John Kerry and the world saved Kenya from another violence.

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    In Kenya, The ingredients for violence and civil war were there. A highly contested election, allegations of fraud, and the murder of an election official were some of the reasons that put fear among the Kenyan electorate. According to amnesty, “This brutal murder has sent a chill down the spine of many Kenyans and raised the spectre of violence,” said Muthoni Wanyeki, Amnesty International’s Regional Director for East Africa, the Horn and the Great Lakes.

    “Msando’s murder is the most horrendous incident this election year, but it is not the only one with the potential to sow fear. Numerous threatening statements have been made by high-ranking officials and politicians that infringe on people’s rights to freedom of expression and to access information.”

    It seemed the media and outsiders were sensing a similar fate as 2007 were more than a thousand were killed. Raila Odinga probably had won that election, but the electoral commission announced the result prematurely and made Kibaki the winner.

    This time around , before the results were announced , the opposition claimed victory and accused the election officials of fraud and electronic hacking. Confrontation was inevitable, yet the presence of former U.S foreign secretary John Kerry saved the day, and saved Kenya from another violence and civil war.
    By declaring the election free and fair , Mr. Kerry doused the flames of fire with big bucket of water. As such Odinga and his people had no choice but to cry and regroup.

    It looks like the world want a peaceful Kenya in this region. With Al-shabaab inside Kenya, a civil war or sectarian violence would have destroyed Kenya quickly.

    Odinga had run for president three times without success. During his term as prime minister, he orchestrated the invasion of Jubba land by the Kenyan forces. previously, I did like the opposition especially since Farah Macalin was a member, but the erratic behaviour of Odinga and his meddling of Somali affairs made him a bad candidate. Few days ago he even reportedly announced that he may recognize Somaliland if he won election.

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