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Al Ummah Bazaar
First Professional Muslim Grocery & Halal Meat Market

Amal Express Group
Site of one of the largest Somali companies specialised in financial services, trade and real estate.

Ambassador Hotel - Hargeisa
The hotel, which is conveniently located along the Airport Road, is approximately 1.4 kilometres away from the International Airport. This 45-room, three storey Luxury Hotel and 11-Villas are furnished with first class and top quality furniture and fixtures, multi channel satellite colour TV, Mini-bar, water heating system, with a telephone installed in every room

Dahabashiil The fastest way to send or recieve money worldwide ... Dahabshiil..

Daryeel Construction Company
Daryeel Construction & Contractors specializes in providing general contracting services for commercial, industrial and Residential.

Dayax Islamic Bank
Dayax Islamic Bank was incorporated on 7 June 2005 as a consequence of being awarded a banking license by the Government of Puntland, Somalia. The Bank is scheduled to commence operating on 1st January, 2006 at its headquarters in Boosaaso, Puntland, Somalia. Upon commencement, the Bank will be a full service bank offering consumer banking, corporate banking, insurance and investment services. All its financial products will be Shariah compliant in accordance with Islamic principles.

I T NET, INC. Discoumt Compute Books
We are the biggest discount computer Books in east coast, DC area. Own by somali man. We can also arrange cheap computers, labtops, printers, cartridges, etc. 1-877-94-ITNET

Site of the Somali super model. Iman cosmetic center and much more.

Moma Trade
The company was founded because of the great affinity with the Horn of Africa and the Somali/Somaliland people. Besides the activities in the Horn of Africa, MoMatrade offers also a variety of services related to the Horn of Africa or to its people.

Somali Irrigation Company
Somali Irrigation Company (SICO) was established in 2000 by a group of Somali professionals in the Diaspora in order to provide their expertise in the service of their homelands, particularly agriculture and water sectors. Today, SICO is a small growing and vibrant land and water resource management consulting and product provider firm located in Galcaio, Mudug Region, and center of Somalia.

Somcrete Inc.
Somcrete Inc. is a privately owned company in Hargeisa – Somaliland. It is the first of its kind in the Horn of Africa to produce a wide variety of cost effective precast, extruded or moulded concrete products i.e Roof Tiles, Wall Tiles, Facial Cladding tiles, Bricks, Blocks, Balustrades, Pillars, Columns, Swimming Pool coping stones, Fence coping stones etc, designed to balance the visual and commercial requirements of the many market sectors in which they are used.