It is better to be a Rat or a Gypsy than being somali

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    General Duke

    I think peacenow should be left alone. If he is a non Somali spy, then all the overreaction and the unnecessary rants maybe is what he is after. If the individual is a self hating Somali and this is a cry for help, are you helping?

    What ever he is, he is one strange character in SOL.

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    I always knew rats were better than you. Infact cockroaches are better than you. I could go on, but time is short and I’m sure you’ll figure it all out sooner or later.

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    Originally posted by Mr. Somalia:


    I agree with you 100%: However, you and your timid partner peacenow, have no business in making such sweeping generalizations about Somali people everywhere, simply to justify your paranoid suspicions that the western world might overreact by somehow mistreating ALL Somalis, as payback for the few terrorist troublemakers who coincidentally happen to be Somali as well.

    I think “these gaalo” — that is, including the Italians, Americans, Canadians, and other Europeans — have more common sense up their sleeves than you or peacenow give them credit for. [/b]

    Mr Somalia,

    1) Sxb, I did not generalize and clearly stated the actions of these bad apples don’t reflect however million Somalis there are.

    2) Peacenow is not my timid partner, and have never even came across his name as i visit this site once in a blue moon.

    3)And finally sxb, I have serious concerns about what these gaalos might do if Somalia becomes a terrorist haven. Infact i’m certain they will carpet bomb all the major cities controlled by these groups should they get the upper hand, as they have already done in the southern regions when a/yusuf was chasing the maxkamadaha about three or so years ago killing so many cows and few innocent xoolodhaqato. I don’t know where your optimism is coming from but ‘commonsense iyo gaalada’ same sentence ha isugu keenin. Don’t you see how every time they meddle in foreign countries the consequences become so drastic?

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    Peacenow managed to get a 4 page response out of this thread…seriously he/she has earned a round of applause I must say…. 😀 😀 😀


    first of all fuck you and your family because as somalis dont need you little spoiled kids where better off you cunt and instead of as somalis being a disgrace you are a disgrace and yes your cursed with being a stupid handicapped who does not deserve to live.and the lowest of the lowest are people who beg it to other which is exactly you, you little beg and change your skin colour because we don’t want a disgrace like you.your so sad thinking muslims are terriost which is not true,you little fucking cunt

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    Johnny B

    Mr , you may not be a dollar short but definitely a day or two late.
    And yes, some Somalis bleach and some Muslims are definitely terrorists.

    Mr peace now was quite a character !!.

Viewing 6 posts - 57 through 62 (of 62 total)

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