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    30 dead here, 40 dead there, 70 dead there. Bomb here, bomb there.

    It has become a weekly routine. When will we admit that this government is an utter failure?

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    Che -Guevara

    This Government has its limitations. The only way to defeat these people is to find their sources of revenue and for the public to join the fight and not have clans protecting their respective Alshabab members.

    No one can help society that does not want to help its self, no one will mourn a society that does not mourn for its own. All we need to join this fight for sake our children and our country.

    Somalis have no friends or brothers. We are on our own. No one will fight for you.

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    The increase in attacks is a symptom of Al Shabaab trying to hobble this nascent government. This monster was always there but somewhat dormant because Culusow didn’t poke them. Now at least this government can try to mobilize to counter this threat. And they need to do a much better job of harnessing the anger of the public. A simple statement of condolence is hardly putting this tragedy to good use.

    My suspicions are that Al Shabaab is essentially an Ethiopian proxy designed to destabilize this country. They are triggered on demand. And given the Farmaajo government’s stance towards Ethiopian meddling – I’m not surprised by the increased attacks. What they need is a much better intelligence organization – something the Turks can help with if the government pursues it.

    If one year from now – the security situation is the same – then you can call them a failure but not at this time. Countries with much more sophistication and resources are having these issues.

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    Qudhaydu waxaan is lahaa farmaajo markuu kursiga faristay shababku way isasoo dhiibi ama way kala carari

    adeer reer galbeed oo dhan yaa suuqyadii aadi waayay farmajo ma sixir gaaruu yaqaan?

    dagaalka fikriya iyo umad quluubtoodu kala jeedo abaaro iyo cudurana ugu darsameen way adagtahay inay guul degdega gaaraan

    dawlad madaniya ma anfacayso somaaliya wakhtiga lagu jiro dartiis aragtidayda.

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    IN Mogadishu , Al-shabaab militia could no longer wage a military style attack or even the storming of government buildings at this moment.

    These kind of attacks have the hallmark of foreign intelligence operation which targets businesses that attract the Somali diaspora and others . When they attack beaches, restaurants, hotels and markets, the aim is to drail the recovery and demoralize those who are coming back home to invest. They want to create an environment of fear.

    A poor Somalis in Mogadishu could not afford a ten thousand dollar car and blow it up like a sack of potato.. It is coordinated by others and the poor mule will only take the car to it’s destination. While the religious extremist Somali might call for Jihaad and room the countryside , this kind of operation is not the work of the so called Al-shabab hiding in “Shabeelaha Hoose”.

    Another thing that we all learned throughout the years is that when a tribe or group of Somalis are disgruntled with the government, they sympathize or even harbour Al-shabaab killers without realizing the chaos that will affect all Somalis including those in the diaspora.

    C/racman Badiyow came back before the RAmadan, and when I asked him, , is there any policy change on security issues from the Hassan Sheikh government and this one, he said, ” no”. He added that ” since there were no institutional memories or transferable documents from one leadership to another, the personal changes inside the military and other security agencies, who all lost both commanders and their deputies, will mean starting from zero.

    As many of you stated, this issue needs the help of the public and competent intelligence personnel who should introduce new ways of fighting.

    Also, Some technical steps like new technologie of monitoring movements must introduced. A friend of mine who owns a small company that specializes ” camera and surveillance” business had explained to me how new technologies could help cities like MOgadishu.

    He said that , ” with emergence of solar technologies, every street in the city, major buildings, hotels, streets and markets could be installed by a wide dimensional camera that could monitored 24 hours a day by a team of investigators, in real time”. For example huge malls with thousands of people shopping are monitors in real time. Sometimes the thieves are caught in real time. Also, traffic in major cities are monitored from small stations and fed through Wi Fi that feeds real time actions. It might cost few millions , but it is worth trying. He told me that countries like China have much more modern cameras to all major roads monitored real time in 24 hours.

    Since there are no privacy laws in Somalis, these camera could record all movements of the killers who drop cars, bombs and even those who come to spy and locate the target for Al-shabaab. THe success of the killers has been that they are always anonymous . They could park the car, take their cash and disappear. We need the help of others like Turkey to catch these guys.

    Since the main issue is car bomb and targeted killings, surveillance technology is needed to catch these killers. Believe me this type of monitoring will catch many people including foreigners transferring pre prepared bombs. Are you telling me a Somali nomad who could not repair a bicycle is assembling bombs in laptops and cars?, I do not think so.

    WE need new thinking. If the government does not improve things same time next year, extreme measures must be introduced.

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    By the way, those who are murdered are the next generation of the educated Somalis who are trying to build new lives/ Allah ha u naxariisto.

    one more thing, there has to be a difference between the Mogadishu intelligence service who are mostly locals and national intelligence. National means the officers must come from diverse background, rather than ‘ Ciyaal Hawlwadaag’ investigating one another.

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    Galbeedi, you make great points. We have to tell the truth and point out deficiencies. Farmaajo’s government is slowly becoming worse than anything before.

    I know we have become used to the killings, but I see things are much worse than when culusoow was in power. It is such a same saaxib.

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    another massacre in mogadishu today. Scores of people are dead in yet another brazen attack by Alshabab terrorists.

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