The Somali government has showed good judgement in the Gulf crises.

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    Saudi Arabia toys with Somalis. They allow or reject Somali exports depending on their feelings. It is not permanent market. We need to find new markets or reform the industry by producing dairy products, leather, animal skin rags, etc.

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    xoolaheenu markay badda kusoo daalaan bay dib u celiyaan ayagoo awooda inay somaliya kusoo baraan oo soo nafaqeeyaan

    caraboo dhan haddii laysku daro macaa qatar’tooda ujeedkooda waa maslaxadda turkiga taasaan u malaynayaa in misaanku ka jiro.

    way heshiin ka dibna albaabkay kaasoo xiran.

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    I agree. THe Saudi market is and was always unpredictable and disaster for the Somali traders. Few months hundred of thousands of livestock has been assembled in Berbera, Boosaaso and southern ports. Without notice just before the election they suspended all.

    They are not the only market for livestock products in the world. Since the introduction of the refrigerated shipping in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century meat products around the world is carried by ships just like any other products. Other than close borders where animals travel small distances through trains or trucks, no one ships live animals on export any more.

    Every nation have certain commodity, product or resources which is essential to its economy and GDP(gross domestic product). For Somalis abundant livestock of millions could be the biggest source of revenue for those raising the animals, traders and the government..

    Few weeks ago when we were debating the growth of the Ethiopian economy, I think , it was Maakhiri who said $60 Billion of GDP for 100 million people is small, and I agree. The tiny nation of New Zealand with less than five million people has a GDP of $175 billion dollars. Their top two export commodities are meat and dairy.

    Their dairy (milk products) and beef exports from this small country were $35 billion dollars in 2016. Their dairy market employs 40,000 people paying billions in wages. If you Compare the location of Somalia in the mouth of the Red sea and and The Indian ocean, we could ship processed meat to China and Asia. Somali business people do not have millions of dollars needed to build huge processing plants or other investments, but a public and private partnership could create tthis industries. Processed and refrigerated meat could last many years. Here in Alberta and the border states of America, there are huge plants that process millions of tons of beef a year.

    THis unpredictable Saudi market should be abandoned totally.

    Now, as many of you guys had mentioned, definitely there are business connections between UAE and Somalia, especially the last thirty years. What most people do not count is that both Dubai, Nairobi and to small scale Yemen and Djibouti were created to house for the talented Somali traders who needed markets and bases for banks and other transactions.

    Dubai does not produce any products. It is a free port for the manufactured goods of the world. Also, the rich Africans and the closed societies of the gulf visit there to play, party and rub their shoulders with affluent people to feel the aura of the big city. Also, others might go their for health reasons. I have never been their, but a friend of mine who went there told me that hundred dollars won’t buy nothin. He said there are no credible institutions and those who work are run by foreigners, and every thing is inflated artificially.

    We should find new markets. THe international trade and market that made many nations rich is open to exploit. The biggest problems of these gulf ARabs is that one morning you might find yourself in a case worse than what Qatar is facing. IMagine that they throwed out a young Somali who was competing for Qur;an without just cause. Somalia did not back Qatar, what they said was, ” resolve your problems and we do not want to be party of the issue”.

    This is a wake up call for the Somalis. We should forget about the middle east until they reform themselves. In Egypt we the best people of the Arabs live (ahsanu naas) is strangulated by a bloody dictator came through coup and who murdered 5,000 people, yet he is the darling of the narcissist Trump. We , the Somalis who have suffered through thick and thin should never accept any justice for few shillings.

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    The markets you have now are the markets that count. No matter that they are unpredictable – you have got no alternatives at present. No point not confronting economic reality. Wishing and hoping isn’t going to change anything. And this government has no capacity to begin to think about expanding commercial arrangements. They have enough on their hands already.

    A report came out from a former Qatari intelligence chief confirming that Qatar actively supported Al-Shabaab with money and intelligence and weapons. Not sure that Saudi/UAE coalition did the same. But if we will stay neutral hope the federal government talks frankly and openly to Qatar about the issues we have with them.

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