway, BIIHI defeat was always inevitable,
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    Thanks for the Map, Goojacade is next.
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    Never surrender while at the same time surrendering. Orwellian doublespeak waa dhaaftay.
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    Mastertul videoshop. Luuq luuq maroo laasim laamiga aas ku soo dhacaa maqli jiray. Orangecon taas heysato, soo joog laga waaye for decades.
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